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By Seamus on 1/15/2021 10:31:06 PM • Rank (356) • Views (356) •Comments(0)
Summer fishing continues to be above average.  We saw great fishing really pick up at Memorial Day. The great thing about Lake  Taneycomo is you can bring your family and fish however you like to fish the most. Bait fishing with PowerBait or Gulp or Night Crawlers.  Lure fishing with Jigs  Spoons Crankbaits Trout magnets […]

By Seamus on 12/29/2020 11:26:38 PM • Rank (114) • Views (129) •Comments(0)
Another great day fishing off the coast of Costa Rica for Sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna.  Today we released one of seven Sailfish and caught nine Yellowfin Tuna. The post Big Eye Two Quepos Fishing Report Nov 25 2020 appeared first on Quepos Fishing Charters with Big Eye 2 Sportfishing.

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 7:51:04 AM • Rank (112) • Views (119) •Comments(0)
My goodness probably the coldest I've been on the water in sometime; but we made it happen. It's been tough to make it out lately between the weather and my treatments I've been doing. Today though was definitely doable just the cold to contend with and we did well. I had the boys on board and we stayed busy offshore with grunts snapper grouper an...

By Seamus on 12/31/2020 3:31:22 PM • Rank (110) • Views (120) •Comments(0)
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 THE FISHING WAS GREAT IN 2020 THE COVID NOT SO MUCH. EVERYBODY BE SAFE GO FISHING! HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR HOURS: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 3 PM (depending on conditions) Saturday & Sunday 7:00AM to 4:00 PM WE HAVE THE BAITS!! CPW began its Winter stocking program yesterday at the North...

By Seamus on 1/14/2021 12:41:09 PM • Rank (104) • Views (114) •Comments(0)
BIG Yellowfin Tuna off the coast of Quepos Costa Rica!!  Today we released six of fifteen Sailfish and boated 3 Mahi Mahi plus a beautiful 140lb Yellowfin Tuna The post 140lb Yellowfin Tuna 24th Nov 2020 appeared first on Quepos Fishing Charters with Big Eye 2 Sportfishing.