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THE equipment, flies and gear you need, and at the right price, to fish the White River, the Ozark waterways and beyond;

THE best advice and education on where and how to fish;

AND a home away from home which understands stuff like your obsession with finding the perfect thread color for a 22 midge; that getting the right fit in waders is more important than the label, and how to help you find the rod that whispers sweet nothings up your arm.

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By Seamus on 1/25/2021 7:41:24 PM • Rank (15) • Views (15) •Comments(0)
Brian Wise takes on Kelly Galloup’s Mini-Bangtail T&A: a really cool small pattern for picky fish. Big or small Olive and White and Olive/Yellow are handy to keep around at all times. Shop our Bangtails Here

By Seamus on 1/22/2021 6:46:04 PM • Rank (19) • Views (19) •Comments(0)
REMEMBER the salmon cannon? Well the company behind the cannon has launched a bigger badder version of the viral youtube fishing moving sensation. The Passage Portal is not only self loading but is also capable of sorting out different species including excluding invasive species from transport even telling the difference between wild and hatchery...

By Seamus on 1/21/2021 6:41:04 AM • Rank (23) • Views (23) •Comments(0)
REALLY cool to see Arkansas filmmaker Andrew McNeese of Bluffline Media as part of the IF4 film tour for 2021. The Art of Fly Fishing in the film maker’s words: Brooke Belohlavek is an artist and educator in small town Wyoming who found a love for fly fishing one day after an ascent atop Grand […]

By Seamus on 1/21/2021 6:41:02 AM • Rank (23) • Views (23) •Comments(0)
The White has been erratically up and down on weekdays and usually more stable on weekends. It’s hard to predict what sort of conditions to prepare for so it’s best to be prepared for all of them. Streamer fishing is popular this time of year and the post spawn streamer bite normally starts to pick […]

By Seamus on 1/19/2021 6:31:06 PM • Rank (18) • Views (18) •Comments(0)
GREAT short film from Fishpond USA with Colorado guide and regular visitor to these parts Landon Mayer talking guiding and what drives a great guide. Fly fishers rarely just happen. It takes great mentor(s) to shepherd a newcomer through the ebb and flow of learning to fly fish whether professionals like Landon or our guide […]

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