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Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher
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Cotter, AR, US
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About Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher

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THE equipment, flies and gear you need, and at the right price, to fish the White River, the Ozark waterways and beyond;

THE best advice and education on where and how to fish;

AND a home away from home which understands stuff like your obsession with finding the perfect thread color for a 22 midge; that getting the right fit in waders is more important than the label, and how to help you find the rod that whispers sweet nothings up your arm.

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Latest News

By Seamus on 7/1/2022 9:19:00 AM • Views (17)
Western river property laws seems a mystery of their own and often an unfriendly welcome to the travelling wade fly fisher. In Colorado at least a legal battle over access to the Arkansas River could finally get its day in court this fall and this pi...

By Seamus on 7/1/2022 7:42:00 AM • Views (18)
Hopper season is on its way. Judging by the remnants that have been occasionally left in my boat the fish have already begun to start partaking in the consumption of tasty little terrestrials. Just think it will only get better. Sulphurs are still on...

By Seamus on 6/30/2022 9:44:00 AM • Views (11)
Cool Little video on the iconic salmonfly. Thanks to Moldy Chum for the find

By Seamus on 6/29/2022 8:47:00 AM • Views (29)
The Wise man on using Ice Dub. Swing by the shop or call on 870 435 6166 if this material becomes a must have after this video

By Seamus on 6/27/2022 10:00:19 AM • Views (18)
We are proud to introduce KGB Productions’ Three Sheets — a film that takes you on a 21 day adventure with four friends as they sail explore and fish the endless atolls and flats of Belize. The definition of modern-day adventure doesn’t solely depend...

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