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Body of water:


Water Color:

Water Temperature:

Optimal fishing activity will be between 3 - 7 PM on Wednesday.

Target Species of Fish

Based on historical data in 18º 30.085',68º 22.502', you should target one of the following species for this time of year:
  1. Sailfish - 50% Catch Rate

  2. Mahi-mahi - 33.33% Catch Rate

  3. Yellowfin Tuna - 16.67% Catch Rate
    Yellowfin Tuna

Recommedations above based on 6 local reports and 3 species of fish for January in 18º 30.085',68º 22.502'.

Recommended Colors

Based on the time of day, season, weather, and water color, we recommend the following:
Pink is your primary color. We recommend trying a Light Pink or Light Pink/White colored lure. Alternatively, you can try: Light Red, Light Red/White, or Pink/Light Red colored lures. If all else fails, here are some other options: Light Orange, Light Orange/White, or Red/Light Orange colored lures. You can use Silver spoons, spinnerbaits, or trim for on the lures. For extra effect, try a lure with a chartruse or flourescent colored tail.

Recommended Lures

Latest Reports

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1-1 Sailfish and 1-1 White Marlin: Date: March 13 2017:   The Trip: On Monday March 13 the “Lady Lola” our 42′ Bertram left on a half-day offshore fishing trip out of Cap Cana Marina.  For the first couple of hours Captain Humberto Quintana and first mate Cristian Mota saw bait birds and jumping mahi... The post Sailfish and White Marlin on “Lady...

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2 Big Mahi Mahi Caught on the Lady Lola: March 10 2017:   The Trip:   On Friday March 10 the “Marina de Guerra” (the Dominican Navy) gave permission to “open” Cap Cana Marina after four days of blustery weather had forced them to “close” (not allowing any vessels to leave the marina).  Lucky for... The post Nice Size Mahi Mahi on “Lady Lola” appea...

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June 23 2013  Inshore fishing on Marlin Chaser Michael (Mike) A Siemer Owner of Marlin Chaser is in town for the week and we went fishing today. The ocean has been rough for a few weeks which kept us inshore today which is such a new experience for Mike. We started the day fishing the […]

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June 24 2013 Huge Barracuda caught on Marlin Chaser   After a morning of inshore fishing on Marlin Chaser where we caught several Snappers Jacks and Yellow Tails we dropped the clients of at the beach restaurant in Juanillo Beach in Cap Cana for them to prepare the fresh caught fish for lunch for the […]

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What you can expect to catch: September is (also) a good month for fishing in the Dominican Republic. Dorados and Wahoo are starting to run again; although they are here all year round in smaller numbers September to May is their season. The Blue Marlins are still around and the season for catching the Blue […]

By Seamus on 2/12/2017 11:06:25 AM • Views (317)
The Dorado also known as Mahi-Mahi or Common Dolphin Fish is one of the typical fish you can expect to catch on a deep sea fishing trip in the Dominican Republic. There are 2 types of Dolphin Fish; the Common Dolphin Fish and The Pompano Dolphin Fish – neither of which are related to the mammal […]

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General description: Snook (also knows as Robalo Sergeant Fish or Line fish) is one of the more popular fish to go catch here in the Dominican Republic. It is a fish that will put up a good fight and its soft and mild flavored meat makes it extremely delicious to eat. The average size of […]

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This past Sunday I went fishing in Punta Cana together with my buddy Pico whom I often go fishing with. Pico has been fishing practically his whole life and works as the captain on The Marlin Chaser. We usually go in-shore fishing in a very small boat that we share and usually catch a lot […]

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