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Maine Outdoors

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Maine Outdoors
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Address69 Beote Road
Union, ME, US
Phone(207) 785-4496
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About Maine Outdoors

We are truly fortunate that there are so many excellent places to fish within easy traveling distance of Camden, Rockport, Rockland and Union. We offer bass fishing and pike fishing trips on local lakes and ponds. Early and late season trout fishing trips, Striper fishing trips in nearby coastal rivers, trips designed for fishing with families and trips where you can learn to fly fish.

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Latest News

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This winter has never really gotten going. November and early December were cold but not the bone chilling cold we can...

Winter view
The weather has been much warmer lately. We have little snow on the ground and the days have been much warmer than norm...

Something fun for me to do!
I have to confess that even though I love what I do it has sometimes gotten in the way of doing what I love on my own....

Pleasant winter mornings
Early winter mornings are the best. Especially this winter with clear mornings that are not too cold. When I get up at...

A decade and a half of sharing my adventures!
I’ve been writing on this blog since the spring of 2005 and had one on another platform before that for a year or two....
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