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Current Works Guide Service, LLC
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Current Works is the fly-fishing guide service of Ted Kraimer and is operated with the idea of getting you into the most enjoyable and best fishing around. With so many species to choose from, four seasons to fish in and different watersheds, all within an hour’s drive of Traverse City, you will come to learn why Field & Stream magazine has recently named this area as one of the Top-10 best fishing towns in America.

Spend a day floating the Upper Manistee River in a drift boat casting dry flies to selective trout, bouncing nymphs for Steelhead and Salmon on the Betsie River or the Big Manistee river bellow Tippy Dam in a Jet Sled, stripping streamers & poppers for Smallmouth Bass on the Manistee, wade fishing on the Boardman river or stalking Golden Bones (carp fishing) on the flats of Grand Traverse Bay – you will understand what makes this area such a great place to fish.

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By Seamus on 8/25/2020 10:31:34 AM • Rank (31) • Views (31) •Comments(0)
Thanks to all who have reached out to let me know that you’ve had issues the website recently. It looks like the last update to WordPress mangled a few things on the backend. Things may not look quite the same as my Chief Technology Officer (Jeanne) tries to fix it. However all the usual content […]

By Seamus on 7/27/2020 12:36:28 AM • Rank (19) • Views (19) •Comments(0)
June has arrived and usually the first of the big bugs on the river arrive with it. Isonychias should be in the fly box if you are headed out to the local rivers. Plenty of other bugs can be found on the water this time of year too: March Browns Sulphurs Mahoganies and Black Caddis. […]

By Seamus on 7/27/2020 12:36:28 AM • Rank (22) • Views (22) •Comments(0)
Without recent significant rains the local rivers have dropped to what I refer to as full – not high not low. Water temps currently in the low 60s are likely to climb this week with some hot days in the forecast. Bug/hatches should intensify with that heat but I no longer predict hatches – picking […]

By Seamus on 7/27/2020 12:36:27 AM • Rank (17) • Views (17) •Comments(0)
It’s the high-season for trout fishing right now. With warmer temps and the calendar in the 3rd week of June fly-fishers are hitting the water in increased numbers looking for big bugs and big fish. Like much of the season so far on the upper Manistee the bugs aren’t doing their part by showing up […]

By Seamus on 7/27/2020 12:36:27 AM • Rank (18) • Views (18) •Comments(0)
It’s that time of year where darkness brings out the big bugs big fish and big crowds. The rivers are in good shape with a little more water in them than normal (2 inches?) and a slight stain compared to the typical clear low water found this time of year. Most of the local rivers […]

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