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By xfernal on 4/27/2013 • Rank (7711) • Views (7731) •Comments(0)
This is a quick video of how to find fishing spots with Fishing Status. For the example, we show fishing spots in Islamorada, Florida.

By EZ Fishin on 4/22/2013 • Rank (4127) • Views (4159) •Comments(0)
The wind has been blowing like crazy and that makes it hard to put the line where you want it, but it doesn't make it impossible to catch fish. From all the rains lately, the water is murky and fast so high visibility colors are working really well for crappie which is what it's all about right now. Remember to cast in front of where you want to be...

By xfernal on 4/16/2013 • Rank (4428) • Views (4464) •Comments(0)
This video shows you how to use Fishing Status to download fishing spots for your favorite areas. There are over 226,000 fishing spots in the database, so I am sure you will find new fishing spots today.   

By xfernal on 4/2/2013 • Rank (2247) • Views (2283) •Comments(0)
Ready to catch more fish? We're working hard to provide you the hottest fishing spots and lastest fishing reports on Fishing Status. Here are a few of our latest updates... 224,000+ Fishing Spots   > Now the largest database on the Internet.   > Over 1000 new spots added monthly.   > All fishing map...

By xfernal on 4/1/2013 • Rank (1862) • Views (1891) •Comments(0)
The new version of Fishing Status for Android has been released. We fixed real time location updates when posting a new report or spot. We also updated the maps and spots. Check Google Play and update today!

By xfernal on 3/31/2013 • Rank (21506) • Views (21531) •Comments(0)
We've made it easier to post your fishing reports! You can  now call our Fishing Status Hotline at (252) 515-0574 and record your fishing report 24/7. At the tone, just leave your name, charter or business name if relevant, location, and your fishing report.  After you hang up,we will post your audio fishing report on our site in yo...

By xfernal on 1/17/2013 • Rank (1048) • Views (1070) •Comments(0)
The 2012.01.16 version of Fishing Status for Android has been released. In this version, you can submit your fishing reports and fishing spots along with a picture. We also recently added the ability to register and login from the app. Combined with our new maps functionality, we make it easy to find and catch more fish.

By xfernal on 1/1/2013 • Rank (1293) • Views (1322) •Comments(0)
2012 was a fantastic year for fishing and for Fishing Status. Here are a few of the stats since 1/1/2012: 110,368 Mobile App downloads.  92,072 fishing data reports. 39,208 Fishing Spots add to the database. 15,457 Fishing Reports submitted. 2,941 new members. 716 new Charters added to the directory. Thank you for a great year and we h...

By CaptainDevin on 12/1/2012 • Rank (1328) • Views (1702) •Comments(0)
Hello Fishing Status! Captain Devin here! I wanted to post a link to a great article I wrote on my blog, Captain Devin's Louisiana Fishing Blog. The article is a technical write-up on how to use Google Earth to make custom routes and waypoints for your GPS, whether it is handheld or installed on your boat. It's easy to use as I wrote it step-by...

By xfernal on 10/14/2012 • Rank (5630) • Views (5662) •Comments(0)
We have updated our fishing maps. There are now over 240 US locations you can download GPS fishing spots to import into your navigation unit. All downloads include a GPX file full of the best fishing spots with coordinates for the area. If we missed your area, please let us know!

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