Branson Fishing

Branson Fishing

Tucked away in the Ozarks, Branson, Missouri, is a popular Midwestern tourist destination. The family attractions in the area include 76 Country Boulevard and Silver Dollar City. While there is certainly plenty of entertainment to be had in this Ozarks destination, people typically seek out Branson for its proximity to the natural world. The Ozarks have many natural wonders, and the plentiful waterways are truly something special. With all this, the opportunities for Branson fishing are vast.

There are several key lakes in Branson, but the most popular is Bull Shoals Lake. This reservoir is massive, and it has more than 1,000 miles of shoreline. With so much water, the fish are populous at Bull Shoals. The area is best known for its population of Largemouth Bass. The fish spawn so readily here that many full-sized adults are beneath the surface. Some of the largest catches have been 12 pounds.

Another option is Table Rock Lake. Table Rock Lake is another manmade lake, and it is fueled by the White River, James River and Long Creek. Different Bass species are common here. You can find Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass. What people love about Table Rock Lake is that there are many inlets and shallow areas where the fish like to congregate. While catches are possible all year long, the best season is in the spring.

Bass is not your only potential catch in Branson’s waters. Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake and Lake Taneycomo are also great spots to catch Black Crappie, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. To support the population of Black Crappie, there have been a number of artificial reefs developed in these lakes. These reefs give the fish the habitat they need to thrive, and they ensure that Branson fishing is always strong.

Top Branson Fishing Spots

  1. Etuchee Lake
    5/19/2011 9:56:49 PM - Etuchee Lake 36.7401, -92.7418

  2. Lake Taneycomo
    5/19/2011 9:56:40 PM - Lake Taneycomo 36.6584, -93.1252

  3. Rockwood Hills Lake
    5/19/2011 9:56:51 PM - Rockwood Hills Lake 36.6684, -93.2435

  4. TAB 1173
    5/6/2013 10:02:43 PM -

    6/4/2012 7:49:33 PM -

  6. TR_695
    6/4/2012 8:07:08 PM -

  7. TR_853
    6/4/2012 8:07:31 PM -

  8. BUL 0010
    5/6/2013 9:48:18 PM -

  9. TAB 1162
    5/6/2013 10:02:42 PM -

  10. Brewer Lake
    5/19/2011 10:02:20 PM - Brewer Lake 36.1517, -93.3285

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Branson Fishing Forecast

Target Species of Fish

Based on historical data for fishing Branson, you should target one of the following species for this time of year:
  1. Black Crappie

  2. Black Crappie

    There is a 12.96% catch rate for Black Crappie, based on 14 Black Crappie counted.

  3. Smallmouth Bass

  4. Smallmouth Bass

    There is a 12.04% catch rate for Smallmouth Bass, based on 13 Smallmouth Bass counted.

  5. Brown Trout

  6. Brown Trout

    There is a 11.11% catch rate for Brown Trout, based on 12 Brown Trout counted.

  7. Rainbow Trout

  8. Rainbow Trout

    There is a 11.11% catch rate for Rainbow Trout, based on 12 Rainbow Trout counted.

  9. White Bass

  10. White Bass

    There is a 11.11% catch rate for White Bass, based on 12 White Bass counted.

  11. Longear Sunfish

  12. Longear Sunfish

    There is a 9.26% catch rate for Longear Sunfish, based on 10 Longear Sunfish counted.

  13. Bluegill

  14. Bluegill

    There is a 4.63% catch rate for Bluegill, based on 5 Bluegill counted.

  15. Largemouth Bass

  16. Largemouth Bass

    There is a 4.63% catch rate for Largemouth Bass, based on 5 Largemouth Bass counted.

  17. Rock Bass

  18. Rock Bass

    There is a 4.63% catch rate for Rock Bass, based on 5 Rock Bass counted.

  19. Spotted Bass

  20. Spotted Bass

    There is a 4.63% catch rate for Spotted Bass, based on 5 Spotted Bass counted.

Recommedations above based on 16 species of fish and 108 fish counted for September around Branson.

To date, there are 24 species of fish and a total of 409 fish counted for Branson and within a 30 mile (48 km) radius since 1/1/1860 (162 years).

Last Update: 9/23/2022 11:53:11 AM

Please check local, state/province, and federal laws before fishing for any species found on this site. All data is based on historical data found for this area, and in some cases as far back as the year 1600.

View full Branson Fishing Forecast to see all species and best lures and colors to use.

Latest Branson Fishing Reports

  • September 3 2022 Fishing Report
    9/3/2022 6:07:00 PM - It’s been a wild summer here on Lake Taneycomo.  Dozens and dozens of big rainbow and brown trout have been caught — and 95% released to be caught again!  That figure isn’t o

  • August 1 2022 Fishing Report
    8/1/2022 8:55:00 AM - Are we seeing the new “minimum flow” here on Lake Taneycomo?  Back in the mid 1990’s the Missouri Department of Conservation conducted tests to determine the ideal minimum fl

  • July 1 2022 Fishing Report
    7/1/2022 4:57:22 PM - Our skies have dried up now that it’s summer in the Ozarks and our lakes have somewhat stabilized.  Beaver Lake is still a bit high but Table Rock Lake is below its seasonal

  • June 2 2022 Fishing Report
    6/2/2022 4:37:39 PM - I don’t know where to start this report as far as the generation/flow. I usually include an educated guess on what officials may do with generation but I have no idea at this

  • May 3 2022 Fishing Report
    5/3/2022 1:23:47 PM - After almost a full of day of rain Monday I’m expecting the lakes above Lake Taneycomo to head upwards again.  Here’s a quick run down: Beaver Lake rose to 1 127.6 feet after

  • April 1 2022 Fishing Report
    4/1/2022 5:56:00 PM - Our report on generation patterns is an easy one although it may change very shortly.  Operators at the dam have been running two units of water — about 6 500 cubic feet of w

  • March 1 2022 Fishing Report
    3/1/2022 3:41:00 PM - Rain and cold have dominated many days this past month.  We’ve had snow ice sleet and rain all amounting to some sloppy weekends of travel and fishing here on Lake Taneycomo.

  • really cold today but worth it
    2/5/2022 10:35:59 AM - these two lovebirds like to froze me today but had a great day on the water.

  • February 1 2022 Fishing Report
    2/1/2022 9:11:00 AM - I usually start my fishing reports talking about generation and fishing conditions.  This dictates how we are fishing which is most important.  But I need to report on how ca

  • December 16 Fishing Report
    12/16/2021 3:00:08 PM - Our weather is the subject of national news this month  with our temperatures reaching the 60s and 70s most days.  And it’s been relatively dry with some rain in the forecast

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Top Branson Bait & Tackle Stores

  1. Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina
    Lilleys' Landing is a peaceful, scenic resort and marina on Lake Taneycomo five minutes from the middle of Branson. Lake Taneycomo offers great trout fishing. Our marina can outfit you with boat rentals or guided fishing trips. We have a fly and

  2. Baxter Marina
    Baxter Marina offers many services including a full-service fuel dock, store, boat rentals, wet and dry boat storage, and more. We will greet you at the dock, pump your fuel and get your ice for you as well. Our on-dock store offers many convenien

  3. Tablerock Bait & Tackle

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Top Branson Fishing Charters & Guides

  1. Focused Fishing Guide Service
    Focused Fishing Guide Service a Full time Professional Branson Fishing Guide on Beautiful Table Rock Lake and Taneycomo Lake for Bass, Crappie, White Bass, Pan Fish, and Year round on Taneycomo Lake in Branson Missouri for Brown Trout and Rainbow Tro

  2. Chartered Waters
    A full service Fly Fishing & Guide Service on Lake Taneycomo in Branson Missouri. Catch Fish Guaranteed!!!...or your trip is free. BIG FISH...lots of fish


  4. Capt. Rick La Point
    Hi, my name is Rick LaPoint. I am a U.S. Coast Guard licensed, fully insured, professional guide for the last 18 years. I guide on Table Rock, Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lakes I have over 35 years of bass tournament experience, with many wins. I speci

  5. Branson Fishing Guide Service

  6. Catch 'em Guide Service
    If you are looking for a guided fishing trip, look no further. Catch 'em Guide Service is here and ready to provide you with a fishing trip of a lifetime. Whether it is fishing on fabulous Lake Taneycomo for excellent Rainbow or Brown Trout, or

  7. Doc's Guide Service

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  1. Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina
    Lilleys' Landing is a peaceful, scenic resort and marina on Lake Taneycomo five minutes from the middle of Branson. Lake Taneycomo offers great trout fishing. Our marina can outfit you with boat rentals or guided fishing trips. We have a fly and

  2. Scotty's Trout Dock & Marina
    Family owned and operated Branson landmark providing fun for the whole family.

  3. K Dock Marina
    Our full service Marina features an onsite convenience store offering food, soda, bagged ice, snacks, ice cream, cold beer, propane exchange, tackle and live bait. Nightly boat slip rental is available offering a 10′ x 24′ slip for only $20 per nigh

  4. Indian Point Marina
    Marina, Boat Dock and Restaurant adjacent to Indian Point Campground.

  5. Cricket Creek Marina

  6. Rainbow Haven Resort & Marina

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