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Garibaldi Fishing

Garibaldi Fishing

Garibaldi, Oregon is a small coastal town located in Tillamook County, on the Oregon Coast. The town was named after the Italian military and political figure Giuseppe Garibaldi. The first settlers arrived in the area in the late 1800s, attracted by the abundant fishing and logging opportunities. The town grew slowly over the years, and became a popular tourist destination in the mid-20th century, known for its beautiful beaches and charming downtown. Today, Garibaldi is a quiet, picturesque community with a rich history and a strong connection to the sea.

The waters around Garibaldi, Oregon offer a variety of fishing opportunities for both recreational and commercial fishermen. Some of the most commonly caught fish in the area include Chinook salmon, Coho Salmon, Halibut, Rainbow Trout, Rockfish (aka Pacific snapper), and Sole. These are just a few examples of the many fish species that can be found in and around Garibaldi. Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or just looking to try your hand at catching dinner, the waters around this charming coastal town offer a wealth of opportunities for fishing and seafood-gathering.

Top Garibaldi Fishing Spots

  1. Ghost Hole
    10/11/2016 5:41:12 PM -

  2. Sow and Pigs
    10/11/2016 5:37:41 PM - Rocky shoal that holds fish.

  3. Crab Rock
    10/11/2016 5:32:49 PM - Good ledge on this side of the rocks that holds fish.

  4. Cape Falcon G
    3/19/2018 2:26:57 PM -

  5. Cape Falcon H
    3/19/2018 2:26:57 PM -

  6. Cape Falcon F
    3/19/2018 2:26:57 PM -

  7. JettyHole
    10/11/2016 5:34:46 PM - There is a good drop here off the jetty and this little pocket will hold salmon.

  8. Painted Rock
    10/11/2016 5:31:43 PM - Nice ledge off this side of the rocks that will hold fish.

  9. wreck_9758
    8/2/2015 10:32:18 PM -

  10. wreck_9754
    8/2/2015 10:32:17 PM -

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Garibaldi Fishing Forecast

Target Species of Fish

Based on historical data for fishing Garibaldi, you should target one of the following species for this time of year:
  1. Cutthroat Trout

  2. Cutthroat Trout

    There is a 33.33% catch rate for Cutthroat Trout, based on 3 Cutthroat Trout counted.

    Garibaldi Cutthroat Trout Counts Chart


  3. Arrowtooth Flounder

  4. Arrowtooth Flounder

    There is a 22.22% catch rate for Arrowtooth Flounder, based on 2 Arrowtooth Flounder counted.

    Garibaldi Arrowtooth Flounder Counts Chart


  5. Coho Salmon

  6. Coho Salmon

    There is a 22.22% catch rate for Coho Salmon, based on 2 Coho Salmon counted.

    Garibaldi Coho Salmon Counts Chart


  7. Pacific Herring

  8. Pacific Herring

    There is a 11.11% catch rate for Pacific Herring, based on 1 Pacific Herring counted.

    Garibaldi Pacific Herring Counts Chart


  9. Rainbow Trout

  10. Rainbow Trout

    There is a 11.11% catch rate for Rainbow Trout, based on 1 Rainbow Trout counted.

    Garibaldi Rainbow Trout Counts Chart


Recommendations above based on 5 species of fish and 9 fish counted for February around Garibaldi.

To date, there are 29 species of fish and a total of 815 fish counted for Garibaldi and within a 30 mile (48 km) radius since 12/31/1882 (141 years).

Last Update: 2/8/2023 12:15:33 AM

Please check local, state/province, and federal laws before fishing for any species found on this site. All data is based on historical data found for this area, and in some cases as far back as the year 1600.

View full Garibaldi Fishing Forecast to see all species and best lures and colors to use.

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Top Garibaldi Bait & Tackle Stores

  1. Kelly's Brighton Marina LLC
    Located on Hwy 101 just north of Rockaway Beach, Kelly's Brighton Marina offers RV parking, tent camping, kayaking, fishing, and the best crabbing on the Oregon Coast. Come play and stay on Nehalem Bay!

  2. Tillamook Bait Company

  3. Mitchell's Shells & Bait

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Top Garibaldi Fishing Charters & Guides

  1. Mikey’s Fishing Adventures
    I’m Mike Fisenko, of Mikey’s Fishing Adventures, and I am a Coast Guard-licensed fishing guide out of Portland, Oregon. I take clients fishing anywhere from the Pacific Ocean all the way up the beautiful and scenic Columbia River in Oregon to Bonnevi

  2. Kelly's Brighton Marina LLC
    Located on Hwy 101 just north of Rockaway Beach, Kelly's Brighton Marina offers RV parking, tent camping, kayaking, fishing, and the best crabbing on the Oregon Coast. Come play and stay on Nehalem Bay!

  3. Garibaldi Charters
    Garibaldi Charters - a local, family owned and operated ocean charter fishing company. Our captains are experienced, Coast Guard Certified skippers who have lived and worked on the ocean and with boats most of their lives. Our courteous, knowledgeabl

  4. JB & Water Sport Fishing

  5. Siggi-G Ocean Charters

  6. Pat Abel Guide Service

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Top Garibaldi Marinas

  1. Garibaldi Marina
    Open 7 days a week!

  2. Kelly's Brighton Marina LLC
    Located on Hwy 101 just north of Rockaway Beach, Kelly's Brighton Marina offers RV parking, tent camping, kayaking, fishing, and the best crabbing on the Oregon Coast. Come play and stay on Nehalem Bay!

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