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Lake Oconee Fishing

Lake Oconee Fishing

Lake Oconee is a 19,071-acre lake in Georgia that was created upon completion of the Wallace Dam in 1979. It has 374 miles of shoreline and runs through three counties. Before the reservoir was created, archaeologists detected 3,000 sites here. It would take them until around 2050 to excavate all of them, so construction of the lake couldn't be put off. Archaeologists continue to gradually excavate sites in the lake with artifacts from as much as 10,000 years ago being discovered.

Common catches during Lake Oconee fishing are largemouth bass, blue catfish, channel catfish, striped bass and black crappie. The largest fish caught at Oconee Lake was a 69-pound, seven-ounce blue catfish on September 16, 2016. Another record catch was a 51-pound, 12-ounce flathead catfish on May 11, 2020. Lake Oconee fishing is productive for both offshore and inshore fishing. Other types of fish you can catch here include redbreast sunfish, white crappie, bluegill and white bass.

Because Lake Oconee helps provide power for residents in the area, there is a current through the water. This current encourages fish to be more active. You can catch bass during any season at Lake Oconee. If you're after white bass in particular, March and April are the best months because the white bass are spawning. Summer is the best season for targeting catfish at the lake. If you visit during winter, you are most likely catches are black crappie, striped bass and largemouth bass.

Top Lake Oconee Fishing Spots

  1. Oconee Ridge
    4/14/2016 12:39:58 AM - This middle lake ridge runs from the North to the South with this point in the middle. 

  2. Fish Attractor WPT217
    2/18/2016 3:05:00 AM -

  3. Fish Attractor WPT218
    2/18/2016 3:05:00 AM -

  4. Sugar Creek Marina Boat Ramp
    4/13/2016 9:31:16 PM - Sugar Creek Marina Boat Ramp

  5. Blow Through
    4/14/2016 12:32:17 AM - Blow Through

  6. Fish Attractor
    4/13/2016 11:04:49 PM - Fish Attractor

  7. Oconee Island Ledge
    4/14/2016 12:37:57 AM - Good deep water ledge off the end of this island that will hold bass.

  8. Island Tree
    4/13/2016 10:19:41 PM - Good tree in water that holds crappie and bass.

  9. Wallace Point
    4/14/2016 12:35:57 AM - Good spot for bass with close proximity to deeper water.

  10. Submerged Bridge
    4/14/2016 12:21:53 AM - Submerged Bridge

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Lake Oconee Fishing Forecast

Target Species of Fish

Based on historical data for fishing Lake Oconee, you should target one of the following species for this time of year:
  1. Green Sunfish

  2. Green Sunfish

    There is a 50% catch rate for Green Sunfish, based on 1 Green Sunfish counted.

    Lake Oconee Green Sunfish Counts Chart


  3. Striped Bass

  4. Striped Bass

    There is a 50% catch rate for Striped Bass, based on 1 Striped Bass counted.

    Lake Oconee Striped Bass Counts Chart


Recommendations above based on 2 species of fish and 2 fish counted for February around Lake Oconee.

To date, there are 29 species of fish and a total of 5397 fish counted for Lake Oconee and within a 30 mile (48 km) radius since 1/1/1854 (169 years).

Last Update: 2/8/2023 2:45:11 AM

Please check local, state/province, and federal laws before fishing for any species found on this site. All data is based on historical data found for this area, and in some cases as far back as the year 1600.

View full Lake Oconee Fishing Forecast to see all species and best lures and colors to use.

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Top Lake Oconee Bait & Tackle Stores

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Top Lake Oconee Fishing Charters & Guides

  1. Lake Oconee Fishing Guides
    Lake Oconee Fishing Guide John Duvall was born and raised on Lake Oconee. He is a very knowledgeable and passionate about Lake Oconee fishing.

  2. Oconee On The Fly
    Anyone who wants to have an incredible day fishing with Captain Wayne won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to catch fish and have a wonderful experience with an amazing individual. He’s very knowledgeable about fly fishin

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Top Lake Oconee Marinas

  1. Fish Tale Marina
    Fish Tale Marina is open seven days a week and offers dry stack storage for boats up to 30 feet as well as trailer storage. Our gas dock is centrally located and our trained service department staff can handle any job, from minor repairs to full main

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Download Lake Oconee Fishing Spots

Latest Fishing Spots


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Oconee Ridge
This middle lake ridge runs from the North to the South with this point in the middle. 
Oconee Island Ledge
Good deep water ledge off the end of this island that will hold bass.
Wallace Point
Good spot for bass with close proximity to deeper water.
Blow Through
Blow Through
Richland Creek Hump #3
Richland Creek Hump #3

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