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Manasquan Fishing

Manasquan Fishing

Manasquan, New Jersey, is an Atlantic beach town. Although the vast waters of the ocean are always inviting, Manasquan stands out for its unique inlet. The Manasquan Inlet is part of the Intracoastal Waterway, and it provides a special beach experience for tourists, surfers and fishermen. This is a popular place for novices and experts to fish all season long, but it is just the start of what Manasquan fishing has to offer.

With the Manasquan Inlet so prominent, inshore fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in the area. It is a common spot for families to recreationally catch fish all summer long. This inshore fishing is particularly good for fish like Black Drum, Croaker, Gray Trout (Weakfish), and Rockfish (Striped Bass).

There are plenty of fish just off the coastline as well. If you give nearshore Manasquan fishing a try, you might bring up Black Seabass, Bluefish, False Albacore, Spanish Mackerel, and Triggerfish. For those that venture into the deeper areas offshore, more big fish could await. Off the coast in Manasquan, you can find seasonal catches of Tuna including Bigeye, Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna.. In the warmer months, Mahi-Mahi, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, and Wahoo are caught.

The saltwater options are most prevalent in Manasquan, but freshwater fishing is possible. The Manasquan Reservoir and Manasquan River are important water sources for the local community. Both are abundant with fish. Species might include Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, Catfish and Trout.

Top Manasquan Fishing Spots

  1. Choapa Shipwreck
    4/16/2013 12:19:37 AM - The Choapa was originally named Helga, and was built at Helsingors Jernsk & Msk in 1937. The vessel was 292 feet long and 41 feet wide. It sank on September 21, 1944 while

    4/8/2013 11:51:59 PM -

    5/7/2011 1:04:54 AM - 40.38565 -73.6008

    4/8/2013 11:51:41 PM - RATTLESNAKE

    5/7/2011 1:04:50 AM - 40.3607166666667 -73.9354833333333

  6. Wedding 109 barge
    3/15/2017 11:44:04 AM -

  7. Coleman Barge 45 barge
    3/15/2017 11:43:50 AM -

  8. Woodl reefballs
    3/15/2017 11:44:04 AM -

  9. Walter Lamon concrete
    3/15/2017 11:44:03 AM -

  10. Mako Mania 174 tanker
    3/15/2017 11:43:56 AM -

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Manasquan Fishing Forecast

Target Species of Fish

Based on historical data for fishing Manasquan, you should target one of the following species for this time of year:
  1. Atlantic Herring

  2. Atlantic Herring

    There is a 33.15% catch rate for Atlantic Herring, based on 4515 Atlantic Herring counted.

    Manasquan Atlantic Herring Counts Chart


  3. Silver Hake

  4. Silver Hake

    There is a 21.31% catch rate for Silver Hake, based on 2903 Silver Hake counted.

    Manasquan Silver Hake Counts Chart


  5. Flounder

  6. Flounder

    There is a 12.61% catch rate for Flounder, based on 1717 Flounder counted.

    Manasquan Flounder Counts Chart


  7. Red Hake

  8. Red Hake

    There is a 8.81% catch rate for Red Hake, based on 1200 Red Hake counted.

    Manasquan Red Hake Counts Chart


  9. Cunner

  10. Cunner

    There is a 7.75% catch rate for Cunner, based on 1055 Cunner counted.

    Manasquan Cunner Counts Chart


  11. Spiny Dogfish

  12. Spiny Dogfish

    There is a 7.01% catch rate for Spiny Dogfish, based on 955 Spiny Dogfish counted.

    Manasquan Spiny Dogfish Counts Chart


  13. Striped Bass

  14. Striped Bass

    There is a 2.29% catch rate for Striped Bass, based on 312 Striped Bass counted.

    Manasquan Striped Bass Counts Chart


  15. Atlantic Mackerel

  16. Atlantic Mackerel

    There is a 2.23% catch rate for Atlantic Mackerel, based on 304 Atlantic Mackerel counted.

    Manasquan Atlantic Mackerel Counts Chart


  17. Atlantic Cod

  18. Atlantic Cod

    There is a 0.97% catch rate for Atlantic Cod, based on 132 Atlantic Cod counted.

    Manasquan Atlantic Cod Counts Chart


  19. American Shad

  20. American Shad

    There is a 0.67% catch rate for American Shad, based on 91 American Shad counted.

    Manasquan American Shad Counts Chart


Recommendations above based on 59 species of fish and 13620 fish counted for March around Manasquan.

To date, there are 138 species of fish and a total of 1795445 fish counted for Manasquan and within a 30 mile (48 km) radius since 1/1/1851 (172 years).

Last Update: 3/22/2023 6:23:15 AM

Please check local, state/province, and federal laws before fishing for any species found on this site. All data is based on historical data found for this area, and in some cases as far back as the year 1600.

View full Manasquan Fishing Forecast to see all species and best lures and colors to use.

Latest Manasquan Fishing Reports

  • First Canyon Trip of the Year
    3/22/2023 4:44:00 PM - Offshore season has started!💪🏽 Big Luv to Ryan and the team At Barnegat Bay Marina for getting the Big Girl ready. Had a small window to make the 100 mile run to water I wa

  • First Stripers of the Year - 31 Back in Perth Amboy
    3/16/2023 5:48:00 PM - The 31 is back in Perth Amboy and the fish are stacked got them on shads today. Will be at the Edison Show Booth #351 tomorrow through Sunday. Contact us to get in on the ear

  • Atlantic Highlands blackfishing January 1
    1/1/2023 7:55:44 PM - Happy New Year. We made our last fishing trip for 2022 today. Made a few drops in the same area we have ben fishing the past few days. The action was not as good as the past

  • Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 31
    12/31/2022 5:31:31 PM - I guess the rain in the forecast kept most of the people away.. A few showed uop so we went. It was foggy but not much rain.. Picked at a mix of short and keeper blackfsih. N

  • Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 30
    12/30/2022 4:29:18 PM - Made our 3/4 day trip for blackfish again today. The weather was great with better anchoring conditions then yesterday The action was not fast but we picked at shorts and kee

  • Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 29
    12/29/2022 6:12:16 PM - Made our 3/4 day trip for blackfish again today The anchoring conditions left alot to be desired. It was a nice day but a little breeze vs a litttle bit of current made it to

  • Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 28
    12/28/2022 6:22:50 PM - After a few days off we finally made our 3/4 day blackfish trip. Made a few drop and found some fish on all of them The water temp droped and the fish were not as active. End

  • Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 27
    12/27/2022 8:01:32 PM - I guess the cold morning kept the people away the past days The temperatures are going to be warmer the rest of the week. We will be blackfishing everyday leaving at 7:30 am

  • Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 25
    12/25/2022 12:47:14 PM - Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas. It is supposed to be cold tomorrow but not much we will be fishing. As the week goes on the weather looks better with warme

  • Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 21
    12/21/2022 7:29:44 PM - Made our 3/4 day trip for blackfish again today. It may be the first day of winter but it was one of the nicest days we had in a while. the ocean was calm and the fishing was

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Top Manasquan Bait & Tackle Stores

  1. Alex's Bait And Tackle
    Alex's Inlet Bait and Tackle Has Been serving the jersey shore fishing community Since 1957.Were located right next to the mansquan inlet.

  2. The Dock Outfitters
    Jet Ski, Pontoon boat, and crabbing skiff rentals. Up to date fishing reports, Latest fishing tackle, all types of bait. Café news and specials

  3. Castaways Bait & Tackle
    We are conveniently located near where the action is.... a few minutes from the Point Pleasant Canal and not more than twenty minutes from New Jersey's best fishing beaches.

  4. Jersey Hooker Outfitters
    Jersey Hooker Outfitters Bait and Tackle is conveniently located at 2016 HWY 88 (¼ mile east of Van Zile Road) in Brick Township New Jersey. We offer a variety of salt and fresh water Fishing Tackle, Crabbing Supplies, Marine Electronics, a

  5. Grumpy's Tackle
    Founded in 2002, Grumpys Tackle has fast become a leader in the full service tackle industry. From our custom rod building and reel service departments to our expert fishing info and advice we've got you covered.

  6. Kevin Bogan's Bait & Tackle

  7. Fishermen's Supply Co
    Fishermen’s Supply Company, established in 1948, caters to surf, inshore, offshore, and commercial fishermen. Fishermen’s Supply provides a full line of fishing tackle for both beginners, and the hardcore angler. The store is also equipped with foul

  8. MegaStrike, Inc.
    We are leaders in fishing tackle innovation, from freshwater to saltwater. When every fish counts.

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  1. Andreas Toy Charters
    Sailing out of Clarks Landing Marina in Point Pleasant, NJ. Fishing the inshore and offshore waters from New Jersey to Florida for the past 15+ years Captain Freddy Gamboa is ready to provide you with a safe enjoyable trip that allows anglers, who ar

  2. Benchmark Sportfishing Charter Boat
    The few times a year you charter a boat is worth the extra quality and professionalism. Captain Nick Neuberg, Captain John Shary, and crew are dedicated to providing top quality service, equipment, and results for the customer. Come join us for an ex

  3. Reel Class Point Pleasant Fishing Charters
    Reel Class Sportfishing Charters sails from Clark's Landing Marina in Point Pleasant, NJ-ten minutes from Manasquan Inlet and the Ocean. Targets: Stripers, Fluke, Blackfish, Seabass, Cod, Ling, Bluefish, Inshore Tuna, Scup aka porgies, & weak

  4. Smokin Reel Charters
    Welcome to Smokin Reel Charters, Fishing from Belmar, NJ with Captain Rob Sicilano. Departing from Shark River Inlet, we are just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

  5. Reel Therapy
    Our boat, "Reel Therapy" is a Jones Brothers Cape Fisherman, Light Tackle edition, is specially designed for fly fishing comfortably in the Northeast's demanding saltwater conditions. She is 20Â’ long x 8Â’ bea

  6. Fat Cat Sport Fishing
    FAT CAT is a 34FT Catamaran Craft designed to cut though rough water with superior performance and unmatched stability. The Vessel is equipped with all the latest electronics, safety equipment and most importantly state of the art fishing tackle. Our

  7. Golden Touch Charters
    Captain John Cole ~ Sport Fishing Charters ~ Pt Pleasant, NJ ~ available for tournaments. Fishing for Stripers, Blues, Fluke, Sea Bass & Black Fish

  8. Last Lady Fishing Charters
    The Last Lady Charter Boats in New Jersey offers the finest charter boat saltwater fishing on the Atlantic coast. Charter Boat big game sport fish include tuna, shark, marlin, striped bass, bluefish, bonito and dolphin. You may be an avid charter boa

  9. Barbgail IV
    Sport-fishing the Jersey Shore Brielle * Point Pleasant * Manasquan * Bay Head * Sea Girt * Spring Lake Catching: Blues, Tuna, Bonita, Mackerel, Giant Tuna, Fluke, Trolling and Bottom Fishing

  10. BIG KID Charters

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Top Manasquan Marinas

  1. Baker's Landing Marina

  2. Seaport Inlet Marina
    Belmar's closest marina to the ocean and the only marina with daily in-and-out rack service!

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Download Manasquan Fishing Spots

Latest Fishing Spots

Gag Grouper 14836





Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

Bigeye Tuna

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Bouy Conditions

Station 44065 - New York Harbor Entrance - 15 NM SE of Breezy Point , NY
March 28, 2023 11:50 pm EDT
Location: 40.369N 73.703W
Wind Direction: NW (320°)
Wind Speed: 5.8 knots
Wind Gust: 7.8 knots
Significant Wave Height: 3.0 ft
Dominant Wave Period: 6 sec
Average Period: 5.9 sec
Mean Wave Direction: ESE (118°)
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.07 in (1018.3 mb)
Water Temperature: 44.4°F (6.9°C)

Current Moon Phase

Quarter Moon

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