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Rockhampton Fishing

Top Rockhampton Fishing Spots

  1. The Bommie
    11/10/2012 4:53:34 AM - Species so far - Reef Shark, Moses Perch, Flowery Cod.Scotty Beefs

  2. East Bank
    6/13/2019 12:53:35 AM -

  3. The Paddock
    4/22/2011 11:42:17 PM - 3.5nm northwest Gt.Kepple Isl. Mackerel, Sweetlip, Spangled Emperor, Reef Fish. Sand and rock/coral bottom. Water depth 5 - 12m.

  4. Timandra Bank
    10/4/2014 1:36:58 AM - Timandra Bank

  5. Great Keppel (Wop-pa) Island (No 3)
    10/4/2014 1:34:28 AM - Great Keppel (Wop-pa) Island (No 3)

  6. Ritamada Shoals
    11/10/2012 4:53:34 AM - Species so far - School Mackeral, Estuary Cod, Wolf Herring, Yellowtail Pike

  7. Mother Macgregor Reef
    10/4/2014 1:35:34 AM - Mother Macgregor Reef

  8. Karaweera
    5/16/2014 11:27:34 PM - Karaweera

  9. Wedge Island Reef
    10/4/2014 1:43:11 AM - Wedge Island Reef

  10. Split Rock Reef
    10/4/2014 1:36:38 AM - Split Rock Reef

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Rockhampton Fishing Forecast

Target Species of Fish

Based on historical data for fishing Rockhampton, you should target one of the following species for this time of year:
  1. Longfin Grouper

  2. Longfin Grouper

    There is a 100% catch rate for Longfin Grouper, based on 1 Longfin Grouper counted.

    Rockhampton Longfin Grouper Counts Chart


Recommendations above based on 1 species of fish and 1 fish counted for December around Rockhampton.

To date, there are 20 species of fish and a total of 749 fish counted for Rockhampton and within a 30 mile (48 km) radius since 1/1/1866 (156 years).

Last Update: 12/8/2022 5:46:38 AM

Please check local, state/province, and federal laws before fishing for any species found on this site. All data is based on historical data found for this area, and in some cases as far back as the year 1600.

View full Rockhampton Fishing Forecast to see all species and best lures and colors to use.

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