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Why We Should All Use Stainless Steel Hooks Offshore

 | By Eye Catcher on 1/29/2015 2:31:20 PM | Views (2994)
  Usually there isn't a bunch of discussion among offshore anglers about whether or not they use stainless steel hooks. They'll talk about things like hook model and size, but the price of stainless steel hooks scares a lot of people into going with quality hooks in a less expensive material like cadmium.The actual hook that you use in your offshore fishing is a critically important choice. If you use a hook that is too big it can impede your bait or lure action. If you use the wrong shape, it can cause you to miss strikes. But what about the material it is made from? I am a strong believer in the use of stainless hooks for most styles of offshore fishing. Tests done in the early 90's at the Univ. Of Maryland show that contrary to popular belief hooks that corrode, like cadmium style hooks, actually do more harm to a fish than good. These tests have shown that as the hook corrodes it releases toxins into the fish that will eventually kill most of the tested f Read More


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