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Fly rod buying made easy for you

 | By Silvia on 9/21/2020 6:19:11 AM | Views (1379)

Carbon fiber or graphite and fiberglass are the most used material for fishing rods with bamboo being also a choice but much less available because of the constraints of manufacturing it on a commercial scale. Since bamboo fishing rods are handcrafted and require specialized skills of experienced rod makers, it takes a long time to manufacture and hence not suitable for commercial supplies. It holds good for all types of fishing rods, including ArcticSilver fly rods created for fly fishing.

Besides the choice of material that are many other factors to consider when shopping for fishing rods to ensure that you get the right kind of rod for the type of fishing, you want to indulge in. Knowing the factors and understanding how it impacts the fishing technique, though very important, can be quite confusing for anglers when shopping around for fly rod.

In this article, we will try to make things easy for you by discussing the essential features of fly rods for beginners and the shopping considerations.

Factors to consider

Action– To begin with, you must focus on how versatile the rod is, and for getting the most from it, you should buy a medium-action fly rod. Action is a term used to describe the position where the bend occurs along the length of the rod, and it can range between slow and ultra-fast. This medium-action rod is a great fishing tool to learn the ropes of fishing. You can carry for safety the knife also.

Weight– The weight of the fly rod represents the weight of the fly line you intend to use and depends on the type of catch or fish you target. A 5-weight rod is most versatile for trout fishing, and you can try out 4-weight or 6-weight, which is among the best. 

Matching the weight of the fly rod with the weight of the line is very important as also with the weight of the fly reel to create the right balance when using the rod.

Length – It is good to start with baby steps as a beginner for which a rod of shorter length is most convenient to handle for fishing species like panfish.For the right length of the rod, you must consider that 8.5feet to 9 feet is appropriate for trout fishing.

Cost – You get what you pay for, and cheap fly rods can never perform well and could frustrate beginners. Fly rods in the mid-range in terms of price perform quite well and should be reliable enough to make a good start that supports the passion of anglers.

Narrow down the choice

The huge variety of fly rods available is enough to confuse buyers who must narrow down their choice to make the selection easy. Fix a price-range below which you should not consider anything so that you stick to the mid-range to ensure that you get a good quality rod. Sticking to slow-action and mid-action fly rods are suitable for beginners.

Choosing a fly rod combo consisting of the fly rod, fly reel, and the fly line together with a fly rod case or tube will save cost.


Catch Information

Length:165 inches (4191.0000 mm)


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