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Recfishwest's State-wide Fishing Report 25 November 2022 ūüé£

 | By Seamus on 11/25/2022 2:00:00 AM | Views (485)
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Han Yeoh @hanyeoh13 don't know how you do it but your amazing fishing snaps look more crispy than kitty litter. The talented photographer recently plucked this beauty of a river flathead and this species is really starting to ramp up now that summer is almost here. Can see why they are such well-camouflaged ambush predators over the sand.  
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Jarrad Lawford


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David McGregor @maccydave you're one lucky lad knowing the crew from @exmouthtackleandcamping showed up just as your GoPro died to take this snap! Would love to know the kind of distance covered on the tow from this great sailfish off Exmouth. Brilliant catch and release Dave. 

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Broome catches
Elizabeth Mccallum @lizzymc_5 was one of many anglers having good luck on the barra this week around Kununurra. While the rains have made the waters slightly dirty this week around town, the big gobs on these silver beauties have still been taking soft plastics and vibes around the bays close to Broome, along with threadfin salmon.  


The rains have meant many of the river systems including the Fitzroy have risen a fair bit and changed the dynamics of the fishing through here. The crew from Tackle World Broome said plenty of fishers are still catching barra and threadies in the bays but only when working the neap tides. You can always find nice windows and get out in the boats in front of town during those glassy conditions to chase demersals on the reef structures, just make sure you keep it quite shallow to avoid the tax man. This time of year you can find tripletail lingering around those shallow reef bombies and it's advised to have a go for them on the drift. Off the beaches there are still blue nose salmon in good numbers, with Cable Beach and Crab Creek in particular being highly productive spots for this species. There are some grey mackerel getting around on the troll and a lot of skippers reported solid trevally, queenies and tuna caught on lures after finding large patches of bait. Just keep an eye out for bait balls or bust ups on the surface then yeet your lures in there. There are some lower swells and winds forecast for this weekend and thankfully the storms seem to be backing off. 


Roebuck Bay and Telegraphs has once again been a productive spot for threadfin, barramundi and blue nose salmon this week via vibe and deeper diving lures but the best window for these species has been during the neap tides. The best spot for blue nose salmon is still Cable Beach or around Crab Creek but once again the neap tides is your ideal window. The Town Beach jetty has been one of the better spots for whiting and also for the occasional queenfish smacking vibes and stickbaits. With the wind set to drop off over this weekend following the recent storms and rain, it's a good chance to flick lures around the inshore bombies and reef structures for coral trout and cod as they will always be around and the water clarity should start to clear up slightly. This week has been a bit tougher though as the flow in the rivers picked up due to the downfalls. The hunch for mud crabbing is that they tend to go quiet during the rains, but now that some calmer days are coming with warmer temperatures they will start to fire back up. As always, thanks to the pros from Tackle World Broome for their tips this week. 
Exmouth catches
Recfishwest's Sam Russell @samrussell1936 recently travelled up to Exmouth and had a great trevally session around the artificial reef system at King Reef. Since it was deployed less than four years ago, King Reef has become a healthy marine oasis and is a cracking spot for bottom bashing or trolling, it even saw numerous line-class world fishing records tumble this year. 


Was a rollercoaster in the wind yet again this week but a few cheeky windows opened up and provided a great opportunity to punch out in the boats. Unfortunately most of the fishing has been rather slow and the larger sportfish have slowed down considerably in the Gulf. The odd sailfish was caught on occasions but their numbers dropped off. The queenies in close over the sand and throughout the Gulf were in great numbers though. A few boats managed to head offshore and a good amount of red emperor, cobia and trout were caught around the structured ground closer to the Muirons. While the fishing in general was a bit quieter this week, the squid are still going ballistic within the Gulf in great sizes and numbers, so if you're chasing a feed and came up empty handed on the fish, drifting through here with a sea anchor is the way to go. The western side has been pretty battered by wind, but the Spangos are still popping up on the stickbaits over the shallower reefs. The mackies went very quiet along the western side and even around the Muirons. Once the water warms back up they'll be back to their usual antics. Some pretty solid southerly winds are going to roll through from today until Monday so it might make it a rough trip back home. It should start to calm down by Tuesday morning.


The beaches and flats around Bundegi have been productive for queenies and trevally on the stickbaits. The beaches towards the bottom of the Gulf have once again been great for whiting on the surface lures as well, with good sizes rolling through on a consistent basis thanks to some warmer waters. The western side went very quiet this week thanks to those stronger winds, but a few Spangos have been popping up on stickbaits within those shallow inshore reefs. If you're chasing land-based squid, the Learmonth Jetty is your best bet and the Town Jetty as always is a great spot for trevally, queenies and larger bream around the structures. The mackies on the tip and off the eastern side have gone quiet this week but we're expecting them to start appearing in good numbers once the warmer water currents start to roll down through the Gulf. There wasn't too much reported for the larger mud crab bucks but these will kick into gear once it continues to warm up as well. Kudos to the Tackle World Exmouth crew for their tips and make sure you pay them a visit if you're heading out. Some solid southerly winds might aid your casting if you have a cast off the tip this weekend but the winds should back off by around Tuesday morning. Western side might be difficult to fish until then. 

Kalbarri catches


The good man Dean from Kalbarri Sports and Dive has put his store up for sale. Give him a buzz on 9937 1126 if you're keen to make an offer.

Thankfully the weather was better this week, especially the last few days. The lower tide made river fishing quite hard but there was a lot of tailor plucked by small boats around Oyster Reef and Back Beach. One gentlemen landed at least four in good size all on the trusty Halco Rooster popper at Back Beach, which has arguably caught more tailor than any other coloured popper. There hasn't been too much whitewash around, but the tailor have been running through the deeper gutters. Chinamans has seen the bigger catches of greenbacks this week and one kayaker pulled in a couple of 70cm+ specimens. There were also some very solid mud crabs caught via nets around the marina jetty. Not big in numbers, but the sizes were very impressive. The blue manna crabs are also kicking into gear so it's worth targeting this delicious species through summer as it's geared up to be a cracker for crabs. As for the whiting, there was one skipper who managed a great haul of them in the sheltered bay at Jakes Point. Frustrations is another solid spot for whiting given its position. If you want to chase bigger fish species, trolling around Red Bluff is worth a shot for tuna and mackies as plenty of people reported seeing some larger bust ups off the shore. A lot of anglers will be dropping pots for crays on Saturday and Sunday morning as plenty of solid jumbos are rolling through, with most skippers going home with at least six. The divers have also been cleaning up via looping as the water has warmed up a fair bit over the past few weeks from around 17 degrees to 20 degrees. Early December around the full moon period is tipped to be when the whites start to go marching. 


Tailor are coming through in impressive sizes across Frustrations, Lucky Bay, Wittecarra and Chinamans although the mulloway went a bit absent this week. Chinamans was probably the more consistent spot for the larger catches of tailor (especially when there was a bit of chop) and a bunch of 70cm greenbacks have been flowing through here. It doesn't matter what kind of tactic you use as metals, poppers and bait casting is all working well. If you can't find the whitewash due to the swell, try and find the deeper gutters by looking for areas where the waves aren't breaking throughout the mornings as this has also seen fish being caught. If the conditions are calmer, try targeting whiting in the same areas or around Frustrations as they are appearing in solid numbers and sizes through those warmer shallows. Thanks to Dean from Kalbarri Sports and Dive for his tips this week!
Geraldton catches
Painted sweetlip, slatey bream, mother in law fish...there's many names for this fish and it's hilarious to watch anglers rock the heavens with profanities once they land one after having their hearts set on a baldie or snapper. They do however provide a solid fight as the crew from @northern_addicts experienced in Geraldton. They aren't known for their tasting quality though and are a fish you would only give to your mother in law, hence the name! 


Some better weather rolled through this week. Flat Rocks produced a huge amount of mulloway this week but their sizes were all rather small around the 50-70cm mark. One fisher did manage one at 1.2m though around the reef, so the bigger brutes are still hanging around. Most boats are staying in close and the further south you go the better your odds are for finding tailor into the evenings as these areas seem to be avoiding the worst of the weed that's rolling through. South of Greenough there have been tailor and pike but the mulloway were missing. Tarcoola Beach is another spot that is really only fishable in the mornings as the afternoons are being hammered by wind. The tailor here have been in consistent numbers but the sizes are only 35-40cm if you're lucky. A few guys trolling from dinghies for tailor north of the marina towards St Georges also did quite well and the usual metals, stickbaits and bait casting of mulies did the trick. Saturday through to Monday will see some pretty punchy southerlies so try and find sheltered areas before the wind swings around to a light easterly by Tuesday morning. Hopefully the easterly blasts this annoying weed off the beaches! 


The reefs of Tarcoola and Southgates in the morning have been a solid spot for tailor because these areas tend to be the easiest to navigate around the weed, although there are a fair amount of cleaner beaches heading southwards towards Dongara which has seen tailor around 40cm and herring around 25cm. Tarcoola had good tailor numbers but they were quite skinny, with a lot of silver specimens coming in at about 35cm. South of Greenough River there were also plenty of tailor and pike but the mulloway went very quiet this week. The whiting have been appearing in the sand patches off the beaches but try and find the sheltered and warmer waters for your best chances. The ground swell over the past few weeks has been much stronger than usual so the weed has been playing havoc for casting. Drummonds Cove to Coronations has been similar, with the weed and wind direction deciding where fishers go, but those who put in the time and effort did well for tailor and whiting generally in the mornings before the breeze swings through. It's going to be pretty strong southerlies for the next few days but we should see this drop right off to a light easterly on Tuesday morning and this looks like a great land-based window. Big thanks to Geraldton Sports Centre for their tips! 
Lancelin catches


Not the busiest of weeks for the boaties, although a few catches rolled through. Tuna have been more frequently located out from the 30m depths and most were the 1-2kg jellybean size which is always great fun if you can find a bust up or diving birds on the surface. Samson fish have been burning a few anglers' forearms seemingly anywhere there is some decent structure offshore, just keep an eye on your sounder for undulating ground and either troll or drop jigs/baits down for your best chances. Kayak and dinghy fishers have been finding improved numbers of squid and herring within the shelter of the bay. As for the crays, it's still too early to see loads of whites in the pots or under the ledges, but expect this to start spicing up over the coming weeks or so as the water continues to warm which has taken slightly longer than expected. The full moon around December 8 is being widely tipped as the starting gun.


Surf fishers saw improved catches of chopper tailor through the week to 45cm, mostly caught from sunset into the early evenings as the swells eased. Swells earlier in the week cleared a lot of weed out of the bay thankfully, allowing access to some good catches of sand whiting and herring from the calmer shallows. There has also been some big cobbler 50-60cm in length along the near shore at night, just make sure you handle them with care and avoid those painful venomous spines along their dorsal and pectoral fins. Lancelin jetty has been fishing very well for herring and tailor into the evenings and there has been some great catches of squid here at sunrise also. Thanks to Peter Fullarton for his report as always! 
Esperance catches
Tyson TNT Tietjens @tnttietjens is back rocking the river systems around his hometown of Esperance, pulling in some hefty 40cm+ black bream. Targeting this species in the sheltered river systems is always great fun, especially if the coast is being hammered by tedious winds or swell. 


You lucky fishers were treated to a few good days including a glass off on Wednesday that saw a lot of boats head out. The lakes have all been great for larger bream once the rain slowed down and a good score of 40cm+ specimens were caught with ease this week. For boats sticking closer to town there have been some monster flathead rolling through up to 70cm on soft plastics around Nine Mile Lagoon. The port viewing area is still the best spot for larger King George whiting and tailor, while Alexander Bay has been better for gummy sharks. Bandy Creek has produced mixed bags of fish with King George whiting, tailor and flatties in better numbers. With the calmer days rolling through, a lot of boats ventured out to the islands and some monster breaksea up to 2.5kg did the rounds, along with blue groper and harlies being caught from smaller boats who cruised around Charley and Cull Island. These first two islands have seen a lot of fish caught when dropping lines around structure. Thankfully there is calmer winds rolling through until Tuesday morning so plenty of good fish should be caught over this weekend.


Stokes National Park west of Esperance has been a solid bream spot this week with a lot of larger 40cm+ beasts being caught. The beach fishing across Roses and Warrenup has also been impressive with hauls of salmon and flathead. Nine Mile Lagoon easily saw the most consistent flatties in bigger sizes though with 70cm+ catches common on soft plastics over the past few days. If you're after salmon, Fourth Beach has been the most consistent spot for a long time, while closer to the jetty is your best odds for whiting and squid. For the larger catches of King George, the port viewing area has seen them roll through in sizes over 35cm along with the occasional tailor. The sand patch at the end of the rockwall is also a solid spot for KG's. For gummy sharks, Alexander Bay generally past the first reef is a good spot as this gutter drops off nicely. Bandy Creek is another location to consider for a mixed bag of flatties, KG's and tailor. Should be great land-based fishing the next four days or so, make sure you gear up and grab your tips from the pros at Southern Sports and Tackle. 
Great Southern catches
@danp92_ plucked this beefcake of a bream on one of the @outback_breamer_baits Mussel Vibe lures recently. This lure is a cracker for pulling in 44cm beasts like this specimen, make sure you give the website a visit, the mulloway also love chowing down on them. 


While Wednesday saw decent conditions for boating, she's been blowing hard easterlies for the majority of this week which has made it a tough slog on the water and it's been slim pickings for catches. There were some decent mulloway pulled out of the Kalgan crossing the one metre mark, but they tend to be appearing on the warmer days then disappearing after wet or windy days. Once it does start to warm, we're in for a good summer season of river fishing for bream and mulloway based on what has been caught over the past month. There are smaller bream and tailor popping up towards the river mouth and most of the catches have been from baits and hard-bodied lures. The river has been the more preferred spot for boats this week as they can find the sheltered spots. If you own a kayak, we recommend having a troll though the river for tailor or casting around the structures for bream as they have both been performing nicely. 


Not a lot of action this week for land-based but the river has been a solid producer of bream, tailor and smaller mulloway. Baits and hard bodied lures have been the way to go for both bream and tailor, while most of the mulloway caught this week were smaller in size around the 50-60cm soapie range. It's looking pretty wet on Saturday and Sunday, but Monday will see drops in the southerly wind and the sheltered spots within the river should host plenty of fish. Make sure you pay the legends at Trailblazers in Albany a visit if you decide to wet a line. 
South West catches
Josh Walker @walks_j caught this grumpy-looking kraken recently in Geographe Bay, which has been one of the best squidding locations in the world throughout most of this year. Just keep an eye out for the patchy weed ground and drifting with a few different coloured jigs or a mulie under a float on a spike jig works well. 


The squid and King George whiting are still firing in the bays. Most of the squid have featured within Geographe Bay this week with some glassy conditions providing great visibility and a lot of larger krakens. The bigger KG's have been turning up in the sand patches amongst the weed in the slightly deeper depths of about 25-30m, with a good average size of about 40-50cm. The crew from Whitey's Tackle (who are having a massive Black Friday sale on gear at the moment by the way) said they have heard no reports of tuna and they seem to have gone missing around most of WA this week. We think it's due to the cooler water currents and recent rains, which has likely pushed them further out to sea. There have been a huge amount of blue manna crabs spotted this week throughout the shallow estuary systems, so once the season kicks off at the start of summer we're expecting great numbers and sizes. As for crays, the whites are just around the corner but a lot of larger reds have been pulled from pots and via divers exploring the reef ledges in depths of 10-20m. Some have spotted whites, but expect this to become rampant over the coming fortnight once the full moon swings in. Some strong winds this weekend might make it rough for boats, but we're looking at some great boating days on Tuesday and Wednesday. 


Tailor have been everywhere this week along with the mulloway across most of the beaches. One crew said they caught between 30-40 mulloway in one night which is quite remarkable, although they were all very small and featured usually between 40-50cm. Double headers were common and this has been great fun for anglers. The beaches around Binningup, Busselton and some of the back beaches near Bunbury all saw great numbers and mulies on a gang is the best method. The yellowfin whiting are another species that are going off the charts thanks to the warmer waters and this is a highly addictive species to target in the estuary systems once you give it a go. Another species to target from December 1 is blue manna crabs via scoop nets as a lot of recfishers spotted huge amounts of them in big sizes throughout the shallow estuary systems this past week. It is gearing up to be a fantastic crabbing season. This weekend is looking pretty windy but those strong southerlies should swing around into easterlies by around Tuesday. 


Recfishwest's John Dempsey @john_dempsey recently ventured down to our beautiful South-West region and caught and released this stunner of a brown trout measuring around 60cm on the fly. The bigger broodies have been rampant this week throughout the fresh waterways. 
The South-West experienced a wet weekend making the fishing challenging in some areas. The Warren was turbid in sections with faster flow making it a little difficult for those fishing from kayaks. Redfin perch up to 40cm were still captured by those who persisted, but they noted the rains had spread the trout out, with only a few sightings and less caught than previous weeks. Big Brook Dam continues to fish well for those fishing flies as the recently stocked fish seem a lot less interested in hitting lures and soft plastics, with spinners and flies being the best option to target these fish. Closer to Perth some larger redfin have been turning up in the Harvey region from the waters of Harvey River and the dam itself. Alongside this, some exceptional redfin perch were recently caught from Wellington Dam, well exceeding 40cm in size. This is a very large waterbody so it’s best to constantly be moving to cover ground. Wellington Dam has been stocked with 8,000 yearlings (5,000 rainbow and 3,000 brown) and 1,150 ex-broodstock (900 rainbow and 250 brown) this year alone, so it’s very exciting to think of the possibilities of this waterbody in future years.
Mandurah and surrounds


The crays are apparently starting to malt according to some skippers and divers, so it's expected they'll start marching when the next full moon swings through around December 8. It was anticipated to start around now, but the water temperatures have not warmed up as quickly as expected which has delayed the march slightly. If you're wanting big reds though, they are still around in great numbers off most of the inshore reef systems. Inside the Cut at night time has been an unbelievable sight for herring, which are boiling the water in huge sizes and numbers. They aren't the only species going wild in the estuary and inshore areas at the moment as the whitebait run has seen whiting, tailor and squid taking full advantage in a feeding frenzy. You can also get a good feed of whitebait on the Mandurah side by netting. As for offshore adventures, the tuna along most of the coast this week went completely absent and it's suspected that the water temperature might have pushed them out deeper. The King George whiting run that went incredibly well over the past month or so has unfortunately mostly come to an end within the estuary, although a couple will pop up every now and then. While the KG's have quietened down, the yellowfin whiting is only just starting to spice up and this has seen loads of bigger fish caught on the surface. We've had a lot of anglers asking us for tips and according to Tim from Tackle World Miami who is highly skilled at catching them, the key is locating warmer waters that are well away from tidal flows or water that comes in direct contact with the cooler current leaving or entering the estuary. Some Mandurah spots that have been working well for yellowfin whiting include Island Point, Herron Point and around the back of Point Grey. There have also been a few tailor off the northern beaches and they are mixed in with smaller mulloway. The best sizes and catches tend to be slightly further north around Falcon and Melros, White Hills, Preston and Golden Bay. 


Tailor are performing very well off the beaches located slightly south of Rockingham halfway down to Mandurah, with Falcon, Melros, White Hills, Preston and Golden Bay performing well for fish around 40-50cm. They are still popping up around Rockingham and Point Peron had a few crackers coming in over 50cm in length over the reef and around the whitewash. The squidding action this week went through the roof (if that was even possible, thought it had already hit the ceiling) around the shallow weed patches. If the water visibility is clear and you find patchy weed banks, have a drift for ten minutes or so and if you don't find them within the sheltered areas of Garden Island or Cockburn Sound, just move to another large weed patch and you'll eventually find dozens of them swarming your jigs. They are in surprisingly shallow depths and once you locate the squad of squid you'll be able to sight cast them in depths of less than 5m (apparently a group of squid is called a shoal, but someone clearly dropped the ball not calling it a squad). Around Coventry Reef has been the best spot for herring, pike and tailor in big numbers, with a lot of boats being surrounded by herring this week. Yellowtail kingfish and Samson fish turned up around Five Fathom on the structures around the 30-40m depths. King George whiting have popped up occasionally from the beaches around Safety Bay in the 30cm size bracket but the larger specimens have been taken offshore between 20-30m depths, with most of these catches over 40cm. There are a lot of jumbo red crays popping up in the 10-20m depths at the moment but we should see the whites start to roll through soon. 
Perth catches
The Swan River has come alive with flatties over the sand patches and metro anglers such as @saltyfishos have been going nuts flicking lures and soft plastics. Our river is brimming with these beauties at the moment and they are great fun to target in the shallows as the water starts to warm. 


While the forecast had most metro skippers thinking there would be glass offs this week, it's actually been rougher than expected. The best metro boating action this week certainly went to squidding, which were the most sought after species along with crays this week. There are a lot of boats dropping pots and most of them tend to go home with at least six decent reds, usually when dropping in depths of 10-20m. If you're diving for crays, they are everywhere along most of the outer reef systems but just be wary of the large amount of females with berries and tar spots that need to go back. For boats heading out wide, burley thrown into the water around Rottnest has seen big yellowtail kingies turning up and live baits have been reported as the best way to catch the larger fish over one metre. As long as you're over structure in the 35-40m depths within 1-2km from Rotto, they tend to turn up in the burley trail eventually, which seems to be essential for luring them in. The whitewash around Mewstones and Stragglers has still produced decent tailor but they can be hard to locate even in that swirly whitewash right next to the reefs (I discovered this on Sunday). The tuna went missing and not one seemed to be caught this week after those wild winds and rain rolled through. The King George whiting are still performing okay around spots such as Windmills, but they have been slightly smaller in the 35-40cm range. They have however been turning up with very fat sand whiting around the weedy/reefy patches. Up the river, there are still mulloway being pulled in from the Narrows and Canning bridges but no jumbo sizes this week. Tailor around 40-45cm are doing extremely well along deeper drop off areas of the river, with some reported as far up as Maylands. To find good trolling spots for tailor, take a look at the Swan River on Google Earth and troll deeper diving lures right on the edge of the sand bars that drop off into the darker water and they'll get smashed eventually. Areas like Attadale, Karrakatta Bank, Matilda Bay and Rock Bay are great tailor spots and occasionally a flathead will come up and take the lures as well. It's looking windy for this weekend with some gross southerlies, but expect those easterlies to flatten the ocean back down from Monday morning. Tuesday is looking delicious for boats. 


Flathead are the talk of the town and they have been in very good numbers for land-based fishers wading over the shallow sand banks in the rivers. Spots like Niergarup Reserve, Point Walter and around Sorrell Park have been highly productive for flatties on vibes and soft plastics but 90 per cent of them are around 30-35cm. Occasionally you'll get bigger ones over 40cm and anything over 50cm at the moment is considered solid, but their sizes should ramp up as the water continues to warm. Keep an eye out for their silhouettes when wading through the sand and you'll know they're around. Tailor are also having a very good run in the river and have turned up in the same spots and off a lot of the jetty structures, with ganged mulies working nicely. Some anglers have been bagging out quickly and the average size has been a respectable 35-45cm. The pros from Anglers Fishing World in Freo said 85mm stickbaits/shiver sticks weighing around 21g are the lure of choice for river tailor. Mulloway performed best around Mosman's this week on live baits and it's a beautiful sheltered spot to throw out a line and wait while dreaming of the Powerball. A lot of soapie mulloway turned up this week at the Narrows and Canning bridges and at East Perth. There weren't too many tailor off the beaches this week and they also went quiet for the boaties, but a few still came through around the beaches at Cottesloe. Monday and Tuesday morning will be great for land-based flicks as the easterlies will come through, but this weekend is showing punchy southerlies. 
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