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Recfishwest's State-wide Fishing Report 20 January 2023 ūüé£

 | By Seamus on 1/20/2023 3:04:20 AM | Views (156)
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Fishing Report
Skippy are going wild in our South-West regions at the moment and the key to bringing them in has been using oily burley trails. They put up a great fight for their size and once you hook one they generally will stick around and provide great entertainment. 
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Pic of the Week!

You might have seen this 1.7m, 40kg brute of a Samson fish on the news recently after the trio from @fishfrnzy.wa had a serious catch and release workout about 15 nautical miles off the coast of Augusta. This five-foot long specimen was caught via jigging the gear from @oceans_legacy and I suppose it's a good thing it was in only 42m of water! Great work fellas! 

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Broome catches
Lake Kununurra has been fishing very well for some silver beasts recently and is well worth the drive if you're chasing this hard-fighting species. Damian Thomas landed this beauty alongside Dick Pasfield, who has been instrumental in the stocking of the lake over the years.  


It has been another quiet week on the fishing front for boat anglers with recent low-pressure systems having an impact. Fishers sticking closer inshore around Town Beach and Port Jetty are having varying levels of success on threadfin salmon, with captures down from the previous week. Some have been able to get out to the inshore reef systems, but have had limited success for species such as cod and coral trout. Some anglers have been able to land a few barramundi coming in from Dampier Creek which has remained one of the more accessible fishing areas, although no reports of many large-sized fish with most in the 40-60cm size bracket. The winds for this Saturday morning right through until about 3:00pm look ideal though which should provide a nice window for fishers to head out and try their luck despite some storms rolling in. 


The landbased fishing from Town Beach jetty and Port Jetty has been hit or miss this last week although there are still some fish trickling through. The usual suspects included smaller-sized giant trevally, queenfish and the occasional barramundi around the 40-50cm mark, but the fishing has not been consistent and some days have been completely scarce of fish unfortunately. Crab Creek remains affected by the freshwater runoff and has been a no-go for fishing, although there have been a few big healthy mud crabs being captured closer to town providing a decent feed. As the runoff continues to reduce over the next week we can expect the fishing to start to picking up and access to make a welcome return. For the best tips and gear for your fishing expedition, make sure you visit the helpful pros at Tackle World Broome for advice and they will provide details on spots with the best access for a flick. 
Exmouth catches
Jobfish are another cracker of a fish that are delicious on the chew and highly sought after around Exmouth. This 89cm whopper came in at 6.9kg for the crew on @exmouth_fishing_adventures. 


The last few days have been okay and next few days are looking pretty sweet for a boating session with some lighter southerly winds rolling through in the mornings, which is a welcome relief from the past windy fortnight. The west side is still fishing quite well for blue marlin which have been caught on the troll this week. The nice blue water also worked nicely for yellowfin tuna which were sticking around in great numbers earlier this week, but have dropped off over the past few days. The Muirons is going well for sportfishing, with a few Spanish mackerel and giant trevally making the reels sing after slamming lures. The red emperor have continued to stick around but they are being caught in better numbers more west of the islands. Goldband snapper have been appearing in the same regions mostly in depths of 100m+. The bottom of the Gulf was rather slow throughout this week, but there were still a few queenies and GT’s around on the flats. Whiting continue to take poppers when flicked towards the shallow sand flats off the beaches, just try to keep an eye out for a bit of weed on the flats as they like having shelter nearby. Squid are surprisingly still hanging around in the Gulf with some decent sizes reported. Mornings this week are looking very nice for a fish off the boats. 


There was plenty of action happening on Wednesday night around the marina, with loads of mangrove jack smashing stickbaits and plastics, while another fisher managed to land Exmouth's catch of the week when he pulled in a 70cm coral trout from within the marina. A lot of the fishers that happened to be wetting a line on Wednesday night around here managed to land 3-4 mangrove jack each. The western side as always has been consistent for Spangos when the conditions have been a little more friendly and allowed people to get there. Trevally and queenies have been popping up in steady numbers throughout the Gulf and there has been a lot of bait hanging around the Bundegi boat ramp, so this might be a good place to start before walking along the beaches flicking stickbaits. The whiting are still red hot on the surface throughout these areas too and are great fun to target on the lighter line. The pros from Tackle World Exmouth said they haven't heard much in terms of mud crabs being caught but the conditions this weekend are looking inviting if you wanted to give this a go.
Kalbarri catches


The mackie action has been heating up nicely and more skippers are starting to target this great species mostly further north of town around the Sand Patch. Plenty have been rolling through in decent sizes and this weekend is looking ideal for another troll. The snapper, dhufish and baldchin groper have been in fair numbers also generally located north in the deeper waters. If the wind drops off, it's probably best to duck out a bit wider in search for demersals as their numbers and sizes tend to increase with more depth at the moment. As for boats sticking in close, trolling and flicking around Wittecarra and Red Bluff has been highly productive for tailor, dart and trevally, while skippy were mostly caught around Eagle Gorge. This location has also seen some snapper turning up with the occasional fish crossing over 70cm. In the river, bream and estuary cod have been doing very well and a lot of skippers reported more blue swimmer crabs generally closer to town, while the muddies have been further up river. Mornings are definitely best for a boat session and we should see some nice conditions this week. 


Little bit quiet for the land-based action this week, although Wittecarra and Red Bluff have easily been the most consistent spots for tailor and dart. Trevally and skippy popped up mostly along the coastal gorges, with Eagle Gorge working well for both species and one angler also managed to get a decent-sized pink snapper one morning from here. The most reliable spot for whiting recently has been around Chinamans. If you're chasing fish in the estuary, bream have been in solid numbers and one fisher also managed to catch a 50cm estuary cod further up river. Big thanks to Dean from Kalbarri Sports and Dive for his tips as always and most of the mornings this week should see some calmer southerly winds. 
Geraldton catches
The crew from Offshore Charters WA - Geraldton have been helping their customers go home with a decent haul of bugs recently after taking in the awesome wildlife off the midwest coastline. Give them a call on 0428 531 231 for any enquiries or check out their website at 


While it's been rather heinous for the wind over the past couple of weeks, there will finally be some relief over this weekend for skippers with calmer southerlies and swells coming through. While there is a light at the end of the tunnel for good conditions, it's been rather quiet on the fishing front this week mainly due to minimal fishing activity. A few fishers managed to get some tailor in the 40cm bracket and mulloway up to 70cm around Tarcoola Beach off from Glendinning Road when conditions allowed in the morning. We also heard of a few dinghies pulling in decent numbers of blue swimmer crabs in front of the rock walls and a few have rolled through around the Greenough River. There should be a lot of boats heading out this weekend though so next week's report should be brimming and best of luck if you're punching out for a fish. 


The wind has been causing havoc over the past couple of weeks, but it doesn't mean you can't deploy some smart tactics and use the wind to your advantage for a fish. The first few hours of daylight in the mornings in particular have been a good time to find a spot at Point Moore through to Pages Beach and cast with the wind in your back, which has worked well in catching decent tailor around 40-50cm. Smaller whiting in decent numbers have also been popping up. Tarcoola Beach over this weekend is a good spot to have a crack for tailor and mulloway as they have been rather busy around here throughout this week. Plenty of blue swimmer crabs have been appearing in front of the rockwalls and are ducking in to the marina. Both Saturday and Sunday are seeing a welcome drop off in the wind and swell though, so thankfully we should see a lot more fishers having improved access to spots that have been treachorous over the past couple of weeks. Best of luck and big thanks to Geraldton Sports Centre for their report!  
Lancelin catches
Lancelin's fishing guru Peter Fullarton @tailoredtreksfishing has been taking a lot of tours this week and leading them straight to the fish, with Vik enjoying reeling in some skippy from the surf.  


The boating action was limited by the wind for most of this week, although they have thankfully now eased and the weekend is looking sensational to get out wide. The inshore catches have been decent in under 15m with dhufish, breaksea cod and pink snapper on the bite. The best action however is occurring further out at Direction Bank, where there have been some sensational reports of schools of big pink snapper making it difficult to get the baits past to catch anything else. Once past the 30m line, bluefin and striped tuna schools are more prevalent and most are appearing in the 2-3kg range. The nearshore weed beds and reefs has seen snook, skippy, herring, tailor, tarwhine and even a few decent snapper, especially when a good burly trail is made. Bay fishers have also been onto some King George whiting in the best numbers we have seen for some time. The next few mornings are all looking as peachy as it gets for boating so we should see good numbers of fish caught. 


Tailor have been prolific on the bite although the sizes have plummeted over the past few weeks, with most fish now in the 30-35cm range and a number of undersize about. Doesn't mean the fun has plummeted though because they still put up a great fight for their size. Reducing the size of hooks with pilchards has been picking up a variety of herring, skippy, tarwhine, flathead and dart when the smaller tailor haven't been hogging all the fun. A few shovelnoses, also known as guitar fish have certainly made a presence this week with numerous reports of these big brutes giving fishers a workout. It seems the tropical species are on the move with the warming waters. A fair amount of seaweed and strong sea breezes have made the morning sessions the most enjoyable during the week, but now that the winds have eased combined with very low morning tides, afternoon sessions might be the pick this weekend. Big thanks to Lancelin's fishing guru Peter Fullarton from Tailored Treks for his report as always!
Esperance catches
Some rather beefy marron are being plucked from the fresh waterways of Esperance lately and @olistevensonn from Southern Sports and Tackle jumped on the wagon and snared more than a dozen in quick time. 


Some decent boating days turned up this week. Good numbers of southern bluefin tuna have been showing up and smaller boats have been having great fun catching them behind Charley and Cull island by trolling skirts and Halco Lazer Pros. There have also been a few schools around Black Island as well, where they tend to congregate mostly in the 2kg size for a couple of months before moving on. The smaller boats have also been getting some big groper, nice harlequin and smaller breaksea around Charley and Cull Island as well when dropping jigs and baits to the bottom. Boats out wide have been catching some thumping breaksea over 3kg in size along with solid numbers of nannies. If you're targeting the nannies, they have apparently been mostly caught on jigs sitting about 10m above the lumps of structure. Wheatfield and Woody Lake has been producing bream up to 45cm in the afternoon. Some stronger easterly winds are punching in across this week though but mornings are your best bet for a boat session. 


Esperance has been a land-based fishing dream this week. The pros at Southern Sports and Tackle have said plenty of fishers are enjoying themselves chasing salmon off Observatory and Fourth Beach, where they have been in amazing numbers. The best salmon spot though has definitely been Alexander Bay where it is nearly a fish per cast. Big bull herring are being caught at Salmon Beach, while there has also been plenty of whiting first thing in the morning off Calm Rocks at Blue Haven. if you're going to fish this spot, make sure you always wear a life jacket even when the conditions are calmer. The end of the rockwall around the Taylor Street jetty has been a consistent spot for some thumper King George whiting up to 45cm which have taken a big spike from the 30-35cm average size seen over the past couple of months, while the Tanker Jetty first thing in morning has been the best time for squid. The marron action close to town has also been spectacular, with both Oli from Southern Sports and Tackle and Tyson Tietjens having great sessions one evening and snaring more than a dozen big specimens each. Woody Lake continues to see 45cm bream on the surface and hot afternoons one hour before sunset is when they really fire up. Beach fishing has been productive for some cracking gummy sharks out at Roses and Warrenup over past week, while school-sized mulloway have been common off Dunn Rocks Beach. Some stronger easterlies will come through over the next week but it shouldn't hinder the land-based fishing too much. 
Great Southern catches
The guys from @tad_bit_of_fishin had a cracker of a session on the Emu Point flats recently using sugar pens, eco vibes and blood worm plastics to coax out plenty of solid yellowfin whiting from the shallows. This is a great spot to target a wide range of species in Albany. 


Those summer easterlies are well and truly in place for this coming weekend, with a predicted 30 knots for Saturday and Sunday making it difficult for anglers to get out and wet a line. Those who managed to get out in the past week mostly fished grounds closer in and still had some decent success however, picking up breaksea cod, queen snapper and pink snapper on the structure generally in the 40-70m depths. Inshore shallow grounds produced some good numbers of whiting and skippy with a good burley trail being the key to success. The areas surrounding Skippy Reef have been the go-to for picking up a good feed of these species. We should see the easterly winds start to back off a bit by about Tuesday, so hopefully this will see some improvement in the boating weather. 


Good numbers of bream have been captured from the shore of the King and Kalgan rivers recently. Most have been on the smaller size, but the occasional bream to 35cm has been coming in amongst smaller soapie mulloway from 40cm-50cm. Some nice yellowfin whiting have been coming in from the Emu Point flats as well and fishers have tried their luck using surface lures to entice an exciting bite with varying levels of success. The mouth of the Wilson Inlet has closed over the past two weeks, the first time in over 18 months. Prawn Rock Channel certainly doesn’t have the crystal-clear blue water that fishers and tourists have known to love and the closing of the mouth has changed the fishing quality in the area. However, there are nice reports of plate-sized flounder and some very big mullet. For catching mullet, try using bread on a small hook with a small sinker or unweighted as mullet will not often take normal bait such as squid or prawn and can be fiddly at the best of times!

If you love your fishing competitions along the south coast, the Rainbow Coast Fishing Competition is returning this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 January! Details on this great competition are below! 

South West catches
Trudy Morehouse @squidqueen.wa has caught and released almost every species you can think of in our South-West and she recently added knifejaw fish to that list when fishing off Margaret River. This species grows to a maximum size of 50cm. 


The weather for the boaties this weekend is looking delicious throughout our South-West and there has been a steady amount of dhufish, pink snapper and breaksea turning up in the 23-30m depths in close, with Sambos thrown in on occasions when fishers drop down a jig. The Sambos and yellowtail kingfish are still firing best off Cape Naturaliste though in the 60-80m range. There were southern bluefin tuna spotted everywhere a couple of months ago with fish spotted even from the shore but they seem to have gone missing recently. The warmer current flowing down should bring them back over the coming weeks. A few boats launching out wide have been catching heaps of nannygai on other side of the Cape in 120m of water. The yellowfin whiting in close continue to fire within the estuary with tailor thrown in the mix on occasions as well. Crabs are in plague proportion within the estuary at the moment in the nets. Saturday, Sunday and Monday are all expecting complete glass offs on the water though so try and make the most of it when it's this peachy! 


With the 10th annual Open Beach Fishing Competition taking place between 5:00pm this evening and 12:30pm tomorrow courtesy of the HDWSA Binningup Fishing Club, we're expecting a lot of anglers to be wetting a line in great conditions. Cooper from Whitey's Tackle is quite confident there will be some monster mulloway caught during the weekend with the glorious conditions and new moon rolling in. Any of the beaches this time of year with the new moon are usually honey holes for tailor and mulloway and it's very nice and relaxing to rip out some baits and sit back in your chair on the beach with good company, you likely won't stay seated for long before running to grab the rod! The estuary is still cranking along nicely for yellowfin whiting in the shallows and a lot of the experts are saying they haven't seen scooping this good in at least five years for crabs, so maybe give this is a crack considering there is no wind this weekend and the visibility will be pristine. Big thanks to the experts at Whitey's Tackle for their tips and the next few days is looking great for land-based sessions. 

The Harvey Benger Cricket Club are hosting their fishing competition on January 26 at Myalup Beach, make sure you give Scott 'Chooky' Fowler a call if you're interested! 


Ever seen a marron disguised as a blue swimmer crab? Troy Oliver and his pal Matthew Fee recently stumbled across this marron with a genetic condition that gives them this rare electric blue exoskeleton. While this colour of marron are commonly farmed with a high demand for them worldwide as pets, it's a special sight to see them caught in the wild from our pristine fresh waterways. 
Its marron madness, what a great time of the year! Many fishers have been getting out and about on our dams and rivers with snare poles, chook pellets and drop nets capturing a feed of one of the tastiest crustaceans you can get your hands on. Some good captures have been coming in from Waroona Dam and Logues Brook of late (remember, these are snare only waters). Most common sizes have ranged from the low 90-110mm in carapace size. A lot of smaller-sized marron have been encountered here also. The fishing for redfin perch in our South-West regions has been productive, with some sizable perch to 40cm coming from various parts of the Warren River. Harvey Dam has produced some decent captures of redfin with most fish in the 25-35cm size range. Soft plastic grub tails have seemed to be the most effective lure of late. However, the fishing for trout in this dam continues to be difficult. Some signs of heat stress have also been seen in trout in some systems and dams of recent. Recfishwest's John Dempsey recently fished Big Brook Dam and discovered brown trout in excess of 50cm with evident signs of heat stress (sitting on the bottom, not moving in shallow water and heavy gill flaring). He decided to not continue fishing once this was apparent as he prefers to release these fish rather than keeping them for a feed. If you do see this in trout and you’re a capture and release fisher, it's recommended to not continue fishing for them as they will not release well.
Mandurah and surrounds


2023 has kicked off beautifully for the fishing around Mandurah, with a lot of species firing. Boats are doing well for demersals mostly in the 30-35m depth range across the hard, flat seafloor. Southern bluefin tuna numbers are getting much stronger particularly out wider, with most of them appearing in the 3-4kg size. While the crayfish action has generally been drying up a bit, there are still good reports of crays in pots dropped quite close to the reef at Five Fathom. Some of the whites are popping up in the pots as well as many of them are quite hesitant in leaving the reef. For boats sticking in close, there are some jumbo yellowfin whiting over 35cm from within the estuary and the nice incoming tide all weekend should see more flooding in along with the blue swimmer crabs, which continue to run wild. This weekend is looking delicious for boating weather though regardless of where you decide to go so best of luck!

Land-based fishing in Mandurah has also been going very well, with bigger mulloway ramping up on most of the northern beaches around Melros, Falcon and Golden Bay. There have also been some catches closer to town around White Hills though and the new moon on Sunday will be great fishing conditions for mulloway. Around the Peel Harvey Inlet the yellowfin are running as well as they ever have, with 35cm+ fish common on light tackle. There is a nice incoming tide all weekend combined with the lighter winds, which should heat up the action for whiting. This will also be good news for those using scoops to go for crabs as a lot more will start pushing in from the ocean into the estuary. Squid are still going extremely well off the ocean side of the rockwall in bigger sizes, while more numbers of squid tend to be caught from within the estuary. Thanks to the crew from Tackle World Miami for their tips! 



While the tailor action hasn't been as prominent as it has been over the past couple of weeks, they are still turning up around Rockingham, Falcon, Port Kennedy, Warnbro Sound and Golden Bay. These areas though have been taken over by improved numbers of mulloway and if this is your style of fishing, this weekend should see absolutely perfect conditions for mulloway given the low breeze and new moon rolling in. Any of the beaches listed above with their deeper gutters are a great option. The crays are mostly appearing deeper still in 30m+ when pots are dropped quite close to the reef. The squidding action improved this week over the inshore weed patches and we heard reports of skippers sight casting for them in depths of 1-5m generally south of Point Peron around Warnbro Sound when the conditions were calmer. Skippy and herring appeared in burley trails once again around Coventry Reef and Garden Island, with the sheltered waters around Point Peron also producing good numbers of sand whiting. 
Perth catches
Whether you think flathead are as ugly as a mule or make for stunning camouflage masters, they are always a welcome sight on the end of your line in the Swan River. They are going nuts off the sand flats at the moment as Matthew Petrillo @lure_it_in discovered. Just make sure you handle them with care and avoid those spikes located near their gills as seen in this snap! 


It's been another very busy week for boat fishing and most skippers have been locating the usual dhufish, pink snapper and breaksea cod in those deeper regions once again of 60-80m, so it's worth chewing through a bit more fuel to find them. Around Rotto is doing very well for bluefin tuna mostly to the south of the island around Parker Point. This area has also been decent for yellowtail kingies and Sambos, which tend to become larger when jigging or dropping baits further out around the Barges. In a little closer to shore, there were tailor at Five Fathom and Mewstones when trolling lures or flicking stickbaits, while Five Fathom has also been a reliable spot for bigger King George whiting and squid when drifting. Not many boats have been going out very wide for hapuka, but given this weekend is a complete glass off around Perth we should see a good spike in numbers. For boats having a drop in the river, the crabs are mostly doing best around Mosmans and the deeper parts of the river around Rocky Bay. Some bigger bucks have been spotted roaming the flats around point Walter, Matilda Bay and Claremont though. Giant herring were caught on the troll around Crawley and further up towards Burswood, while flounder and flathead are still red hot across pretty much all of the sand flats in the 1-2m depth range. You will be surprised at how shallow flathead can be when smashing lures though and they will frequently take plastics or vibes in 10-20cm of water. You won't get boating weather any better than this weekend though, so best of luck whether you're going out wide or sticking in close.


The Swan River continues to be the jackpot for land-based fishing at the moment and the catches of flounder and flathead on the sand flats throughout the Swan and Canning continue to roll through. Giant Herring have been rather elusive and difficult to find and hook at times, with a lot of lost fish. If you're specifically targeting giant herring, make sure you avoid the very light gear because they love to run hard and will perform aerial acrobatics like a barramundi. Around Crawley, Burswood and Blackwall Reach they've been popping up, but it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Beach fishing this weekend is going to see a lot more participants as well given the forecast and both tailor and soapie mulloway have been turning up mostly across the northern beaches around Yanchep and Two Rocks. This weekend should see a big surge in the number of mulloway caught given the new moon is rolling in with calmer conditions. For the bread and butter species such as herring and whiting, further south around Point Peron has worked well and burley trails have also been bringing in the skippy. Crab scooping is slowly starting to improve on the flats throughout the river, but if you want to ensure more numbers in your catch, Mandurah is red hot right now for them and it's worth the drive down as a lot of fishers will scoop their limit in under an hour. Big thanks to the crew at Anglers Fishing World in Fremantle for their tips and this weekend is going to be absolutely glorious for fishing, best of luck! 
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Baldchin Groper
Baldchin Groper

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