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School mackerel: Credit - Marco Fraschetti
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G'day <>,

For the past few days, it's been wake up fish for tailor, go to work, finish work, fish for pinkies, sleep and repeat. The swell has been quite high, leaving most of the spots I go to unfishable using lures. However, Trigg and Yanchep have been some of the spots this week I've had success at.

Pink snapper fishing has been hard going - usually when the swell is up, I would hit up the northern beaches but seaweed and the low tide has made fishing challenging. Even trying to keep my rods as high up as possible hasn’t helped due the water being so far away.

This weekend is looking pretty good with the swell slowing down a bit making targeting tailor a bit more enticing, and opening up a few more spots to try and land myself a bigger model fish!

If you're planning to head out this week, stay safe, take plenty of photos and have fun!

For anyone wanting to contribute to the weekly fishing report, photos reflecting Recfishwest's responsible fish handling practices will be given preference.

Sedin Hasanovic


Pic of the Week!

Prototype Fishing back at it again with this mutated goldfish! Fishing off Coral Bay, he managed to land this ruby snapper and claim his way to this edition's pic of the Week!

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Ever wondered how people target barra in Lake Kununurra?
Lake Kununurra Barramundi Stocking Group member Paul Cunningham with a brute little barra from the safe East Kimberley fishing gem. Click the photo above to see how Paul targets barra in the lake.

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The Lake Kununurra Barramundi Stocking Group's new website has gone live! It’s a one-stop shop for terrific fishing insight and handy tips on how and where to best fish for barra on Lake Kununurra. This website has been made possible with the help of Recfishwest and support from the State Government.
Broome catches


Tuna captures from Broome and surrounding areas have been on the increase, with longtail seeming to be the most common species caught. Other pelagics including Spanish mackerel and the occasional yellowfin tuna have been captured by those trolling hardbody lures and targeting the bait schools with stickbaits. A few shark mackerel have also been picked up too making for some fun light gear action. Sailfish have been landed out in the 20m depth range with some threadfin and a couple reports of bluebone being caught in the Bay. 


There has been some great land-based action recently with the Port Jetty providing some fantastic barramundi and trevally captures. Giant trevally up to 1m have been caught from the area, although some heavy gear is recommended if you wish to get one past the pylons! Those who made the effort to try their luck for mud crabs were well rewarded with captures coming from multiple creek systems in the region.
Exmouth catches
The Nomad Madscad looks like it's been through some tough times! Liz managed to land a chunky yellowfin tuna not too far from shore. Excellent work! 📷 On Strike Charters


Good numbers of Spanish mackerel have been captured over the past week, with a few wahoo in the mix too. Most have been encountered along the west side, with the speedsters also turning up around the islands. Bigger giant trevally have been providing some great action, with fish to 20kg being pulled out of the reefs and lagoons south of Tantabiddi. Queenfish have been turning up in the Gulf, with fly fishing enthusiasts making the most of the slim speedsters. Those chasing billfish have been rewarded for their efforts with good numbers of black marlin and sailfish still on offer within the 200m contour, albeit they are on the smaller side. Out wide, fishers have been grinning ear to ear with some great captures of ruby snapper. 


Stickbaits and medium-sized poppers have been doing the damage on golden trevally, queenfish and smaller sized GTs near VLF bay. Spangled emperor have been the staple for those fishing along the west side and Cape Range National Park. Stickbaits have been the preferred lure of choice, allowing anglers to punch out some longer casts. Numbers of yellowfin whiting have been getting picked up at the town beaches and in the lower Gulf.

Cherie had a great time fishing around Ningaloo Station. One of her captures on the light gear included this fun-sized golden trevally! 📷 The Places We Go
Kalbarri catches


Last weekend and earlier into the week saw some awesome fishing weather allowing boat fishers to target a large variety of species. Pink snapper have been highly abundant in recent times with plenty of captures around the Kalbarri region. Mixed in with the snapper, there have been reports of coral trout catches and Samson fish to 20kg. Trolling for Spanish mackerel has been very successful with most captures coming from along the Cliffs and north of town. A dinghy fisher has had success in close landing a few pinkies and estuary cod.


Tailor have been quite abundant at Red Bluff and Wittecarra with fish up to 55cm and a few dart being caught as a by-catch. The river jetty has been great for mulloway up to a metre. Mangrove jack, bream and cod have been all reported with captures mainly concentrated at the Sand Spit. Chopper tailor and the odd mulloway have also been caught at the Sand Spit. Whiting have been plentiful in the shallows around the Marina Jetty and it's also a good time to try and throw in a drop net for some green mud crabs as there's been a few shuffling around.
Geraldton catches


Weather conditions have been very poor, with no reports coming from town. Hopefully some better weather sees more reports next week!


Shore-based fishing has been very hard-going with seaweed being a consistent issue throughout the region. Those who were working through it and fished Southgates have been rewarded with mulloway to a metre on fresh baits. A few fishers who needed protection from the weather went north past Horrocks to Little Bay, and had success landing tailor to 50cm and the odd mulloway.
Lancelin catches


The weekend was a wipe out due to rough weather, however, a few boats managed to make the most of mid-week windows. Some good dhufish came from the 30m depths, while pink snapper, skippy, dhufish and Samson fish have been caught from the inshore reefs. The 20m depth has been producing some solid sand whiting along with a few flounder and flathead. Rough weather brought some good size leather jacket into the bays reef areas. The southern shallows have been good for tarwhine and herring. 


The jetty has been fishing well at times for sand and yellowfin whiting by day and at night we have seen some solid tailor to 50cm and herring. Tailor are still being caught along the beaches, though it takes some effort to find fishable locations north of town. Going south has clean sections of beach to cast from. Small whaler sharks have been caught along the beaches after dark along with at least one mulloway to 15kg. 

Scott's Spots - Mandurah, the underrated fishing gem

The Murray River is one of the best places to take a kayak out for a fish!
With a variety of species on offer in its wide array of aquatic environments, the coastal town of Mandurah, has a little bit of something for everyone. Read what Western Angler editor Scott Coghlan has to say about fishing in Mandurah in this week’s edition of Scott’s Spots.
Esperance catches
That's a cracking Kraken 🦑, Jack! Measuring at 34cm, it is one of the first squid weighed in for the "Chase the Kraken" competition hosted by Esperance Southern Sports and Tackle. This time of the year is usually very quiet for Esperance, however, squid is always an option for fishers.


Similar to last week, this time of the year has made boat fishing a difficult task. That being said, however, a few fishers did manage to get out for a fish over the past week. Samson fish have been caught around the 30kg mark near Black Island. Out wide saw plenty of nannygai being caught on jigs and weighted paternoster rigs. Squid have also been encountered in close with many getting their bag limit before heading back onto land.

Southern Sports & Tackle is running the "Chase the Karen" competition from 18th June until 1st of August. With multiple prizes on the line, this weekend is a good chance to get in and compete! To find out more about this event, check out their Facebook page or head into their shop!


Shore-based fishers have had success catching squid off the Esperance Jetty to a dozen throughout the day. At night the jetty has been producing good numbers of garfish. Between the Port and Taylor Street, King George whiting to 45cm have been landed. The Taylor Street rockwall has been producing great numbers of skippy and herring as well. Roses Beach has been excellent for skippy with a few up to 4kg, small mulloway and gummy sharks. Stokes Inlet has been a good option for those who are still keen to target black bream.
Great Southern catches


The Great Southern has also seen some bad weather leaving most fishing to be very close in. Inside Princess Royal Harbour, the protected waters have allowed fishers to target some bread and butter species. Along Camp Quaranup, boaties have been having success landing squid over the ground near there and have had good numbers of skippy caught as well. Herring and whiting have also been caught inside the Harbour. The Princess Royal Sailing Club saw big skippy being caught on unweighted baits.


Shore-based fishing has seen most of the action concentrated around town, with families trying to make the best of the situation chasing herring and skippy. The King and Kalgan have been producing some big black bream but at low quantities due to the water clarity being quite low. A few fishers have had success landing pink snapper around Hartman's Beach last week. A travelling fisher stopped by Denmark and fished Waterfall Beach noting good numbers of herring and the odd salmon.
South West catches
Daniel Liuto has been slaying it, putting in the time and effort into catching some stonker pink snapper. Measuring in at 92cm on the 20lb gear, not behd, good size!


When the weather has permitted, boat fishers have had success landing pink snapper, Samson fish and the odd salmon off Busselton. Bunbury weather has been quite average, leaving boaties only in close chasing King George whiting and squid. When fishers off Cape Naturaliste had a chance to head out, they also had great reports of pink snapper, herring and fat skippy. Between East and West Augusta, dinghy fishers have caught good numbers of bream, whiting and herring while making their way back and fourth.


Drone fishers north of Bunbury from the north side of The Cut and to Binningup have continued to enjoy good numbers of pink snapper captures. Those casting have reported a few pinkies mixed in with tailor and the odd mulloway. Most have been casting near reef that is close to shore. Busselton Jetty has been producing Samson fish, pink snapper and mulloway throughout the night. A fresh squid or herring has been the preferred baits when targeting those species off the jetty. Injidup Beach and Quininup Beach have still got residental salmon sticking around with a few people reporting captures here and there.
Mandurah and surrounds


The Murray River is producing some bream as well as some good-sized tailor, while the beaches around Mandurah and to the north have been producing some good skippy, big King George whiting, plenty of sand whiting and herring. There are plenty of yelloweye mullet being caught along the beaches around Madora and Golden Bay. The estuary is starting to produce a few prawns if you’re prepared to spend a chilly night out and watch the tides. Tim's Thicket and White Hills have been fishing quite well with herring being caught mid-week along with a few tailor. Salmon seem to have moved offshore from the area however there are still a few around. The southern beaches are still a bit cut up making reading the beach a requirement before fishing if you are to catch fish. There are still a few herring in the Cut at the moment, along with King George and yellowfin whiting.

Secret Harbour / Port Kennedy / Rockingham / Safety Bay

The Penguin Island area has produced good numbers of sand whiting and a few flathead and flounder, along with some reasonable tailor and the odd salmon. Boat anglers fishing in the shelter of Warnbro Sound during the week have reported that the area has fished well for small snapper, mulloway, some good-sized King George whiting and squid. Point Peron is the spot to try for tarwhine and some tailor. 
Perth catches
Pinkie must've hit the boat on the way up! Harley Jarosz caught this pink snapper on a soft placcy. Great "snap"! 📷


The recent weather has made it challenging for fishers to get out and target prized demersal species. Those who have wet a line stayed in close or changed up their tactics and targeted other species. Good sized mulloway up to 1.2m in length have been captured by fishers targeting them at night. Unweighted baits such as herring fillets have been the bait of choice. Larger sized bream have been on the bite with the recent drop in temperature. Big blue lips to 40cm have turned up in the Swan holding close to pylons and structure. Vibe style lures have been the go-to. With a better-looking weather forecast for the weekend ahead its expected that there will be some great captures of snapper and dhufish, with the snapper likely to come from more shallower waters following recent storm events. 

If you're planning to head out from Hillarys boat ramp this weekend, Emission Apparel is running a free use filleting station and demersal skeletal collection session, Saturday 25th June from 10:30am. Knives to process fish and Gladwrap for fillets available on request too!


The land-based action has continued this week with some great pink snapper being landed from Perth rock walls, namely north and south mole, and beaches both north and south. The size of snapper caught recently has been impressive, with multiple fish over 90cm being landed. For those who have been targeting them it’s been a game of patience, with fishers capturing them at all hours from sunrise to sunset and during the night - persistence is key with this style of fishing! Tailor fishing has slowed with recent weather, although those who were dedicated caught fish at Yanchep lagoon and the Two Rocks marina, with a couple also being landed at the Floreat drain. Larger sized stickbaits have been working best, allowing anglers to get longer casts out and beat the recent strong winds. Mulloway have also been on the bite, with multiple fish coming in from the coastline, fresh tailor fillets have been producing the larger fish. 
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