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Recfishwest's State-wide Fishing Report 3 May 2024 ūüé£

 | By Seamus on 3/5/2024 3:37:00 AM | Views (35)
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Dhufish can live up to 41 years and take 20 years to grow close to their maximum size.
Taking this long to grow means it takes longer for their numbers to build up than faster growing, short-lived fish like dolphinfish. This is why it’s important to think about mixing up your catch, not always targeting dhuies, and to make the most out of the fish you do catch. Learn more about the science behind dhufish and pink snapper by visiting the Dhufish Forever website or following the Dhufish Forever Facebook page. 
Our contributors
Sam Bock
Sam Russell
Jarrad Lawford
Sedin Hasanovic 
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If you're planning to head out this week, stay safe, take plenty of photos and have fun! 

William Bennett


Pic of the Week!

Now that's a horse of a hoo! The crew from @onstrikecharters never fail to find some incredible fish off Exmouth but this wahoo is certainly one of the biggest we've seen for a while! 

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With five FADs now off Port Hedland and another four FADs also deployed off Dampier, the Pilbara pelagic action is set to get mighty spicy! Start your engines and get out there for a fish! 

GET EXCITED PILBARA FISHERS! A combined NINE FADs just made a splash off Port Hedland and Dampier for your fishing pleasure!

Want to know their exact coordinates along with FADs fishing tips? Check out our FADs webpage here and make sure you download the Recfishwest app so you can find their locations even if you're offline! 

Broome catches
Just a couple of beaut barra from an incredible Kimberley trip for these gents aboard @reelteaserfishingadventures, which was topped off with some delicious mud crabs! Check out their page and make a booking if you want to explore some awesome fishing in one of the best spots in the world. 


Black marlin and sailfish have turned up north of town around Middle Lagoon where they have been feasting on bait balls. Closer to town off Manari, decent Spanish mackerel have been caught. Reef fishing has been going well with spangled emperor, saddletail snapper and Rankin cod the main catches. In Roebuck Bay, the edge of the Deeps has produced the odd northern mulloway, while tripletail have been active around the moorings and along the current lines. Blue-nosed salmon have been in good numbers close in with working seabirds the giveaway. Dampier and Crab creeks have held barramundi and threadfin salmon, while northern mulloway have been in Crab Creek and down at the Fingers. Crab Creek has also produced good numbers of mud crabs. There are some pretty strong easterlies expected this weekend but Sunday through to around Thursday should hold some nice glassy conditions out on the water. 


Small trevally, bream and queenfish have been the main fare at Town Beach Jetty, while bigger queenies and trevally have come from the Port Jetty and also from Entrance Point. Whiting catches started to improve at Cable Beach and while the creeks near town have been quiet, Willie Creek is usually worth a crack for bream, mangrove jack or perhaps a barramundi. The barramundi fishing in the Fitzroy River has been fair with most anglers targeting Langi Crossing and Telegraph Pool.  

Big thanks to the crew from Tackle World Broome for their tips! Make sure you pay them a visit for the best gear and advice for your next fishing trip. 
Exmouth catches
While golden and giant trevally are the more common trevally species that make a reel sing off Exmouth, Cale Cale trevally (also known as longrakered trevally) certainly don't pop up as often. When they do though, they fight just as hard as their cousins. A great catch and snap aboard @onstrikecharters this week. 


Crews have been making the most of the glamour conditions out west where black marlin and sailfish have been encountered in 60-100m depths. Plenty of tuna have been among the bycatch, along with big wahoo (as seen in our pic of the week). Deep-droppers targeting the 200m depths have had mixed fortunes with sharks a problem at times so it pays to move around, but some crews have done well on pearl perch, ruby snapper, cod and saddletail snapper. Plenty of big Amberjack have been caught too. Closer in, Spanish mackerel activity has been quieter, but the few that have been landed have been top quality fish, while good numbers of school mackerel have also been around. Big coral trout in the 70-90cm range have been caught closer in on the west side along with a few small Rankin cod, spangled emperor and blue-lined emperor. Similar species have been caught around the Muirons with red emperor turning up in 50m depths. Spanish mackerel catches at the islands have been low as well but they seem to be favouring garfish baits fished on ganged hooks over lures, while big queenfish have also been landed. In Exmouth Gulf, Cooper and Camplin shoals have offered blue-lined emperor, spangled emperor and a few coral trout, along with school mackerel and queenfish. The Gulf was also holding heaps of tuna and keeping an eye out for bust-ups has been key, with some crews having a ball targeting tuna on saltwater flies. Squid fishing in the Gulf has also improved if you're after an easy and delicious feed.

Also if you're a boat fisher in Carnarvon, this has been a good week for you! Recfishwest was excited to hear funding to build WA's eighth artificial reef has been announced, with $1.4 million set aside to build Carnarvon's new artificial reef located 7km South-West of Pelican Point! The tender process for reef fabrication and installation over the nine-hectare area is now open until 22 May. Read the Fisheries Minister's announcement here. 

They might be called the Mackerel Islands but this truck of a GT landed by @tom_schuiling almost warrants a name change for the islands! Big lure, big fish! 


At Bundegi and Learmonth mangrove jack and small trevally have been the main catches. Learmonth Jetty has fished well for squid and they have also shown up at the Bundegi boat ramp at night. Exmouth Station has been fishing very well and offered a range of species including bream, queenfish, whiting and trevally. In the town marina bream, javelinfish and small trevally have been the main catches, while good flathead and a few whiting have been caught at the mouth of Wapet Creek. Mildura Wreck and the Lighthouse have fished well for bluebone and spangled emperor, while Tantabiddi offered spangled emperor, mangrove jack and sizeable giant trevally.      

These great tips were courtesy of the friendly team at Tackle World Exmouth. Swing by their store for the best advice and gear ahead of your next trip! 
Kalbarri catches
@nickihuntfishing landed herself in some red hot tuna action off the coast recently, with the 140mm, 56 gram Shimano Rockslide proving irresistible. The Shimano Stradic 6000 reel is perfect for easily handling pelagic action like this. 


Bottom fishing has been excellent, especially in the afternoons when the wind has dropped. Plenty of good dhufish were caught along the cliffs in 15-20m depths along with coral trout, baldchin groper and pink snapper. A decent coral trout was even landed just 100m from the river mouth. At Sand Patch big baldchin groper and pink snapper have been the main fare. Things have been good on the pelagic front too, with reasonable-sized Spanish mackerel picked up south of town past Red Bluff and also along the cliffs with a few tuna keeping them company. Most crews have targeted these pelagic species on trolled Halco Laser Pros but garfish baits fished on ganged hooks have also been effective. Crayfishing has also been rewarding, especially north of town. The mornings from Sunday to Wednesday look better for the boats and the swell should steadily drop down during that time. 


Nice pink snapper have been landed from the cliffs, while Wittecarra and Red Buff have been quieter than usual. This is likely because of the calmer conditions, but a few chopper tailor have been landed in the evenings. Anglers on quad bikes fishing north of town have been getting into good mulloway and the dirty dredging water around town is expected to fire up the mulloway activity at Frustrations. Nice whiting have been caught inside of Oyster Reef, while at Back Beach anglers casting poppers have been smoked by big greenback tailor. Before the swells picked up Wagoe fished well for Spanish mackerel and the odd mulloway and pink snapper also appeared. In the Murchison River, school mulloway have been caught at the Sand Spit. The Spit has also fished well for yellowfin whiting, which have been taking small stickbaits and poppers. Nice bream and cod have come from the marina jetty and further up river.

Shout out to Dean from Kalbarri Sports and Dive for his tips! Feel free to venture into his store to ask for advice if you're wetting a line around Kalbarri!
Geraldton catches
Hard to believe @mat.svenson only just put a sounder on his yak given his track record of impressive catches! After dropping down on a few arches this healthy pinkie put up a solid fight. 


Squid catches have been good from Point Moore to Pages Beach and this stretch also produced lots of herring, with the odd Samsonfish showing up in the herring schools and causing chaos. Squid have also been caught out from the Batavia Coast Marina. Reports of dhufish, baldchin groper, coral trout and pink snapper have come from African Reef, while the Southwest Bank area held plenty of pink snapper. Last weekend’s tournament at the Abrolhos Islands was cut short due to weather, but a couple of blue marlin were tagged and in the light-tackle category Spanish mackerel and shark mackerel catches were prominent. The weather isn't looking great for the boats this week unfortunately but it could flatten out by Thursday.  


A mulloway around 15kg was landed at Greenough’s second point earlier this week and the reef holes south of there have been producing solid tailor, with lures working well on them. A couple of similar-sized mulloway came from along the Drummond Cove to Coronation stretch and a few tailor have been caught there as well. Good numbers of squid have been taken from the Batavia Coast Marina, while whiting fishers have done all right behind the town's breakwater and at Southgates. Heaps of small herring have been at the breakwater and burley has worked wonders.

Thanks to the team at Geraldton Sports Centre for their tips! They will happily provide you with great gear and the solid advice for your next fishing trip. 
Lancelin catches
Brendan Gow won the small boat section of last weekend's competition in Lancelin, wrangling in five species across the day including this solid Sambo, great stuff Brendan! 


Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club held the ANZAC Cup last Saturday and the conditions turned glamorous at the right time. With glassy calm seas boats were able to cover a lot of ground which saw yellowtail kingfish and Samsonfish reeled up from the Key Biscayne wreck, tuna and dolphinfish from the FADs and a vast array of other species. The highlight of the day was a bass groper from the deep drop to almost 40kg. It wasn't just out wide that fished well though, the Bay has been fishing extremely well with plenty of skippy, herring, tarwhine, snook and a few King George whiting. Samsonfish have been patrolling the inshore reefs and bay, so it's worth having mulies or stickbaits ready to go on stronger gear. The south-easterly wind and swell is up this weekend and will make it rough, but early on Monday morning is looking the goods. 


The seasons change is seeing a lot more skippy and tarwhine, with rays also very active along the surf beaches, so brace your arms for a battle if you hook one. The odd mulloway has been landed and with the swell forecast this weekend and the new moon, we're expecting to see a lot more landed this week. Flathead have been a nice surprise on cast pilchards in the surf, while tailor have made some cameo appearances with fish to 50cm. Bread and butter species of herring and sand whiting have been a very reliable back up to gather a delicious feed. 

A big Recfishwest thanks to Peter Fullarton for his tips on what's biting around Lancelin each week! If you want Peter to put you on to the fish directly, make sure you check out his Tailored Treks Tours page. Always a great time and Peter knows the best spots around Lancelin like the back of his hand. 
Esperance catches


Nannygai catches have been excellent out from Duke of Orleans Bay, while big Samsonfish have been caught at Mondrain and Black islands. Harlequin fish to 60cm have been caught at Observatory Island, while Pot Rocks and Butty’s Head have fished well for pink snapper. Breaksea cod to 3kg have come from Leg of Lamb. Off Fourth Beach and Observatory Beach, King George and sand whiting have been plentiful. Big flathead have come from Lovers Cove, while Esperance Bay has fished well for snook and squid. This weekend is looking wet and windy with a 2m swell but most of Monday and early on Tuesday could produce the goods for the boaties. 


Big skippy and mulloway have been caught at Thomas River, while Tagon Beach has been a hotspot for gummy sharks to 15kg. Dunns Beach has been great for skippy and salmon, while Stockyards held plump sand whiting, nice flathead and good skippy. Bigger skippy to 5kg have been landed at Roses Beach. Just about all the region’s beaches have been thick with salmon, but closer to town 10-Mile Lagoon and Fourth Beach have been the stand-outs. Garfish have been active at Taylor Street Jetty, while the foreshore fished well for King George whiting. The Town Jetty has been rewarding for herring and squid. Bandy Creek Boat Harbour held skippy and King George whiting, while big sand whiting have come from Blue Haven Beach. Stokes Inlet was the pick of the bream spots, producing good numbers of fish up to 35cm.

Hats off to the very knowledgeable team at Southern Sports & Tackle for their tips! These guys love their fishing as well, so make sure you swing by their store for the best gear and advice before wetting a line around Esperance. 

Great Southern catches
The crew from the @thetidaltale and Chris Dixon @dixonsfishing met up for a fish near Albany this week and Dave went toe to toe battling this 30kg beast of a Sambo. They are very smart when it comes to the fight and will use the current or structure to their advantage to either burn through your line or snap it off, but with some teamwork the fellas got this great fish in for a quick snap. Notice the lifejackets and correct footwear being used, which is the most important part. 


Most of the action has focused on King George Sound this week which has been holding plenty of squid and loads of herring. King George whiting have been widespread in the Sound as well, although the sizes have been modest. For the best results, try catching a few squid first and using small strips of their tentacles as the KG's absolutely love fresh bait. Some nice flathead have been a nice bycatch for whiting chasers and the odd salmon has also been landed. The weather this weekend is a no-go for the boats with big winds and swell expected but it should become nice and flat on Monday and Tuesday albeit with a touch of rain. Given the rougher weather is starting to arrive, the four FADs off the coast have also been retrieved for winter but will make a splash again later this year. 


The salmon action has been steady with some saying the major schools have already passed through. Nevertheless, Sand Patch, Nanarup, Lowlands, Ledge Beach, Cheynes Beach, Shelleys Beach and Denmark’s Ocean Beach have all produced good numbers and sizes of fish. Oceans Legacy Slingshots in 70g and 85g Surecatch Knights have worked nicely. Loads of herring have been about and the usual haunts including the town marina, Frenchman Bay and Emu Point have produced plenty of them, with whiting caught at these locations as well. Squid catches have also improved at these locations along with Whalers Cove, Middleton and near the Peace Park. Small bream have been caught around the mouth of the Kalgan River but bigger models have been showing up further up river. Nice mixed bags of herring, whiting, skippy and juvenile salmon have been caught at Gull Rock. Denmark’s Wilson Inlet held small pink snapper and bream have been active further up.

Cheers to the Trailblazers Albany crew for their tips this week! Swing by their store if you're after some top gear and advice ahead of your next fishing trip. Remember, you'll also catch just as many fish off the beaches than the rocks and it is always much safer to go with this option on the south coast. 

South-West catches
@livinginsalt_ had his 20lb combo ravaged by hungry Southern bluefin tuna throughout Geographe Bay over the weekend, which were turning up in great numbers on the troll and via Halco Twisty's cast under diving birds.  


Demersal chasers have been doing well much closer in this week, landing good dhufish in 15-25m depths along with some nice baldchin groper. A bonus has been massive King George whiting over 60cm in the same depths. When the swells were down last weekend kayak fishers did well on dhufish, breaksea cod and pink snapper out from Smiths Beach, Yallingup and Canal Rocks. They also caught salmon and squid in the same areas. Geographe Bay fished well for King George whiting, herring and squid, while around Bunbury the 5-20m depths straight out from the Lighthouse have produced plenty of squid. There have been a few blue swimmer crabs caught in Bunbury’s Outer Harbour. Sunday at this stage should hold better boating weather than Saturday. 


Roger Russell's pure tustle of muscle with his first ever salmon at Boranup surely goes into the pool room. All the more impressive considering the bearded weapon had to fight it on a light herring setup and small Twisty lure! A great photo from an amazing session during glamour conditions. 

The salmon have definitely made themselves at home. Most people have been getting a couple each session, especially if they are using live baits. The better spots have been south of Bunbury including Back Beach, Dalyellup and Forest Beach. These spots have also fished well for pink snapper, but it’s been mainly drone fishers who have cashed in. The beaches north of town have still held salmon and pink snapper but not quite in the same numbers, with Preston Beach producing the best results. Small schools of salmon have also turned up at the Bunbury Cut but they have been flighty. The beaches around town have held huge numbers of herring, including Back Beach, Lava Rocks and the Lighthouse. Further south, consistent salmon spots have included Bunker Bay, Eagle Bay, Smiths Beach, Yallingup, Boranup and Hamelin Pool. Pink snapper have also been caught at Yallingup. In the Collie River bream have been taking baits and lures, while Busselton Jetty held its usual fare of herring and squid but the recent cold front may have stirred up some action for snapper chasers fishing at the end of the jetty.

More salmon pandemonium! Latiesha Carvey went fishing with the Faures family down at Bunker Bay and was in for an awesome family fishing session, with heaps of salmon being landed between everyone!

Big cheers to Whitey's Tackle & Camping for their top fishing tips as always! If you're in Australind or Bunbury and are keen to wet a line throughout our South-West make sure you ask their very friendly team who love their fishing for advice and stock up on gear at their store. If you're in Busselton, the 2 Oceans Tackle team are also incredibly helpful. 

Lack of rain and low water levels have been a challenge, but some decent redfin perch have been caught. A few big ones were pulled from little more than puddles at Glen Mervyn Dam this week, while the skinny water at Harvey Dam has produced some good ones as well, but better catches there have been enjoyed by kayak fishers. The redfin are believed to be schooling up as they prepare to breed, so good sessions can be had if the right locations can be found. Other locations that have produced redfin perch have been Lake Kepwari near Collie, the wall of Wellington Dam and the deeper sections of the Collie River. Trout fishing has been just that little bit harder as finding flowing water is no easy task, so targeting catchment areas rather than relying on naturally flowing streams has been the go. Lake Brockman has produced some good rainbow trout catches with the fish there favouring bait. In the upper Collie River plenty of rainbow trout have been sighted at Honeymoon Pool but few have been caught.
Mandurah and surrounds
We've heard of a few nice pinkies being landed lately from the Dawesville area and Max Buggins decided to soak a mullet head before this 86cm whopper engulfed it. High and dry with a delicious feed is a good way to wrap up a morning, nice catch Max! 


Boats: Five-Fathom Bank has held plenty of big skippy and quite a few salmon have been among the bycatch. Salmon have also been caught just 500m out from the heads. Yellowtail kingfish have also been hanging around the Five, although they have been skittish. Demersal fishing has been decent, especially off Dawesville at the back of the 40m depth line for dhufish, breaksea cod and baldchin groper. The same species have been caught in 60-80m depths as well. Pink snapper have been caught too but the sizes have been nothing special. Crews prepared to do the miles headed south of Mandurah have encountered quality 10kg+ dhufish. Squid have been hanging around the weed banks at Avalon and Falcon, while chopper tailor around the 40cm mark have been consistent for those trolling in the estuary. Drop netters prepared to work hard have been getting a feed of blue swimmer crabs near the ocean entrances. Both mornings this weekend look best for a fish but aim to get in before the southerly winds pick up around midday. 
Land-based: Salmon catches have become more consistent with White Hills, Tim's Thicket and Avalon Beach among the better spots. The beaches around town have held heaps of herring while beaches with structure should produce pink snapper after this week’s cold front. A few small tuna have also been landed from local beaches and rock walls. The Dawesville Cut and the Mandurah traffic bridges held chopper tailor and herring, while tarwhine have been about in big numbers as well. One or two salmon have also been caught at the ocean end of the Cut. Rockwalls further into the estuary have been producing squid and they have also been caught at Falcon, Melros and Avalon on jigs cast from the shore and fished under a float. An angler fishing a rock wall in the estuary was pleasantly surprised to land a 60cm pink snapper. The Serpentine River has been holding bream and their numbers should be starting to pick up in the estuary’s marinas.   

Thinking of wetting a line around Mandurah? These great tips were courtesy of the super friendly and helpful team at Tackle World Miami so make sure you swing by their store for the best tips and gear before your next fishing trip! 


Boats: The odd salmon has been encountered at Stragglers, Mewstones and Coventry Reef with solid tailor and the odd small yellowtail kingfish thrown in. Yellowtail kingfish have also been caught out towards Five-Fathom Bank which has been holding big skippy and a few Samsonfish. Demersal catches have been good in the 40-60m depths, with plenty of dhufish, pink snapper breaksea cod and baldchin groper to be found. Unlike previous years, pink snapper have seemed reluctant to take up residence in Cockburn and Warnbro Sounds but both areas held good numbers of squid in 4-10m and plenty of herring along with garfish, King George whiting and sand whiting. Better spots for the squid and whiting have included the inside of Garden Island, Mangles Bay and Parmelia Bank. The calmer southerly winds will occur across the mornings this weekend so that should be the best boating window. 

Land-based: A couple of salmon were landed at Point Peron but otherwise it has been very quiet on that front. Herring and garfish have been around in excellent numbers though with Woodman Point one of the hotspots. The Ammo Jetty, Rockingham Jetty and Palm Beach Jetty have also fished well for herring. Tuna schools have been sighted within casting range at Rockingham and Palm Beach jetties but there’s been no reports of catches. Both jetties have produced small chopper tailor in the evenings. All these spots have been worth a crack for squid, as have the rocks at Point Peron. Surprisingly, the cold front did little to fire up mulloway and pink snapper action from the beaches at Secret Harbour, Port Kennedy and Long Point but the chop on the water did liven up tailor activity and some good fish were landed. Long Point has also offered herring and a few whiting, while these two species have been caught at the Penguin Island spit when there have been breaks in the weather.

These great fishing tips were provided by the friendly team at Compleat Angler & Camping World in Rockingham, so make sure you chat to their experienced crew in store and stock up before heading out!
Perth catches
Scott from @saltfix has been fishing plenty of mornings over the past few weeks and this nice baldchin groper gave his rod a thump off Perth this week. Check out his great fishing action in his latest YouTube video by clicking here. 


Rottnest Island fished well for dhufish and pink snapper in the 40m depths and some big King George whiting have been among the bycatch. The West End of Rottnest offered yellowtail kingfish, while tuna have been found more towards Five-Fathom Bank. Other good spots for King George whiting have been Windmills and the Three Mile Reef, which has also held pink snapper, skippy and Samsonfish. Waters off Ocean Reef and Hillarys have been producing pink snapper, dhufish and breaksea cod. Squid have been about in big numbers, especially off South Fremantle and Bathers Beach, while the 10-15m depths out from South Fremantle and City Beach have been productive for sand whiting. The sand whiting have also been swimming with King George whiting at the Windmills. Salmon have been caught around Rottnest and Carnac islands. Tailor activity in the Swan River has slowed and drop netters have been working a bit harder for blue swimmer crabs. The southerly wind will be up a tad along with the swell this weekend but if you duck out during the mornings then pink snapper are a good chance given the stirred up conditions this week. Monday is looking calmer if you're lucky enough to have some free time. 


North Mole has fired for pink snapper both before and after the cold front passed through and it has also held loads of herring and some decent skippy. Squid fishing was also good there when the water was clear, as it was from the rock walls south of Fremantle. North Mole held a few chopper tailor, mainly at night, while a surprise catch there this week was a big fork-tail catfish, a species rarely encountered south of Geraldton. The rocks around the Freo Fishing Boat Harbour have produced a range of species, including herring, chopper tailor, skippy, tarwhine, whiting and bream. Reefy beaches such as Leighton and Cottesloe have started to produce bigger winter tailor, while northern metro beaches such as Quinns and Two Rocks have been consistent for smaller models. Pinaroo Point held a variety of bread and butter species including herring, whiting and yellow-eyed mullet, while Hillarys rock walls have offered herring and a few garfish. North metro beaches have also produced pink snapper and there have been reports of Samsonfish and amberjack landed up that way as well from drone fishers, who also landed a few dhufish. Beaches with less swell such as Floreat, Swanbourne and City Beach have produced herring, garfish, whiting, and the odd chopper tailor and flathead. In the Swan River many of the summer staples have started to taper off. A few flathead have been caught at East Fremantle, Point Walter and Mosman Bay and chopper tailor have been around from the Narrows headed downstream, but not in as many numbers. Mulloway and bream fishing picked up though with solid bream being landed around structure at Canning Bridge, the Narrows, the Causeway, Garratt Road Bridge and at Mt Henry Bridge in the Canning River. Smaller bream have been active around Maylands and Guildford and in these places they’ve had a few flathead for company. As for mulloway, soapy numbers have eased, but more school-sized fish have shown up, and a much bigger model was landed at Belmont. The Narrows, the Old Brewery, Canning Bridge, the Causeway and Claremont Jetty should be worth a crack for mulloway hunters given the new moon period. 

A big thanks to Anglers Fishing World in Fremantle for their great tips! These guys love their fishing just as much as we all do, so make sure you ask their super friendly team for advice and stock up before wetting a line off the land or boat! 
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