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Deep South Charters
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Address237 Sports Marina Road
Venice, LA, US
Phone(225) 572-7408

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We fish out of Venice, Louisiana, which offers some of the best in the world! Here, we catch Yellowfin Tuna year round, with our  tuna weighing an average of 50 to 150 pounds, some as big as 200 pounds.

Venice also offers many other varieties of gulf fish as well. Deep South Charters often catch beautiful Grouper down deep or huge Amberjack that will make your arms tired by that evening! The Red Snapper we catch are world class and the Wahoo often go into triple digits! In the summer time, the Mahi Mahi and Marlin move in to the grass lines, and these fish really know how to put on a show for you! No matter what you are in the mood to catch, Deep South Charters has you covered!

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By Seamus on 9/22/2012 9:49:17 PM • Views (405)
Im not sure if it is the fact that I have not fished in almost two weeks or that I have not left my house much in two weeks but I am about to go Crazy!!! The last two days that we were on the water was Thursday and Friday (April 7th and 8th) seas kic...

By Seamus on 9/22/2012 9:49:16 PM • Views (365)
Thursday was my first day back on the water since my ankle sprain! It was nice to fish but a pain trying not to move much and having the brace on my leg pretty much sucked but we managed to make the best of it! We left the dock about 30 mins late jus...

By Seamus on 9/22/2012 9:49:14 PM • Views (418)
WOW! Where to start?? I guess we can start with a bit of info that you should know by now! The Blue Water has gone south way south! We can only hope that it will be back soon! With this going on and the fact that I blew a power head well this gives m...

By Seamus on 9/22/2012 9:49:13 PM • Views (355)
have you ever had a plan in your head a map of what you think will happen and turns out to be all wrong??? Happens to me all of the time! Happened again this month! I have been planning my return to fishing after being off for a few months due to the...

By Seamus on 9/22/2012 9:49:11 PM • Views (383)
The past two days have felt like summertime in Venice!! After making our way out of the cold river water on Wednesday we pushed on to beautiful blue water that was a warm 71 degrees! The site of the warm blue water calm seas and flying fish everywher...

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