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By Seamus on 5/12/2024 1:23:47 PM • Views (13)
GORDO BANKS PANGASMay 12th 2024 The weather and temperatures remain ideal for beach activities slight winds and hot sunny days. Our slow season is starting to reflect at our marina as we are seeing limited charters per day. Many of … Continue reading...

By Seamus on 5/5/2024 12:39:02 PM • Views (10)
GORDO BANKS PANGASMay 5th 2024 Despite ideal weather conditions and a good variety of fish species on our local grounds we have seen limited numbers of anglers now visiting. We are starting to experience hotter sunny days as we are … Continue reading...

By Seamus on 4/28/2024 12:12:33 PM • Views (8)
GORDO BANKS PANGASApril 28th 2024 We saw ideal conditions this week. Mostly clear sunny skies with lows of about 65 and highs near 85 degrees. We had slight ocean swells with minimal wind that allowed us to fish the tuna … Continue reading →

By Seamus on 4/21/2024 10:03:16 AM • Views (17)
GORDO BANKS PANGASApril 21st 2024 We are now headed into the peak of our slow season. The number of our charters within our marina has significantly decreased this week. We are experiencing cool mornings in the high 60s and hot … Continue reading →

By Seamus on 4/14/2024 1:00:00 AM • Views (19)
GORDO BANKS PANGASApril 14th 2024 Things have been quiet around our marina area this week. Even though we still had a good number of charters go out we can tell slow season is starting to settle in. The weather is … Continue reading →

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