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Propieadad de Paradise Sportfishing Lodge

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By Shane Jarvis on 6/6/2024 4:46:34 PM • Views (8)
This might sound like we’re bragging on ourselves and the place that we’re creating. We are not. We are simply inviting you and a group of your closest friends or family to come experience this wonderful place alongside of us. The post The Many Char...

By Shane Jarvis on 3/22/2024 10:41:46 AM • Views (15)
We’re literally surrounded by one of the best yellowfin tuna fisheries in the world. The size number year-round accessibility and short runs to the yellowfin is not matched by any place in the world. The post Come Fish One of The World’s Best Yellow...

By Shane Jarvis on 2/23/2024 2:04:17 PM • Views (15)
Our part of the world is a great place to fish but it’s a terrible place to be a bonito. Everything eats them. The post Live Baiting: How it Works Why it’s So Much Fun appeared first on Fish Panama Today.

By Shane Jarvis on 1/29/2024 10:07:19 AM • Views (20)
What’s the only thing in the world that’s better than catching big fish? Catching big fish and winning prizes for having done so! Introducing our Annual Fishing Awards! The post Introducing The Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge Yearly Fishing Awards ap...

By Shane Jarvis on 12/22/2023 11:02:15 AM • Views (23)
Every fisherman in the world has the same question. “When is the best time to go fishing?” Fundamentally the answer is always the same. Every chance you get. The post Planning Your 2024 at the Sportfish Panama Island Lodge appeared first on Fish Pan...

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