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By Seamus on 7/19/2016 7:51:15 PM • Views (864)
| July 19 2016 By Karl Blankenship Bay Journal News Fish crabs and other aquatic life in the Chesapeake Bay are literally getting more breathing room this summer. Recent monitoring shows that the size of the oxygen-starved “dead zone” in late June wa...

By Seamus on 7/15/2016 8:26:38 PM • Views (1000)
Tue Jul 12th 2016 2:22:30 pm  Stayed inshore again today. Ok fishing handful of Yellowfin and a over bluefin. Lite leaders made it tough. Offshore some Marlins and gaffers with a few tuna We had some bites at the Chicken Bone. We were at Massey’s ear...

By Seamus on 7/15/2016 8:26:38 PM • Views (834)
7-14 ” That’s Right” and clients have enjoyed good action. We have stayed Inshore latey and finding Yellowfins mostly with a few Bluefins mixed in. Today we had 18 people and it was nice for the Tunas to bite well! Caught plenty everyone went home ha...

By Seamus on 7/12/2016 9:11:30 PM • Views (775)
Fished the Tunas Tournament. Caught some bluefin and a yellowfin but nothing big enough to win. Not much to report. Slow fishing. We catch one Yellowfin tuna yesturday. We have let go one bluefin today. Catch a few gaffers. Looking for a bigger Blue...

By Seamus on 7/6/2016 11:31:06 PM • Views (765)
Had a few bites and a lot of marks north of Massey’s Canyon. Beautiful flat calm day.  Slow day overall. Ended up with 2 bluefins from Massey’s. It seems like boats fishing the Canyons are finding action to be a slow pick.

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