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Bull Shoals Lake Fishing Reports

Check out the latest fishing reports in Bull Shoals Lake to find out what's biting!

Latest Fishing Reports

By Seamus on 8/14/2023 8:08:00 AM • Views (34)
YETI PRESENTS: From the Golden Mahseer of Bhutan and 3 AM hallucinations in the Texas heat to hoping for the legendary Jubilee we’ve got 8 new films that’ll take you all over the wild. YETI Presents is coming soon releasing now through October. Yeti Presents on You Tube

By Seamus on 8/11/2023 4:20:19 PM • Views (38)
Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone? The weather we’ve had over the last week which has offered much needed relief from the scorching summer heat has me feeling all the autumn feels. It seems like summer has really just started but in reality we only get to enjoy about another month before it gives way to fall.  […]

By Seamus on 8/11/2023 8:24:00 AM • Views (30)
We have introduced The Mission a South African e-magazine to readers in the past and if you scrolled through you might have noticed the distinctive tyer Andre van Wyk. He he ties the The Beast the techniques have many many possibilities. The “Beast” fleye – a baitfish/squid imitation invented by Bob Popovic using his hollow […]

By Seamus on 8/10/2023 8:45:00 AM • Views (35)
On the face of it rigging out for hopper season might seem a lot less complicated than the long weighted multi-fly rigs we use to search the higher flows for the feeding depth. (Mostly) one plump fly a leader and tippet is pretty simple. But as with most things in fly fishing definitive answers can […]

By Seamus on 8/8/2023 8:09:00 AM • Views (32)
Dally’s Guide Mike Sexton will join his US Masters fly fishing team mates next month to defend their World title won in Italy last year. The 2023 World Masters Championships will be held in British Columbia from September 20 to 30. Last year’s victory for the team was the first adult gold medal in fly […]

By Seamus on 8/7/2023 5:42:56 PM • Views (29)
Brian Wise just released a new video with the Holographic Gurgler a flashy modern version of Jack Gartside’s original. Another variation in black fooled my biggest river smallmouth bass in Tennessee a few years back and I keep meaning to whip up a few for our local creeks. I might step down a hook size […]

By Seamus on 8/3/2023 9:37:09 PM • Views (36)
We have been extremely fortunate here on the White River this summer. You have seen our reports detailing mornings of low clear water followed by big water afternoons. Ultimately such a flow schedule really does cater nicely to everyone and their preferred style of fishing. Wade fishermen experience lengthy periods of quality low water throughout [...

By Seamus on 8/3/2023 9:49:00 AM • Views (27)
Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is asking anglers keep kill and report the smallmouth bass catches from the iconic Bitterroot River. Montana FWP last week confirmed the catch of a bass in the River FWP has enacted an emergency regulation for the lower stretches of the Bitterroot River after officials last week announced the “first […]

By Seamus on 8/1/2023 8:56:16 PM • Views (19)
Manchester VT is something of a time capsule. It’s a two-stoplight town lined with marble sidewalks manicured lawns and immaculately restored colonial homes…….. It’s a stark juxtaposition of old world meets new which also happens to be the perfect analogy for the township’s most well-known resident the Orvis fly-fishing shop. Inside the Orvis Fly-F...

By Seamus on 8/1/2023 12:18:26 PM • Views (45)
Our fishing report for Lake Taneycomo could be a cookie cutter analogy of last month’s report.  Our generation pattern is exactly the same our water temperature is about the same and the bite is also the same as in June and July.  The trout are locked into a daily pattern of eating and resting just […] The post August 1 2023 Fishing Report appeare...

By Seamus on 7/31/2023 9:33:38 PM • Views (29)
Jungle Tarpon on Costa Rica just enjoy the was these fiush go off

By Seamus on 7/28/2023 9:24:00 AM • Views (32)
Nice video here from Martyn White of the Flicking Feathers YouTube Channel featured on The Fat Albert was one of our featured flies of summer last week and a favorite among our guides and customers. You can tie this in a multitude of colors and anything from a 12 to a 6. They work […]

By Seamus on 7/28/2023 8:25:00 AM • Views (29)
We’ve been sprinkling tidbits of teases here and there about the kickoff of our hopper season on the White River over the last couple of weeks. Once temperatures get hot grasshoppers beetles and cicadas come out and the generation from Bull Shoals Dam gets the water up in the trees the action on top arrives […]

By Seamus on 7/27/2023 8:24:40 PM • Views (23)
Fly Fisherman Magazine is honoring a longtime contributor and iconic fly fisher close to all in the White River fly fishing community Dave Whitlock. The latest edition of the magazine (swing by to pick up a copy) has a touching tribute to her late husband by Emily Whitlock. The website is highlighting Dave’s articles […]

By Seamus on 7/25/2023 8:39:00 AM • Views (26)
A year ago the two Kyle from the impressive Ozark Podcast came to Cotter for a session on hopper tactics with Steve Dally. This year the squirelly flows put a premium on presentation: The trio go over the hopper basics then Steve gives his 5 tips to better presentations For Android users try the spotify […]

By Seamus on 7/24/2023 8:05:00 AM • Views (57)
Summer light fly rods and hangry bluegills is some all American goodness. Throw in a pulled pork sammich and some unsweet tea and that’s A level happiness. Trout have been transported all world but the bluegill and the other panfish like longears greenies redears and their kin. To an import these species are so much […]

By Seamus on 7/20/2023 10:43:44 PM • Views (34)
Ah Summer the Goretex and polar fleece of winter are far behind and instead shorts and cold weather hoodies. The flows are clear as moonshine fresh from a still and the trout bright as the need for camouflage grows. And yet the river is quieter than spring or fall many scared off by the heat […]

By Seamus on 7/20/2023 8:48:00 AM • Views (33)
Here we are yet again. The end of July quickly approaches and August is knocking on the door. The heat of the summer is bearing down as temperatures ascend to triple digits and heat indexes seem infinitely hotter. Dragonflies abound zooming back and forth in organized chaos. Annual cicadas hum their deafening melody. Evening summer […]

By Seamus on 7/20/2023 8:33:00 AM • Views (29)
The AGFC is watching summer water temperature closely on Norfork Tailwater with hydro generation outages expected to last several more months. AGFC Trout Management Program Supervisor Christy Graham told the North Arkansas Fly Fishers that temperature monitoring had not shown any significant issues at this stage. However since there were slight ele...

By Seamus on 7/19/2023 6:44:33 PM • Views (18)
Declining trout populations in famed southern Montana rivers _ the Big Hole Ruby and Beaverhead _ in has sparked widespread concern among fly fishers across the country and the broader Montana community Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) has announced the launch of several research efforts in a bid to assess causes and find solutions […]

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Most Popular This Week

By Seamus on 6/6/2024 10:42:14 PM • Views (7)
Nice email in this week from Ian Bullen and his crew from (largely) Oklahoma after 3 awesome days on the White Hey Steve…It’s Ian Bullen. Wanted to say thank you for a wonderful trip. Your guides are top notch and are all real pros. 3 of our guys hit a personal best. Louie Crider 23″ […]

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