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Bull Shoals Lake Fishing Reports

Check out the latest fishing reports in Bull Shoals Lake to find out what's biting!

Latest Fishing Reports

By Seamus on 10/3/2023 7:44:00 AM • Views (38)
The short cut of this video from KBG Productions was one which impressed. Now check out the full version In a sleepy corner of New England where most rivers have been forgotten due to industrial era damage Dan and Tom Harrison have spent over a decade changing the perception of the North East for anglers […]

By Seamus on 10/2/2023 8:47:29 PM • Views (43)
AGFC stream habitat co-ordinator Tim Burnley will talk riverbank restoration and best practices for bank stabilisation tomorrow night at the Trout Unlimited #698 Chapter meeting in Mountain Home. Riverbank stabilisation and the explosion of riprap works particularly in the upper 30 miles of river is becoming increasingly controversial pitting the f...

By Seamus on 10/2/2023 6:19:00 AM • Views (40)
The US Master fly fishing team was pipped at the post for gold by the barest of margins by the Spanish team on the final day but flies home with the silver medal. USA’s Peter Erickson also won gold in the individual rankings following Bret Bishop’s win last year. Our man Mike Sexton wasn’t able […]

By Seamus on 9/29/2023 9:01:00 AM • Views (44)
World Masters Champion Mike Sexton will host a class on Euro-Nymphing for the White River on November 4. We are delighted to be able to put this class together with Mike to tap into the knowledge of a 16 year international fly fishing career. Mike is currently in Canada with the rest of the US […]

By Seamus on 9/28/2023 7:52:00 AM • Views (44)
Adapting to changing conditions is the mark of the learned fly fisherman especially when fishing tailwaters like our own. Season-long generation patterns could change in an instant along with hot flies and weather conditions. In short those who come prepared for any and all situations usually enjoy the most success out on the water. This […]

By Seamus on 9/28/2023 7:08:00 AM • Views (48)
If you watch the video in the link below you may have the same thought as myself. If the Buddhists are right I really don’t want to come back as a baitfish especially on Ningaloo reef However  new research from Murdoch University’s Harry Butler Institute has revealed large schools of up to 200 trevally (greater than 30cm […]

By Seamus on 9/26/2023 7:04:00 AM • Views (39)
Golden Dorado just might be the fish I want to chase most. Follow along on a journey deep into the Argentine Yungas forests to explore the country’s most challenging fishery. Watch as gorgeous golden dorado rise to huge dead-drifted dry flies as a crew of hard-core Argentine anglers share their affection for this incredible place. […]

By Seamus on 9/22/2023 7:51:00 AM • Views (51)
Some days on the river are epic – where an endless line of big brown and rainbow trout await to gobble up even the poorest of presented flies. Other days require multiple fly changes while dealing with moody water conditions lock-jawed trout or overcrowded rivers. I suppose this holds true for nearly every fishable stream […]

By Seamus on 9/21/2023 9:46:00 AM • Views (45)
So you have your first fly rod and probably are catching some trout maybe with a bobber or a bugger or if you are lucky a dry fly. Sure there is big trout and there is few better places than right here on the White River tail-waters. But surely that’s not it? you may ask. […]

By Seamus on 9/19/2023 10:02:00 AM • Views (51)
In this episode of RIO’s “How To” Simon Gawesworth demonstrates and explains “How To Perfect A Forward Cast”. In this film Simon explains what to look for in a good forward cast and shows the three commonest casting mistakes people tend to make on their forward cast. The film is an excellent instructional tool for […]

By Seamus on 9/18/2023 9:25:00 AM • Views (44)
From the mind and camera of Bentonville film-maker Andrew McNeese comes a new video series Fly Fish America. You may recall Bluff Line Media’s epic Buffalo River tale “Undammed” Now comes the new series starting with Missouri. Enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes This new series will feature both short and long-form documentary films […]

By Seamus on 9/15/2023 10:00:17 PM • Views (43)
Louisiana is set to trial hatchery redfish as a supplement to regulatory efforts to rescue dwindling numbers. The plan is to start with 10 000 fish raised in a hatchery then stocked in Calcasieu Lake in southwest Louisiana near Lake Charles as a test bed to establish if a larger stocking program would be worthwhile. Fisheries […]

By Seamus on 9/15/2023 8:24:00 AM • Views (45)
If you are into fly tying and close to Branson today and tomorrow swing past the Fly Fishers International Fly Tying Group Rendezvous. Tyers from all over the world and internationally had gathered at the FFI Symposium every year but with that event moving online the tyers are gathering this year in Branson at the Lion’s […]

By Seamus on 9/14/2023 10:47:42 AM • Views (40)
Rich golds blend with splendid yellows and deep oranges. Hazy mahogany merges with splashes of bright lemon and dots of brilliant reds. Soon we will apply these descriptors to the autumn foliage that surrounds us but in the meantime we could accurately utilize these phrases to detail some of the beautifully-colored brown trout we have […]

By Seamus on 9/13/2023 10:14:00 AM • Views (42)
. If you love fishing Montana as many of us do the news from rivers in the State’s south-west like the Big Hole is more than troubling. Solid report from the New York Times on the problems potential causes and the hunt for answers State biologists report that the numbers of brown and rainbow trout […]

By Seamus on 9/13/2023 7:19:00 AM • Views (44)
Expect to enjoy an evening of TMP success stories delicious food a live and silent auction and enjoy our guest speaker comedian and fly fishing guide  Hank Patterson! This important fundraising event allows TMP to add more projects to our map and to serve over 450 children in foster care in 2024. When – 6pm to 8:30pm […]

By Seamus on 9/12/2023 10:00:00 AM • Views (42)
Excellent article from Dominic at on caring for your waders from the major manufacturers including Simms and Orvis. Waders have come back into play this summer and likely this fall so this read is worth the time on keeping your waders working well We’ve learned that spending less on your waders than your weekly […]

By Seamus on 9/11/2023 6:05:00 AM • Views (66)
It’s been a rough year for salmonids but finally some good news. Maine officials recorded the highest number of Atlantic salmon in over a decade after factors such as overfishing and pollution have caused numbers of the species to dwindle in the wild. The uptick is offering hope that the fish which are protected by […]

By Seamus on 9/8/2023 7:59:00 AM • Views (49)
I love summertime fishing as much as the next guy. Long days foggy mornings hopper eats – the list goes on and on about how much fun it can be. However looking ahead to the changing of the seasons feels refreshing and eagerly anticipated. We are already seeing hints of autumn on the river. Brown […]

By Seamus on 9/7/2023 9:03:08 AM • Views (54)
Wild Key West in the early 70s a handful of writers on their way to making their names a film maker and a song writer all pursuing the relatively novel idea of tarpon on a fly rod. Thankfully the film maker was there to record it all. The film Tarpon remains a classic iconic among […]

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