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Species Information

Scientific Name:Xiphias gladius
Common Names:swordfish, broadbill, broad bill, sword
Ideal Temp:64-72°F (18-22°C)

About Swordfish

Swordfish (Xiphias gladius; from Greek ξίφος: sword, and Latin gladius: sword), are large, highly migratory, predatory fish characterized by a long, flat bill. They are a popular sport fish of the billfish category, though elusive. Swordfish are elongated, round-bodied, and lose all teeth and scales by adulthood. These fish are found widely in tropical and temperate parts of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

They are the sole member of their family, Xiphiidae. Females are larger than males, and Pacific swordfish reach a greater size than northwest Atlantic and Mediterranean swordfish. They reach maturity at 4–5 years of age and the maximum age is believed to be at least 9 years. The oldest swordfish found in a recent study were a 16-year-old female and 12-year-old male. Swordfish ages are derived, with difficulty, from annual rings on fin rays rather than otoliths, since their otoliths are small in size.

Swordfish prefer water temperatures between 18 and 22 °C (64 and 72 °F), but have the widest tolerance among billfish, and can be found from 5 to 27 °C (41 to 81 °F). This highly migratory species typically moves towards colder regions to feed during the summer. Swordfish feed daily, most often at night, when they rise to surface and near-surface waters in search of smaller fish. During the day, they commonly occur to depths of 550 m (1,800 ft) and have exceptionally been recorded as deep as 2,878 m (9,442 ft). Adults feed on a wide range of pelagic fish, such as mackerel, barracudinas, silver hake, rockfish, herring, and lanternfishes, but they also take demersal fish, squid, and crustaceans. In the northwestern Atlantic, a survey based on the stomach content of 168 individuals found 82% had eaten squid and 53% had eaten fish, including gadids, scombrids, butterfish, bluefish, and sand lance. Large prey are typically slashed with the sword, while small are swallowed whole.

Swordfish Fishing

World Record:536.15 kg (1182 lb 0 oz) Iquique, Chile
# Fish Caught:3482527 documented in database.
Earliest Record:12/31/1639 12:00:00 AM and located at 51.65682, -2.58686.
Latest Record:2/1/2029 12:00:00 AM and located at 39.98333, 1.83333.
Common Techniques:Bottom Fishing
Popular Lure Types:Bottom Rig
Fishing Spots:84635 Swordfish fishing spots.

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