Palm Beach Florida US GPS Fishing Spots (24380+)

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Download over 24380+ fishing spots in Palm Beach, Florida, US. We have the best Palm Beach fishing spots. Tired of fishing the same spots? Our files contain artificial and natural reefs, buoys, ledges, rocks, shipwrecks, and many other types of structures that hold fish, in a 100 miles radius of Palm Beach.

We provide the native files for your Garmin (*.gdb), Humminbird (*.hwr), Lowrance (*.usr), Raymarine (*.rwf), and more. We also provide a GPX and KML file for Palm Beach that you can download and easily import straight into your handheld, car or boat GPS, Android, iPhone, Google Earth and more. The GPX file works with most of the late module GPS units using a SD card, or with manufacturer software. The KML file can be viewed with Google Earth on your PC, Android, or iPhone.

We provide more fishing spots for Palm Beach than any other competitor, for a fraction of the cost. As part of the Professional Subscription, you have access to all of our fishing map downloads, and each download is updated bi-monthly with the latest and updated fishing spots.

Top 25 Palm Beach Fishing Spots

Here are the top 25 most popular fishing spots in a 30 mile (48 km) radius of Palm Beach:

  1. Yamato Rock
    Limestone rocks on Atlantic S Highland Beach that hold lots of fish on the shoreline. 


  3. Fink's Grouper Hole

  4. Gary's Spot
    Good grouper fishing spot.

  5. Boynton Beach Hump
    Deep water hump off Boynton Beach

  6. Offshore Hump
    Good deep drop area for Swordfish.

  7. 1000 Mermaids Reef
    Deployment of this reef was on 8/21/2019 Video:   Site Check Video from 11/7/2019 Source:

  8. WPB Canyon
    WPB Canyon

  9. Captain Sals Spot #2
    Captain Sals Spot #2

  10. Delray Ledge
    Delray Ledge

  11. Mikeys Hole
    Mikeys Hole

    Good area for trolling for tuna, mahi, wahoo, and sailfish

  13. Highlander

  14. Delray Triangle
    Good deep drop area for Swordfish.

  15. V Spot
    Good deep drop area.

  16. 45 Square
    Good deep drop area for tilefish and grouper.

  17. wreck-8439

  18. Delray Hill
    Delray Hill

  19. Captain Sams Ledge
    Captain Sams Ledge

  20. Donny Boy Silpe Reef
    Donny Boy Silpe Reef is an artificial reef consisting of 830 tons of limestone boulders deployed in 2009 off Boynton Beach.

  21. wreck-8440

  22. Captain Sals Spot
    Captain Sals Spot

  23. Delray Hump
    Deep water hump

  24. WPB Slope
    WPB Slope

  25. Frankies Spot
    Frankies Spot

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Palm Beach, Florida US

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Latest Palm Beach Fishing Spots

We are constantly adding new fishing spots and updating existing spots with new information. Here are the are the latest fishing spots around Palm Beach
  1. Yellowtail Snapper

  2. Yellowtail Snapper

  3. Gray Triggerfish

  4. Gray Triggerfish

  5. Gray Triggerfish

  6. Gray Triggerfish

  7. Gray Triggerfish

  8. Gray Triggerfish

  9. Gray Triggerfish

  10. Gray Triggerfish

We have over 600,000 fishing spots in our database. You can only see half of the fishing spots on our Fishing Spots Map. Our hotspots are based on known fishing spots (buoys, reefs, wrecks, ledges, myths, lies, and hearsay from retired captains.

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