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Colburn's Sabine Connection

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Colburn's Sabine Connection
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Address Sabine Lake, TX, US
Phone(409) 883-0723

About Colburn's Sabine Connection

We'd like to invite you to join us on a Gulf Coast fishing trip on Sabine Lake and the fish-rich maze of bayous and marshland surrounding her. On our chartered trips, we offer the opportunity to catch redfish, flounder, speckled trout, and striper.

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Latest News

Fish are trying to do their thing.
We finally put together two pretty good days in a row but you have to remember that good is a relative term.....especial...

Cold north wind isn't helping the cause!
The north wind is not making things any easier but the water clarity on the East side of the lake is holding up pretty g...

More wind than fish!
I only fish on the windiest days which is almost every day lately. The best you can hope for is that it blows in a direc...

Call Darin at Jorgensen's Marine
I am always surprised by how much colder and windier it is on the lake than it is while gassing up in town. Could just b...

Outcast Tackle got an order of Salty Snacks today!
More often than not I am more surprised at how hard the wind is blowing about the time I hit East Pass than when I am ga...
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