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Virginia Beach Fishing Center

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Virginia Beach Fishing Center
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Address200 Winston Salem Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23451, US
Cell(757) 491-8000
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About Virginia Beach Fishing Center

The Virginia Beach Fishing Center is located on Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach, VA. We are open seven days a week for fuel, dockage, and information. We also offer a store full of tackle, bait, ice, t-shirts and more, as well as a large parking lot that offers parking for our customers or paid parking for any other activities at the beach. 

We also welcome transients! Diesel fuel is available in most slips, and we offer gasoline on our floating docks. We also have a newly renovated Southside marina that is still able to accommodate vessels with height restrictions greater than 28′. So come on by and see the catches or check out the boats!

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