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By Seamus on 12/22/2018 6:16:12 PM • Rank (394) • Views (493) •Comments(0)
Fishing Dec 9 through the 11th 2018 Hola Anglers! Finally had a nice cold front arrive as we got pounded on by waves! However we needed this cold front to move some water. We had a big area of green water parked on the pocket for over 2 weeks which met runs of 50 plus miles to clean water. Sailfishing was tough but the always entertaining mahi mah...

By Seamus on 12/5/2018 4:12:37 PM • Rank (177) • Views (177) •Comments(0)
Guatemala Fishing Report- Nov 23rd 2018 A great November start. As expected the marlin are over shadowing the sailfish bite. Both boats have been fishing hard these days. Sails Call & Sails Pitch have posted some impressive fishing reports. Many multiple marlin days. 24th of Nov we had some XL Mahi over a dozen sailfish bites and over 5 blue marli...

By Seamus on 6/24/2018 10:31:20 PM • Rank (505) • Views (564) •Comments(0)
Dr. Bruce & Son Some regulars from Colorado came down for some June fly fishing action. Proven that Guatemala doesn't sleep from a sailfish perspective. All of the action was just 12-15 miles! Top Day June 12th resulted in 6 for 8 bites on the fly and 1 mahi on the fly. 15 sailfish in the spread. June 13th we had 9 bites on the fly and just 2 rele...

By Seamus on 5/24/2018 2:21:04 PM • Rank (497) • Views (590) •Comments(0)
HOLA ANGLERS! May 19th 2018 report. Summer rains kick loose the blue marlin bite. Every year it happens the stage is set the food is there! Short runs as many as 8 shots a day at blue marlin. This past weekend Saturday 19th of May. Sails Call saw assorted action. 20-14-9 Sail Fish 2-2-0 Blue Marlin (bad luck) 10 nice mahi and 1 yellow fin tuna Can...

By Seamus on 4/8/2018 1:21:28 PM • Rank (632) • Views (695) •Comments(0)
FEB & MARCH HIGH-LIGHTS 2018 It gets to a point when you're too busy to even report and I thank our incredible following and staff for such work. Why we encourage our fans to follow us on instagram or facebook for live reporting easier for the dock reporting. For now enjoy some high-light pictures. In a nut shell LOTS of sailfish as expected many...

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