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mikew567 posted: 1577 days ago :: Rank: (1) :: Comments(0) - Categories: Support

My Garmin 73SV is limiting me to 5000 waypoints. Is there a way to increase this capacity? Thanks.


Re: Garmin 73SV

Posted: Thu, Feb 20, 2020 7:04 PM

Unfortunately, no. However, here is how to get around this limitation. We build a lot of tournament trail cards for some Bassmasters, FLW, SKA, and other tournament guys and this is what they do:

1. Load a card for an area they are fishing.

2. Fish the tournament.

3. Make a backup to a SD card with all new spots they marked and tracks/trails around the inlet/lake and to the fishing grounds.

4. Remove SD card and store for next time and/or pull into Garmin Homeport for management.

5. Delete everything from the GPS unit.

6. Repeat.

So, just make sure each list/file of waypoints is less than 5,000 spots and create multiple cards for the areas you plan on fishing.