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Searok Sportfishing and Airboat Charters

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Searok Sportfishing and Airboat Charters
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Address3948 S. Peninsula Dr.
Port Orange, FL 32127, US

About Searok Sportfishing and Airboat Charters


Private fishing charter company with a 4 vessel fleet for many different forms of fishing. We offer a 37 foot Jupiter sportfish for all day trips to the Gulf Stream. If you like to fish in luxury this is your vessel.   Up to 6 anglers. 

We also offer a 30 foot Grady White center console. She's more of a hardcore no frills fishing vessel, we normally take her 20 to 40 miles offshore for bottom fishing and trolling.  Up to 6 anglers. 

We offer an 18 foot Lake & Bay flats boat. She's a stealthy low draft vessel to sneak up on red fish, trout and other inshore favorites. Up to 2 people. 

Last but not least we have a 16 foot Florence City airboat for a whole different adventure. She's powered by a 427 inch Cadillac motor that can push her through pretty much anything. We also offer bow fishing on this boat for mullet, tilapia and gar. 

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SearokCharters Searok Crossing to Bimini Sands July 8th 2015
Looks like we have enough interest to put together a fun trip to Bimini Sands Resort in south Bimini. This is the perfect trip for those that have never crossed before. It's only 3 days, it's only 54NM from Ft. Lauderdale.  Bimini Sands Resort is a condo complex located right on the west side of the island. It's relatively new, the buildings wrap around the marina and docks. They have a customs office right on the property, brand new infinity pool, gazebo for parties etc. What I like about this trip VS the Abacos is there really isn't anything else on the island to spend money on. I highly recommend you bring everything for 4 days supply. This includes beer, liquor, food, water, charcoal, etc. Pretend you're going camping. If I remember correctly the condos do have community grills, but not 100% sure.  If you're looking for a more relaxing type environment not having to travel outside the resort this is ideal. There is a way to get to north
SearokCharters Daytona/New Smyrna Beach. Florida report 4-20-15
We're still waiting for the Cobia to show up, until then the jacks are our target. Been finding them in about 100 foot over structure. Use live pinfish and you should limit out in no time. 
SearokCharters Central Florida offshore fishing 4-14-15
The mangrove snapper have officially showed up. Offshore mangroves get 15lbs in some areas. This is the time to target them. Great eating and closest to a red snapper you can legally keep in the Atlantic. 
SearokCharters Daytona Beach Florida offshore report 4-9-15
Bottom fishing out of Daytona Beach is still strong. With grouper season right around the corner we're hoping they stick around. Lots of grouper bites, the famous red snapper and of course Amber jacks, took some high school seniors out for their first time offshore. They were pleasantly surprised how strong some of these fish can be. Ended the day with our limit of jacks, some snappers and a couple sharks. 
SearokCharters Daytona Beach, Florida fishing report 4/8/15
Our 100 foot structure theory has been paying off to our charters. Took some guys out from Michigan for a 6hr trip. Had live bait from the previous trip so we went straight 90 degrees till we saw 95 to 105 foot of water. Found some structure and a ledge and started dropping bait. Within 45 minutes we had 7 jacks in the box averaging 25#. After we reached our limit we targeted lane snappers and triggers. At the end of the day we had enough fish to feed 40 people, which is exactly what the restaurant did adjacent to the marina.  
SearokCharters Daytona / New Smyrna Beach Florida 4/8/15 report.
Bottom fishing just keeps getting better and better. We took some guys out from Missouri for a 6hr charter. Stopped to catch a few pinfish 9 miles offshore for some live bait. Loaded the live well and headed dead east till we hit 100 foot. Found some structure and the fun began. After our 3rd amber jack we targeted snappers and triggers. Ended the day with a great haul and plenty of fish to eat. 
SearokCharters Daytona Beach fishing just keeps getting better and better.
Took a family from Michigan out for some offshore action. Seas were a little sporty 25 miles offshore but we managed to teach some young anglers the art of offshore bottom fishing. Ended the day with our limit of Amber Jacks, triggers and of course sharks. I'm sure these boys are officially hooked on the big fish. 
SearokCharters Daytona Beach report 3-31-15
Amberjacks are still strong and plentyfull. Today we had a slightly harder time catching them because of the cold water. We managed to reach our limit along with triggers, red eyes, sea bass, porgys and our share of sharks. 100 foot, inside ledge, live bait and speed jigs. 
SearokCharters Greater Amber Jacks.
Water color and temp have been getting steadily better as spring is here. We've been pretty successful at finding Amber jacks offshore. Find a 100 foot of water and some structure and you should find them fairy easily. They're usually in the water column between 50 and 80feet. We've been using live bait and speed jigs. 
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