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Waypoints and Simrad Go7
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jmauld posted: 1644 days ago :: Rank: (12) :: Comments(0) - Categories: Support
I downloaded a set of waypoints and loaded them into a Simrad Go7. They load fine, but when it brings up the "notes" for the waypoint, it shows what I believe is XML data, instead of notes that are legible.

I have loaded the following file formats: GPX, KML, and USR with the same result.

Is there a format that loads the notes on the waypoint without showing me all of the XML data?


Re: Waypoints and Simrad Go7

Posted: Tue, Apr 26, 2016 9:16 PM
As discussed via email, what you were referring to is just AWOIS shipwrecks in the NOAA database. The text is the extracted description from their files and is provided as is without alteration, other than the removal of their markup. In the future we may post process these entries to include different formatting, but are limited to text only descriptions within the GPS files.