Monterey Bay Fishing

Top Monterey Bay Fishing Spots

  1. Soquel Hole
    12/31/2012 1:02:37 AM - Soquel Hole 36.52.00 / 121.57.00 Popular King Salmon and Silver Salmon hole for trolling and drifting. 

  2. Mulligan Hill
    12/31/2012 12:40:32 AM - Mulligan Hill 36.44.98 / 121.52.

  3. Soldier’s Club
    12/31/2012 1:01:17 AM - Soldier’s Club 36.41.14 / 121.52.28

  4. 601 South Rock
    12/31/2012 12:19:04 AM - 601 South Rock 36.55.00 / 122.01.00

  5. Adams Reef
    5/19/2018 10:29:13 AM -

  6. Three Trees
    10/31/2018 10:51:32 PM -

  7. Three Trees
    5/19/2018 10:29:09 AM -

  8. Moonglow Point
    5/13/2019 10:19:44 AM -

  9. Manresa State Beach
    5/4/2013 12:16:40 AM -

  10. Park Reef Kelp
    5/19/2018 10:29:10 AM -

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Monterey Bay Fishing Prediction

Target Species of Fish

Based on historical data for fishing Monterey Bay, you should target one of the following species for this time of year:
  1. Halibut

  2. Halibut

    There is a 37.5% catch rate for Halibut, based on 18 Halibut counted.

  3. Lingcod

  4. Lingcod

    There is a 27.08% catch rate for Lingcod, based on 13 Lingcod counted.

  5. Cabezon

  6. Cabezon

    There is a 16.67% catch rate for Cabezon, based on 8 Cabezon counted.

  7. Flounder

  8. Flounder

    There is a 6.25% catch rate for Flounder, based on 3 Flounder counted.

  9. Striped Bass

  10. Striped Bass

    There is a 6.25% catch rate for Striped Bass, based on 3 Striped Bass counted.

  11. Walleye

  12. Walleye

    There is a 4.17% catch rate for Walleye, based on 2 Walleye counted.

  13. Vermilion Snapper

  14. Vermilion Snapper

    There is a 2.08% catch rate for Vermilion Snapper, based on 1 Vermilion Snapper counted.

Recommedations above based on 7 species of fish and 48 fish counted for May around Monterey Bay.

To date, there are 18 species of fish and a total of 443 fish counted for Monterey Bay and within a 30 mile (48 km) radius.

Please check local, state/province, and federal laws before fishing for any species found on this site. All data is based on historical data found for this area, and in some cases as far back as 1939..

View full Monterey Bay Fishing Prediction to see all species and best lures and colors to use.

Latest Monterey Bay Fishing Reports

  • May 22
    5/22/2022 6:57:09 PM - Great day on the salmon grounds today with quality fish and a lot of whales. The post May 22 appeared first on Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz Fishing Charters.

  • May 21
    5/21/2022 8:56:50 PM - Off to the salmon grounds again. A lot of sport and commercial boats out there today. Water was nice and we got salmon. Great day. The post May 21 appeared first on Monterey

  • May 19
    5/19/2022 6:00:09 PM - Ran to new salmon territory and it paid off. Lots of nice fish to 20+ pounds. The post May 19 appeared first on Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz Fishing Charters.

  • May 18
    5/18/2022 6:28:47 PM - Salmon trip today. Headed down the coast and found too many whales to count lots of bait and birds and brought home a couple salmon. The post May 18 appeared first on Montere

  • May 16
    5/17/2022 9:27:24 AM - Salmon today. Not a lot of sea life around but we found a fish. Hearing some fish are coming up from Monterey so things should improve real soon. The post May 16 appeared fir

  • May 9
    5/9/2022 8:57:33 PM - Beautiful day on the salmon grounds today. Lots of birds whales and salmon! Lost a few but also got a few nice ones in the boat. The post May 9 appeared first on Monterey Bay

  • May 6
    5/7/2022 12:57:14 PM - Went for the big lingcod and rockcod today. Big swells and big winds made fishing a wee bit difficult. We found fish but could have used some more. The post May 6 appeared fi

  • April 30
    5/1/2022 8:56:55 AM - Well it happens. We were at the wrong place at the wrong time. We got a couple salmon in the boat and broke off even more. The post April 30 appeared first on Monterey Bay an

  • April 29
    4/30/2022 6:58:02 AM - Jurassic Park today and we had a great time! Caught more than ten different species of pacific snapper including flag olive blue black red canary china chili pepper brown and

  • April 28
    4/29/2022 9:26:47 AM - Salmon fishing is off the hook! Salmon should be sticking around the area for at least another month. Time to get on the boat! Check Availability The post April 28 appeared f

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    MEGA-BITE is the premier 6-pack charter boat located in the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor and we fish the Monterey Bay. We provide all types of charters aboard our spacious 32x12 foot 630 horsepower Sport Sedan. We can take up to six people fishing for sa

  2. Capitola and Santa Cruz Boat Rentals
    Santa Cruz Boat Rentals and Capitola Boat and Bait have the only motorized ocean skiffs for rent on Monterey Bay, so if you want to get out there, you want to come here! Our shops are located on the Santa Cruz and Capitola wharves, making them the pe

  3. Kahuna Sportfishing

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