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Recfishwest's State-wide Fishing Report 17 March 2023 ūüé£

 | By Seamus on 3/17/2023 4:33:57 AM | Views (201)
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Fishing Report
Angus Line @angus_line has been taking some amazing fish pics recently and it looks like he's the bonefish whisperer in this snap! Make sure you give his Instagram page a follow to keep up with all the stunning fish he catches. 
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Sam Russell
John Dempsey
Peter Fullarton
Sedin Hasanovic 
G'day <>,

Good luck to everyone competing in the GAMEX fishing tournament in Exmouth between March 17-25 and make sure you pay our Fishing for Science team a visit at the filleting table! Don't forget that our Salmon Slam competition and FADs photo competition are both underway for the next two months with some cracking prizes up for grabs that are very easy to win. If you want to get involved or find more info on either comp, click on the links below! 

If you've got a cracking fish photo you want to send in remember to keep sending us your catches by tagging #recfishwest in your online posts! You can also follow and private message your catches to our Instagram page @recfishwest and make sure you let us know where and how you caught it!  

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For your photos to appear in the weekly fishing report, please make sure they reflect Recfishwest's responsible fish handling practices (fish held horizontally, no blood, hand under the belly, no fingers in gills, etc) just like the images below.

If you're planning to head out this week, stay safe, take plenty of photos and have fun! 

Jarrad Lawford


Pic of the Week!

There's a few cheeky wahoo popping up in the northern metro waters at the moment and this 137cm, 15.8kg beauty landed by Paulo Micheli took the cake, especially considering it was landed on a 30-year-old Mal Florence Master Blaster lure!

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Adam Pimm and his daughter landed this 91cm beauty on the south coast recently in a "dream session" with an entire beach to themselves, with this snap winning them $200 worth of vouchers to spend at Compleat Angler Nedlands and Anglers Fishing World in Freo. Make sure you spend your time wetting a line in the 2023 Salmon Slam! 

Our Phase One winners of the 2023 Salmon Slam have been announced! Check out the winners here!  

With six weeks to go in the competition, you could still win this $3,000 top prize from Shimano simply for catching a salmon and entering it into the Salmon Slam app! 

This FREE to enter, app-based competition runs from 1 March until 1 May and there's more than $10,000 in prizes up for grabs simply by catching a salmon, taking a snap of it next to a ruler with the tournament code '#SS2023' visible and entering it via our Salmon Slam 2023 app into the competition.

Remember, fish images entered into the app must reflect our responsible fish handling practices. So no blood or cut throats, fish still alive, fish supported well and held horizontally, no fingers in gills, etc.

To enter the comp and have a crack for some great prizes, simply download the Salmon Slam app via the App Store or Google Play!


A huge Recfishwest thanks to our supporters and sponsors in Shimano, Western Angler Magazine, Richter Lures, Halco Tackle, Assassin Tackle Australia, Anglers Fishing World and Compleat Angler Nedlands for their donations of prizes!  

Broome catches
Roebuck Bay was a cracking spot for northern mulloway this week, with the crew from @reefchiefaustralia landing plenty of one-metre brutes. 


Light winds made Roebuck Bay very fishable this week, with boaties keeping an eye out for diving seabirds and bait balls to target golden trevally to 70cm and big queenfish on metal slices and hard-bodied lures. Trolling in the bay has also been rewarding, with threadfin salmon and a few blue-nosed salmon up to 70cm falling to hard-bodies and vibes, along with the odd barramundi. Structure in the bay is producing northern mulloway to one metre, with fish fillets or vibes working well, while reefy structure has been holding bluebone to 60cm with prawns a good bait option. The lighter conditions have also been great for anglers chasing tripletail, with prawns accounting for fish around the mooring buoys and among drifting weed. Smaller tides have also made the creeks more accessible, with small trevally and queenfish taking lures at the entrance to Dampier and Crab creeks. Further into the creeks threadfin and blue-nosed salmon and a few barramundi are being taken by anglers trolling hard-bodied and vibe lures. It should be great fishing conditions for most of this week albeit with some storms on Monday. 


Entrance Point, including the jetty, has fished well for golden trevally in the 50-60cm range along with some queenfish. Among the snags, prawns are accounting for bluebone. It’s a similar story at the Town Jetty, with trevally and queenfish making an appearance throughout the day and hitting metal slices. Whiting and bream are also providing plenty of light tackle fun. A few people have fished Gantheaume Point and caught decent trevally and queenfish. Fishing in the Fitzroy River has been difficult since the flooding because of the strong flow and poor water clarity, but a few reports of barramundi captures are filtering in and cherabin are still being caught there. Should be nice land-based conditions all week though! For the best tips and gear for your fishing expedition, make sure you visit the helpful pros at Tackle World Broome for advice and they will provide details on spots with the best access for a flick. 
Exmouth catches
The permit master strikes again! Hats off to Dougal who constantly finds these chunky specimens on the fly in the Exmouth sand flats! Photo courtesy of @ningalooflyfishing 


GAMEX is here! This competition is responsible for more WA, national and world line class world records than any other Australian fishing competition and we're not surprised. If you've entered the comp, we've heard that bigger boats that have managed to get out to the western side have picked up small blue marlin on trolled skirts. Black marlin have been landed as well, along with a few yellowfin tuna around 15kg. It's a matter of trolling around different depths until you find them. In the Gulf, the shoals and King Reef are fishing well for golden trevally and cobia. Depths of 20m are a good place to start and jigs and soft plastics have worked well. Rankin cod and coral trout have also been taken around the same depths also on jigs and soft plastics. The shark situation is not quite out of control and moving around seems to be the key, along with avoiding fishing directly over the reef itself. The moderate southerly winds will stick around this weekend but thankfully they will drop off between Tuesday and Thursday. 


Learmonth Jetty was a reliable spot for squid, bream and whiting this week, while good numbers of small trevally and queenfish have been caught on soft plastics. Metal slices have also accounted for a few school mackerel there. At Bundegi, squid and whiting are being caught off the boat ramp jetty and queenfish are a chance as well. In town, the marina has fished well for bream, mangrove jack and estuary cod. Some of the cod have been around the 50cm mark. Soft plastics have been effective on all three species and an unweighted mulie rig has worked particularly well on the cod. At the Lighthouse on the western side, spangled emperor and bluebone are the main catches. Mulie baits have worked best on spangled emperor, while prawns and squid are the go for bluebone. Wapet Creek had a few small bream and trevally, with cubed mulies and soft plastics effective on both species. Big thanks to the crew from Tackle World Exmouth for their tips and the moderate southerly winds this weekend should drop off by Tuesday. 
Kalbarri catches
Nicki Hunt @nickihuntfishing has been catching some magnificent fish up north recently, landing this lovely tuna after flicking a lure next to a large bait ball. Make sure you give her page a follow to keep up with all the awesome fish she catches! 


Winds, swells and water clarity have made fishing difficult, but a few weather windows have opened up in the mornings. In 15-25m depths yellowfin tuna to 15kg and Spanish mackerel are taking trolled Halco Laser Pros and other deep-diving lures. Surface lures have also worked, but using lures that have varied diving depths means you can target more of the water column. Some boaties have been successful in the 40-50m mark where there are more patches of clearer water, with sharks not posing too much of an issue this past week. Small boat fishers are doing well in the Murchison River, drop netting for blue swimmer crabs around the marina jetty and chasing bream in the snaggy waters upstream. Sunday through to Thursday morning are looking nice for the boaties, with low winds and swell forecast. 


Wittecarra Creek and Red Bluff had tailor around the 40cm mark, along with plenty of herring and dart. Both locations have also produced mulloway to 10kg. When the swells are down, better tailor to 2kg have been taken at Frustrations and Oyster Reef. Chopper tailor are also still cruising the Murchison River in the late afternoon. The area around the marina jetty is also holding plenty of bream and cod up to 50cm, with prawn baits working well on both species. Yellowfin whiting catches have improved, with many anglers enjoying good sessions off the sand spit. There are enough blue swimmer crabs about to keep jetty drop netters interested, while mud crab catches are improving. Big thanks to Dean from Kalbarri Sports and Dive for his tips as always and Sunday morning is looking like the next-best land-based window this weekend. 
Geraldton catches


The Geraldton Districts Offshore Fishing Club’s recent tag-and-release competition near the Abrolhos Islands produced quite a few Spanish mackerel around the 15kg mark and yellowfin tuna up to 20kg, while several billfish were also sighted. Closer to town it has been more difficult, with boaties doing the hard yards trolling deep-diving lures in 12-20m depths for Spanish mackerel with just the odd fish landed. Dinghy fishers have been the most active this week, working the weed beds for big squid, some with hoods of more than 40cm. They have also seen decent luck when they have targeted blue swimmer crabs, with good catches reported from the Batavia Coast Marina and Fishing Boat Harbour. Thankfully the southerly winds should drop right off between Monday and Wednesday. 


The Northampton District Angling Club held a competition at Horrocks last weekend, with plenty of 35-50cm tailor caught along with pike and dart. A mulloway of around 10kg was also landed. The fishing was north of town because the south was weeded out and the only downside was a plague of small sharks of barely 30cm were snatching baits, although there were several bite-offs attributed to bigger sharks. At Drummonds, tailor catches have been consistent although weed in that area has also been a problem. South of town fished better this week with the S-Bend producing good numbers of tailor and school mulloway. At Dongara, a recent surprise catch was a decent-sized Spanish mackerel taken by an angler baitcasting for tailor. Greenough River mouth has been quieter, but is always worth a try for tailor, the same goes for Southgates and Tarcoola. Point Moore and Separation Point are fishing very well when the weed is absent, with both spots reliable for chopper tailor, herring up to 30cm and whiting. Most beaches that are clear of weed are producing whiting with plenty of dart muscling in as well. The Batavia Coast Marina is a good spot for land-based squid fishers both for size and numbers, while there have been a few bust-ups in the marina attributed to Samson fish. Big thanks to Geraldton Sports Centre for their report and land-based fishing should be easier once the wind drops off between Monday and Wednesday. 
Lancelin catches
Great fishing, stunning sunsets and hard-fighting fish. Lancelin produced the goods yet again with Gordon and Chris having another cracking tailor session with Peter Fullarton @tailoredtreksfishing. 


Mackerel season has started off quiet this year, although there have been a few reports of fish landed by anglers and plenty of divers have seen fish patrolling the shallows near the reef structure. The past week also saw tuna and dolphin fish out from 40m depths, with deeper diving lures working nicely. The dolphin fish often like to school around the crayfish pots, so this is always worth a crack for flicking lures around. Casting stick baits or poppers to the reef breaks has caught tailor to 55cm and yellowtail kingfish around the 60cm. Inside the bay, there are plenty of particularly large herring with skippy, snook, squid and tarwhine also caught in reasonable numbers. Saturday morning is looking decent, although the wind should back right off from Monday through to Thursday next week. 


Beach fishing is certainly starting to improve and larger autumn tailor have started to show up in decent numbers. Guitar fish have been a common by catch in recent weeks, shocking a lot of anglers with the brute strength of these beasts (hold on for dear life when you hook one and share the load, otherwise your forearms and biceps will hate you for it!). While the swell has been down and the water clear, pink snapper were mainly active during the darker hours. Since a mid-week swell provided a good stir up, they have been feeding throughout the day. Drone fishers reported drops to 300-400m have been getting some great catches. Herring have been widespread and along all the local beaches, with some well over 30cm. The jetty was once again very reliable for a good feed of herring each evening, along with a few squid and tailor being landed there. Early Saturday morning should see an easterly wind and Monday to Thursday also looks ideal. Huge thanks to Lancelin's fishing guru Peter Fullarton from Tailored Treks as always!
Esperance catches
With loads of impressive fish caught recently during the 30th edition of the Esperance Archipelago Offshore Angling Classic, it's no wonder over 600 people came down to the weigh-in! Check out our full recap of the Esperance classic here. 


The Esperance Deep Sea Angling Club competition last week was a big success, with nearly 300 competitors wetting a line off 86 boats. Hats off to the luckiest man in the world named¬†Tyson Tate, with his 22.40kg Samson fish not only landing him more than $20,000 in total for the heaviest fish caught and largest Samson fish overall ‚ÄĒ but his name was also pulled out of a hat containing hundreds of other raffle contestants to win a Garmin sounder package worth more than $5,000! The near-perfect conditions resulted in excellent catches, including plenty of nannygai and breaksea cod both around the 3kg mark caught in 30m depths around the islands and an outstanding queen snapper which went close to 9kg. Pink snapper were also about in big numbers in 30m depths and Samson fish to 20kg were taken around Mondrain Island. In 17-20m depths, big sand whiting around 35cm have been caught on the sandy patches. Thankfully this weekend should see lower southerly winds before they spike between Monday and Thursday. You can find all the results from the Esperance classic here.¬†


Thomas River had gummy sharks to 14kg, while right on sunset big mulloway have been snaffling octopus baits there regardless of the tides or moon phase. Alexander Bay was the hot spot for salmon this week, with fish averaging 4kg hitting everything thrown at them, from mulies to stickbaits and poppers to metal slices. In town, the weed beds at the port viewing area are holding King George whiting to 40cm, as well a few flathead to 50cm. There are plenty of big squid at the Tanker Jetty with hoods of 40cm not uncommon. Taylor Street jetty is the place to go for herring well over 30cm. Bandy Creek had plenty of 30cm bream mooching around the pylons and hitting soft plastics, vibes and mussel lures. In Wylie Bay, the weed beds area has been a lucky dip for bread-and-butter species including skipjack trevally, King George and sand whiting, herring, flathead and tarwhine. Big thanks to the pros from Southern Sports and Tackle for their tips as always and land-based fishing this week is looking best tomorrow and Sunday, great timing!  
Great Southern catches
How's this for a beasty yellowtail kingfish from the rocks near Albany! Chris Dixon @dixonsfishing not only catches great species from the rocks all around WA, but he has some great tips for staying safe while doing so. Check out Chris Dixon's tips for avoiding dangers while rocking fishing here. 


Diabolical weather has slammed the brakes on activity this past week, with even the inshore waters unfishable. But the good news is there is a magic window on Saturday and it looms as one of the best days of the year. Tackle stores have had a busy week with anglers stocking up as boats prepare to head out to the coral banks and further to the continental shelf and make the most of the superb conditions. Hardcore anglers will be deep-dropping at the shelf targeting hapuka and blue-eye trevalla, while those with more modest aspirations will be hoping for pink snapper, breaksea cod and dhufish on the coral ground or around the islands. With the predicted glassy conditions, tuna and bonito could be a chance for those trolling lures or keeping an eye out for surface bust-ups. Before the poor weather hit, King George Sound was fishing reasonably well for modest-sized King George whiting and squid, so this is another good option.


The east coast was best for salmon this week, with thick schools showing up at Bremer Bay. Closer to town there have been good numbers caught at Nanarup, but not every day. On the other side of town there are schools around Sandpatch and Salmon Holes, but they are thin and the fish are skittish, suggesting they may be residential fish. Adverse winds have made shore fishing difficult but the Town Jetty and inside the rock wall at Emu Point are good spots for herring and squid. Sheltered waters inside Oyster Harbour have produced yellowfin whiting and the odd flathead, while bream catches in the King, Kalgan and Hay rivers are good but mulloway catches in general have been very quiet from here. Big thanks to the crew from Trailblazers in Albany for their tips and enjoy those peachy conditions on Saturday! 

South West catches
There's chopper tailor...then there's the tailor that eat chopper tailor! The South-West was red hot for monster specimens this week and this beast measuring exactly one metre was landed by Spencer Congdon one evening. Rhys Palazzolo also landed multiple 90cm tailor this week and you can see all the great snaps of these fish by both lads on the Fishing Busselton & South West WA Facebook page. 


A staff member at Whitey’s Tackle had a squid session just out from the Busselton marina this week which was gatecrashed by pink snapper up to 80cm and gummy sharks. Owing to the demersal ban, the snapper were all safely released, while the squid provided several tasty feeds of calamari. Natural-coloured squid jigs did the damage in depths around 10m. Tuna in the 2-4kg range are plentiful around the FADs at Cape Naturaliste and a couple were even caught off Busselton Jetty. Stickbaits, small trolled Christmas tree lures and metals have been effective. In the estuary, boaties have done well trolling for chopper tailor, while drop netters are getting a few blue swimmer crabs in deeper water. Skippy around the 40cm mark are plentiful at the artificial reef, with boaties using burley to bring them around. The mornings until midday over the next few days look decent but Wednesday arvo and Thursday morning is currently looking delicious. 


Drone fishers in the Peppermint Grove to Dunsborough stretch have done well on pink snapper. The waning moon along with a drop of rain is expected to fire up the mulloway action at beaches such as Buffalo and Myalup, while most beaches around Bunbury produced herring and chopper tailor. Yellowfin whiting numbers have slowed, but flathead and skipjack have been a welcome bycatch. Herring are being caught off the rock walls, while the Collie River bridge had a few bream and smaller mulloway. Most of the beaches in Geographe Bay can be relied on for a feed of herring. Big thanks to Whitey's Tackle for their tips and the next six mornings right through until Thursday are all looking great for land-based sessions. .  


The Warren River down south once again produced quality rainbow trout this week, with the deeper pockets in the shaded regions of the rivers holding cooler waters and broodstock specimens over 40cm. 
The Collie River below the Wellington Dam wall has fished very well for rainbow trout with soft plastics this week, with old-school spinners such as Celtas and Mepps also effective. A few trout have been taken by fly-fishers mostly in the morning and evenings when the water has been coolest and the fish are most active. At Harvey Dam, redfin perch have been hitting soft plastics with land-based and kayak fishers having success. Most of the redfin have been the smaller nipper size between 25-30cm, but occasionally a fat and healthy 40cm brute will roll through. Pemberton once again saw some great rainbow trout landed over 40cm, with the deeper pockets of the Warren River seeing plenty of fish landed on the fly when anglers could find a bit of spare room away from the bushes for casting. If you catch any great trout or redfin, make sure you message us a snap of the catch to our Instagram page @recfishwest. 
Mandurah and surrounds
Tuna have once again been running wild off Mandurah recently, with a lot of fish turning up between the 40-100m depth marks as Ash Ramm from @tackle_world_miami discovered. 


Crabbing in the estuary is still patchy, but good reports have come from Boggy Bay. Many crabs are still undersize, but drop netters willing to put in a few hours are getting enough for a couple of feeds. Nights and early mornings have been more productive. Boggy Bay has also produced excellent tailor catches for trolling, with the 95mm yellow-striped Bassday Sugar Pen lures proving irresistible. Small boat fishers and those on jetties and rock walls in the estuary have been scooping school prawns that are migrating from the estuary, but numbers are expected to dry up in the next few days. Skippy have also been firing in the estuary with those wading out to the drop-offs and casting lures landing fish up to 40cm. The best lures for them have been small slow-sinking stickbaits like Bassday Sugar Minnows and Jackson Athletes. Chopper tailor and herring are also plentiful on the flats. Yellowfin whiting, the estuary’s summer mainstay, are proving challenging, but Sticks Boulevard has fished as well as anywhere. Yellowfin whiting are still holed up at Falcon and Melros beaches where prawn baits fished very early in the mornings have worked well. In calm conditions, squid have also been caught at Falcon Bay and Avalon beaches on squid jigs fished from a blob and wound in over the weed beds. Beaches north of town are fishing well for tailor and mulloway catches have been improving with fish ranging from soapies up to 80cm. South of town around Tim’s Thicket and White Hills produced good-sized tailor, a few mulloway and sand whiting all day. Preston Beach continues to fish very well for tailor and mulloway and pink snapper up to 80cm have been caught there on mullet and herring fillets. Offshore the fishing has been very good with plenty of tuna around 2kg and a few striped tuna caught on the 27-32m contour line and bigger tuna in 45-50m depths. A rare catch this week a very long way out near the end of the trench in more than 800m was a 15kg short-billed spearfish, which is a species of billfish related to marlin and sailfish.  Divers who are doing well on crays continue to see Spanish mackerel, but they don’t seem to be hitting lures. Crays are coming into quite shallow depths and have been caught in pots in as little as 5m. At Five-Fathom Bank, 50-60cm yellowtail kingfish are being burleyed up in 12-15m depths and then caught on deep-diving Rapala lures. There are Samson fish there too in all sizes up to one metre. Both species are also abundant at the artificial reef. James Service Reef and the Five-Fathom Bank are producing chunky sand whiting around the 30cm mark, while squid are plentiful around weed in 5-10m depths. Big thanks to Tackle World Miami for their chunky report as always and the mornings are looking best over the next week for fishing (especially Tuesday to Thursday). 


The southern FADs have big numbers of dolphinfish mostly around 4kg, but some are hitting 10kg. Live baits have been the most effective, but good fish have been caught while trolling small skirts like Richter Jelly Babes. Various tuna species are also there and many have been caught on Halco Twistys jigged around the edge of bait balls. Skirted lures have worked well for them too. Squidding in Cockburn Sound has been very good with excellent water clarity. Earthy-coloured jigs seem to work the best and have been effective in a range of depths from 2-5m. King George whiting around the 35cm mark have been caught behind Five-Fathom Bank, with the odd bigger fish nudging 50cm also about. The same broken ground has been good for skippy up to 40cm. Plump yellowfin whiting are in similar depths to squid, but they have been favouring the clear sandy patches. Trolling for chopper tailor has been good around the Garden Island Causeway, while a feed of herring can be burleyed up in most places.

For land-based fishers, Port Kennedy and Secret Harbour beaches have fished well for tailor up to 50cm during the mornings and evenings, while mulloway were more active after dark. At the Penguin Island spit and Long Point there are flathead up to 45cm and the odd flounder and yellowfin whiting around the 30cm mark. Palm Beach jetty had chopper tailor in the evenings and plenty of herring throughout the day along with a few squid. Rockingham Jetty had the same species but has also mulloway at night, caught on live baits or fresh squid. Big thanks to Compleat Angler Rockingham for their great tips and the mornings over the next week look like the best windows. 
Perth catches
Dean Dabala pulled in this beauty of a dolphinfish earlier this week at the Compleat Angler FAD during the glassy conditions. These are the types of pics we love to see submitted into our FADs photo competition - fish held correctly and still alive, with the water and FAD clearly visible in the background. Details on this competition can be found below!


Yellowfin tuna to 30kg have been caught in good numbers in 40m depths at the back of Rottnest on trolled deep-diving lures that can get down to 8m depths. There are also plenty of mostly small tuna species at the back of Five-Fathom Bank and around Rottnest. Fishers have been keeping an eye out for bait balls and casting stickbaits into the fray, which worked nicely for landing fish up to 10kg.  Yellowtail kingfish are also active around Rottnest in the 40m depths. Chunky tailor have been caught near the white-water at reefs such as Mewstones and also at the back of Garden Island. The FADs have been firing for 2-3kg dolphinfish with stickbaits or drifted live baits working well. In the Swan River drop netters are still getting a feed of blue swimmer crabs in the deeper sections but are having to work a little bit harder. If trolling for tailor, the East Fremantle to Bicton area worked well for landing fish around the 40cm mark. Saturday morning should see lower winds along with glassy conditions forecast from Tuesday through to Thursday. 

Send us pics of your FADs catches for some great prizes!

To celebrate the great fishing opportunities at FADs currently between Cape Naturaliste and Two Rocks (more to come at other locations soon), we're giving away some quality prizes thanks to Richter Lures and Madfish Gear simply for catching a fish at any of the devices between 1 March - 1 May and sending in a snap of your fish!

Best photo: An XL Madfish Fishing Bag (to keep your catches frosty) with 10x Richter skirt lures inside.
2nd best photo: A medium-sized Madfish Fishing Bag with 10x Richter skirt lures inside.
3rd best photo: A medium-sized Madfish Fishing Bag with 5x Richter skirt lures inside.
4th-10th place: Each receive a handful of Richter skirts and lures!

1) Visit any of the FADs;
2) Catch a pelagic sportfish and take a photo of your catch that reflects our responsible fish handling practices (still alive, no blood, no fingers in gills, supporting fish horizontally etc), with the FAD clearly visible in the photo (hint hint - just like the photo of Dean Dabala above);
3) Message a photo of your catch to our Facebook or Instagram page detailing where and when you caught it;
4) Keep an eye on our socials when we announce the winners after May 1!

Good luck! Get all your FADs locations here 


Skipjack trevally to 40cm are being taken on squid baits at South Mole, Rous Head and within the South Freo fishing boat harbour. Tailor are being caught right along the metro coast with the hot bite just before sunset. Among the better spots are the Cottesloe to Port Beach stretch, Brighton Road to Trigg and the northern reefs around Quinns. Herring are around most of the metro locations, but whiting fishing has been a little quieter this week. The deeper sections of the Swan River between the Fremantle bridges and Point Walter jetty are producing plenty of tailor, but many are under the legal 30cm mark. Yellowfin whiting catches in the river have slowed, but flathead and flounder are still about with flathead around the 35-45cm mark being caught as far up river as Guildford. Bream fishers are doing well, but the size seems to be down and the 40cm+ brutes have been rare over the past week or so. Big thanks to Anglers Fishing World in Fremantle and Hillarys Boat & Tackle for their great tips and the mornings from Saturday through to Wednesday are looking best for land-based fishing with easterlies rolling through. 
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