From tripletail off Broome to big 1m barra in Lake Kununurra there's plenty to read in Recfishwest's State-wide Fishing Report 23 April 2021¬†ūüé£

 | By Seamus on 4/23/2021 12:45:00 AM | Views (266)
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"We came across a mooring loaded with tripletail," Salty Sessions' Mitch Woosnam, of Broome, said. "They were only little ones, but they put up a hell of a fight on light gear." Sensational photo!
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Pic of the Week!

Paul Cunningham¬†won't be forgetting his first Lake Kununurra barramundi, which measured 104cm, anytime soon! "It's an epic moment for the memory bank," Paul said. Your smile says it all! ūüėĀūüėĀūüėĀ

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Shhhhh, secret spot!
Broome fisher Mark Lanigan was stoked to get a couple of fine-looking barramundi last weekend! 
Broome Catches
There wasn't a case of the weekend blues for Pascal Billiau, of Reef Chief Australia, who was more than happy after getting this beautiful bluebone on deck last weekend! Cracking effort, Pascal! ūüėéūüėé


Sailfish are starting to be encountered in bigger numbers offshore, especially in waters of Barred Creek and near Peanut. Spanish mackerel catches have been increasing with reports of fish in the 10kg to 15kg range caught on rigged garfish and bibbed minnows trolled in waters off Gantheaume Point, Entrance Point and Port Smith. Longtail and mack tuna have been appearing in a range of depths and areas. Reef fishers have been picking up reasonable catches of red emperor, saddletail seaperch and blue lined emperor in depths of 20m to 40m. Tripletail are often being found near the moorings and flotsam inshore.

Broome angler Wade Clark made light work of this barramundi last weekend. We love your work, Wade.

Shore based

Threadfin and bluenose salmon have been caught on baits and lures in the lower reaches of the local creeks as well as along the coast close to the creek mouths. Barramundi are sometimes being picked up in the creeks, as well as along Roebuck Bay. Yellowfin whiting and garfish can be targeted along Cable Beach and Coconut Wells. Bluebone are being caught close to town, alongside queenfish and small trevally species.
Exmouth Catches
Young gun Bo Davies speared this green jobfish off Exmouth last weekend. Well done, mate!


Billfish enthusiasts have not had to travel too far off Exmouth to find small black marlin and sailfish. Many of the blacks and sails encountered this week were in depths of less than 150m off the popular Gascoyne fishing town. Plenty of dolphinfish and wahoo have also been caught in these waters, while Spanish mackerel have been picked up closer to the reef line. Schools of small longtail tuna have been providing some  fishers with entertainment in Exmouth Gulf. Reef fishers have been finding red emperor and Rankin cod in about 60m, while 100m seems to be the starting point for goldband jobfish.

Peak Sportfishing Adventures have been getting clients onto plenty of dolphinfish at the Exmouth FADs!

Shore based

Spangled emperor have been caught on soft plastics and baits along the west coast accesses that feature rock and reef. Bluebone have sometimes been caught in these areas, as well as at Mildura Wreck and near the lighthouse. There have been some big queenfish turning up close to shore at Old Bundegi and right around to Learmonth Jetty. Mangrove jack and squid have been caught at Exmouth Marina late afternoon and evening. Yellowfin whiting catches have waned along the town and gulf beaches.

Scott's Species - cobia, an enigmatic and powerful sportfish

Western Angler editor Scott Coghlan with a cobia he tempted away from a passing shark off Exmouth!

Often found cruising alongside sharks or manta rays, cobia are a formidable opponent for anglers in WA's north, according to Western Angler editor Scott Coghlan. In this week's edition of Scott's Spots, the well-known fishing writer takes a closer look at the sometime enigmatic species. Want to know more? Find the latest Scott's Species column here!

Geraldton Catches


Reef fishers have generally done well on dhufish, baldchin groper and sweetlip near African Reef and South West Bank. Pink snapper have been found in schools in many areas including north-west of the shipping channel and the lumps off Coronation and Horrocks. Spanish mackerel can be targeted along the western edge of Pensioners Bank. Dinghy and small boat fishers have been catching herring, pike and squid inshore.

Shore based

Dozens of mulloway in the 8kg to 16kg range were landed between Flat Rocks and the Greenough River mouth. Tailor have also been appearing in good numbers in this area and there was a dhufish caught from this part of the coast on Saturday night. Yellowfin and school whiting have been difficult to target due to the seaweed. Chopper tailor, pike to 40cm, skippy and whiting have been caught behind Lives and along the rock walls. Waters in front of the Sail Inn Snack Bar have been good for herring, skippy, whiting, tailor and pike. Dongara Marina has hoards of yellowtail as well as skippy, sand whiting, pike, black bream and squid.  
Lancelin Catches
Peter Fullarton, of Tailored Treks, with one of many mulloway caught near Lancelin recently. Terrific!


Offshore fishers have caught a few awesome pink snapper lately, writes Tailored Treks' Peter Fullarton. One of the more notable captures came at Lancelin Angling and Aquatic Club's fishing competition last weekend when Mat Martinovich hauled in a 8.6kg pinkie! There have been plenty of baldchin groper in addition to the occastional dhufish and breaksea cod. The shallow grounds inside White Bank, in the 10m to 15m depths, have produced dhufish, breaksea cod and pink snapper this week. Tarwhine, skippy, King George whiting, flathead, snook, herring and squid have dominated catches inside the bay.

Shore based

After the flush of mulloway over the new moon period, the beach fishing has quietened down the past few days. However, it is will slowly pick up again with tailor likely to bite well into the night as the moon increases intensity. We can probably expect to see another run of mulloway this weekend and early next week, with great weather forecast leading up to the full moon on Tuesday. Lancelin's jetty has nice water conditions this week, resulting in improved blue swimmer crab and squid catches in addition to herring and whiting.

Salmon Watch - helping you find where the schools are!

Keeping the sand between his toes while chasing salmon near Albany last weekend, Reef Brown - of Salty Sea Raiders - had a hot session catching plenty of salmon including this one. Fantastic fishing!
Salmon have been hit-and-miss at Cheynes this week, after many were caught a fortnight ago. Lowlands has been consistent, while big schools at the Sand Patch have stayed out wide and out of land-based fishers' reach. A couple of big schools were located of Boranup Beach this week, with fishers making the most of the action. There were also smaller schools found at Bunker Bay, however, not of a massive scale this week compared to what was seen last Friday.

Vance Kober, 7, flexed his muscles and reeled in this salmon by himself at Cheynes Beach recently!

If you're chasing salmon this weekend for the 2021 Salmon Slam or just for your own fishing enjoyment, remember to stay safe and keep the sand between your toes. You catch as many salmon, if not more, from the beach compared to the rocks. Read more about safe fishing here. Also, are you a passionate salmon chaser? Don't miss out on getting your own new and exclusive Recfishwest Official Salmon Chaser fishing shirt! Join us on the run and wear your passion for the iconic southern sportfish proudly. Get your fishing shirt here.

Join us on the run and become an 'Official Salmon Chaser'. Click the picture to watch our latest video.
Esperance Catches


Reef fishers scored lots of breaksea cod and quite a few dhufish out wide. Nannygai to 65cm were located in deeper waters along with Samson fish and the odd mako shark. Dinghy and small boat fishers have been doing well on herring, skippy and squid within the bay. If you're fishing off Esperance any time soon, be sure to email Recfishwest your fishing photos for a chance to be featured in the State-wide Fishing Report!

Shore based

The recently re-opened Esperance Tanker Jetty again had squid, herring and skippy on offer this week, with many young fishers catching the bread-and-butter species. Herring, skippy, garfish and squid were among the species caught at the Taylor Street Jetty, while Bandy Creek Boat Harbour has been producing mixed catches of King George whiting, herring, flounder and flathead. Salmon were present at Fourth Beach and Salmon Beach for most of the week. Stockyards also produced a few salmon, skippy and herring. Mulloway can be targeted at Fourteen Mile. Alexander Bay has been yielding skippy to 2kg and herring. Thomas River seems to be where most of the gummy sharks were recently landed.
Albany Catches
Recfishwest Safety Ambassador and experienced rock fisher Aron Dixon with a lovely south coast harlequin fish caught near Albany! Follow Aron's fishing adventures at his new Facebook page!


Reef fishing has been reasonably productive in and around the 60m to 90m depths where snapper, breaksea cod and dhufish have been caught. The ground in similar depths east and west of Albany seems to be producing better catches of the same species. Deep dropping enthusiasts who travelled beyond the shelf found bigger red snapper at the edge of the drop off and a mixture of grey-banded cod and hapuka out wider. King George whiting fishing has generally been good inshore with some boats managing to pick up their limits of 30cm to 45cm fish within one to two hours. Bonito and salmon can be targeted on lures trolled near the islands and off the headlands. Squid catches have been improving inshore.

Shore based

Surf fishers enjoyed entertaining sessions on salmon at many of the local beaches as well as at some of the bays and headlands to the east and west of town. Bluff Creek, Cheynes Beach, Nanarup, Cables, Sand Patch, Shelley Beach and Parry Beach were among the spots where salmon were caught this past week. Herring are in very good numbers right along the coast and there are big skippy coming from some of the reef holes. Small black bream have dominated catches in the King and Kalgan rivers. There are herring, juvenile salmon and chopper tailor being caught in the lower reaches of the systems while the upper areas are worth trying for mulloway.
South West Catches
Young gun Finn Parr keeps raising the bar! The fishing fanatic secured this land-based dhufish while fishing from a secret spot somewhere in the South West recently. We love your work, Finn! ūüí™ūüėćūüėé


Dolphinfish numbers are increasing at the Cape Naturaliste fish aggregating devices (FADs), while there are lots of striped tuna out wide. There have been reports of Spanish mackerel encounters near the tip Cape Naturaliste this week. Packs of yellowtail kingfish have also been located off Cape Naturaliste, while Samson fish can be targeted near the bombies. Mixed catches of reef fish including dhufish, breaksea cod and queen snapper have been picked up off the west of the cape. King George whiting and squid catches are improving within Geographe Bay off Busselton. Off Bunbury, skippy are continuing to be caught at the Bunbury Artificial Reef. Pink snapper bag limits have also been achieved in depths of up to 30m off Bunbury.

The Blackwood River produced Curtis Waterman's very first 40cm black bream at the weekend!

Shore based

The coast to the north and south of Bunbury have bread-and-butter species on offer, in addition to mulloway after sunset. Blue swimmer crabs were caught in good numbers from the Leschenault Estuary this week, while schools of chooper tailor have also kept fishers entertained. Salmon appeared in big numbers at Bunker Bay last Friday, with some fishers catching and releasing almost two dozen fish in 4kg to 7kg range over the course of the day. Schools of salmon have been appearing at Hamelin Bay most mornings and there has been the odd school turning up at Injidup, Smiths Beach and Yallingup. The bays and headlands closer to Dunsborough, including Eagle Bay, Meelup Bay and Curtis Bay, have mostly been graced by small schools of fast-moving salmon. There are plenty of bull herring along both sides of Cape Naturaliste and big skippy for those soaking baits in the deeper channels and reef holes. Yellowtail kingfish, pink and queen snapper are sometimes being caught from the rocks platforms near Hamelin Bay north of Yallingup. There are still yellowfin and school whiting along the sand flats near Quindalup.
Mandurah and surrounds
James Gill headed out wide off Mandurah last Sunday and reeled in this dhufish. Nice work, James!


Anglers fishing Mandurah Estuary are finding plenty of tailor, herring, skippy and tarwhine. There are still a few bream being taken in the Murray and Serpentine rivers. The Dawesville Cut has been producing herring and tailor, while there have been reports of salmon caught from the Cut's ocean end. Mulloway fishers have caught the 'silver ghosts' at White Hills and Tim's Ticket this week. It comes as the occasional salmon has also been reported along this stretch of coastline.


Surf fishers have been catching lots of mulloway along the southern beaches including Secret Harbour, Singleton and Golden Bay. There have been good catches of herring from around Long Point, Penguin Island, Point Peron and Rockingham Beach. Whiting and squid are also being caught from these locations, with the occasional tailor during the evening. Herring have been widespread and size and numbers are increasing.
Perth Catches
Niel McMillan was more than happy after scoring this fun-sized land-based pink snapper in the metro!


This week, deepwater enthusiasts caught pink snapper in about 200m of water, while grey-banded cod and hapuka have been picked up in 300m to 400m. The metro fish aggregating devices (FADs) are still holding lots of dolphinfish and wahoo are sometimes being caught near the devices. There are also lots of small striped tuna and the occasional yellowfin tuna out wide. Spanish mackerel seem to be getting caught within an hour or so of sunrise at Parker Point, West End and Three Mile Reef. Mixed catches of dhufish, nannygai and baldchin groper have been achieved in 40m to 70m of water north-west of Rottnest Island and off Hillarys and Mindarie. The ground in 30m to 50m south of Rottnest has been producing lots of pink snapper and breaksea cod. King George whiting can be picked up near Windmills. Squid catches are improving along the seagrass meadows off Fremantle. Also, deployment of the north metro artificial reef project is set to start in the coming days. Read the latest update here! If you're fishing for demersals and get snagged on lobster pots or rope, remember to alert rock fishers with a Snag It, Tag It caution tag. Read more about the Snag It, Tag It safety initiative, a program Recfishwest coordinates in partnership with Western Rock Lobster, here.

Shore based

Tailor have also been caught along at Cottesloe, Grant Street, Floreat Drain, Trigg and Yanchep Lagoon. Herring continue to be caught in very good numbers right along the coast. Squid catches are increasing along the Capo D’Orlando Drive rock walls, North Mole and South Mole. There are still a few squid being caught at the jetties located in lower reaches of the Swan River. Flathead can be targeted along the sand flats and there are yellowfin whiting and juvenile Samson fish at East Fremantle and North Fremantle. The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) has advised that elevated levels of algae have been detected in the Swan and Canning rivers. The algae can provide reddish-brown water discolouration and could influence fish kills upstream of Maylands to Middle Swan in the Swan River. Elevated algae levels have also been detected in the Canning River from Shelley Bridge to Kent Street Weir. DBCA has told fishers to contact FishWatch on 1800 815 507 if they "see dead or sluggish fish in the Swan and Canning rivers".

Anthony Axcell landed this 113cm mulloway north of Perth last weekend - his first one for the year!
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