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By Seamus on 7/4/2022 12:55:22 PM • Views (29)
Capt JR reports a good day of fishing today on the Viking Star. There was a decent pick of Porgies SeaBass and Fluke. The day started slow due to the slack tide but as the tide increased we started to cover more ground and got on the bite. We seemed...

By Seamus on 7/3/2022 5:19:09 PM • Views (19)
Capt Mike reports a good afternoon trip on the Viking Star. They had a good first couple drops with plenty of SeaBass and Porgies mostly all keepers. Porgies were on the large size for the most part. Things slowed for a bit when we lost the tide but...

By Seamus on 7/3/2022 2:44:22 PM • Views (12)
Capt Steven Sr. reports a great day of fishing on the Viking Starlite with the Gemini Electric Company. Lots of large sized Porgies and keeper SeaBass. Conditions weren’t great but we still managed to get on the fish. There was no pool on the boat.

By Seamus on 7/3/2022 12:44:56 PM • Views (18)
Capt Mike reports an okay day on the Viking Star. The weather was not cooperating through the morning but we managed to pick through the SeaBass and Porgies. Midway through the trip conditions bettered and we got on a few good drifts with keeper Fluk...

By Seamus on 7/2/2022 3:43:49 PM • Views (28)
Capt Dave reports a great day on the Viking Starship. It was excellent fishing at the lighthouse with mostly Large and Jumbo Porgies. There were also Striped Bass Bluefish and quite a few SeaBass. When the tide started to run hard we went down the be...

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