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About GUIDE-X Fly Fishing

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GUIDE-X ( is a web-based platform for booking outfitted, guided-fly fishing trips in Montana designed to simplify, organize, and make clear the logistics of a day on the river to create a more fulfilling experience for guides and guests. Our mission is to connect guests, guides, and waterways for the benefit of Montana, the resource, and visitors alike.

What makes GUIDE-X different?

GUIDE-X is built around providing the best experience for guests and best quality of life for guides - all in an effort to improve everyone’s day on the river.

  • We want guests to know their guide and choose their guide - traditional outfitters choose your guide for you based on who is free that day
  • We bring outfitted fly fishing trips online - a network of guide with photos, profiles, and schedules all available to review from your computer or phone and a booking process entirely online
  • We put guides first because happy guides bring good vibes - we pay guides more than other outfitters, we ask guides to tell their unique stories, and we trust guides to manage their seasons

What makes GUIDE-X different for guests booking fly fishing trips in Montana?

  • Book your fly fishing trip to Montana entirely online - make your choices and book from your computer or smart device
  • Book confidently - read profiles, check out photos, read reviews to find the best fit guide for you
  • Book your guide and your river - you are in control so you can know what to expect (and what to get excited for)

What makes GUIDE-X different for guides offering fly fishing trips in Montana?

  • GUIDE-X pays guides more and pays guides reliably - best in class pay with payouts automated through stripe (no more chasing down checks)
  • GUIDE-X enables guides to build their own brand to build their own business - create a profile, provide excellent service, and cultivate a book of business
  • GUIDE-X simplifies being a guide - set and manage your own schedule, review guests details to know what to expect, and utilize dashboards and reporting to track everything

Learn more about becoming a guide here.


  • GUIDE-X thinks outfitted fly fishing trips in Montana can be better: better for guests, better for guides, better for rivers, better for all. We are building a welcoming community of anglers, adventurers, relaxation seekers, and anyone else that wants to fly fish while experiencing nature in Montana. Guiding in Montana is a dream job and a fly fishing trip to Montana is a dream vacation - GUIDE-X is committed to doing its part to make sure you agree from when your boat launches to the time you get to the take out. 
  • You can keep up with what were doing at our full blog.

What do I need to get started with GUIDE-X.IO?

Check out getting your fishing license. Montana requires a license before you can hit the water!

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By GUIDE-X on 5/27/2021 • Views (50)
  River Score: 4/5 Great   The Missouri River has seen some heavy traffic lately with all of the other rivers suffering from a serious case of “runoff”, but it hasn’t slowed the fishing down one bit....

By GUIDE-X on 5/22/2021 • Views (93)
River Score: 1/5 Terrible The Jefferson is totally blown out. Going to be a while before the water comes back down. We recommend you check out our other locations on our Missoula Fishing Reports or our main site.

By GUIDE-X on 5/22/2021 • Views (71)
River Score: 1/5 Terrible The Bitterroot River is experiencing heavy Runoff. It's not worth trying right now, the water level is way too high (see graphs below). We're expecting better conditions in June with the tributaries...

By GUIDE-X on 5/16/2021 • Views (84)
As spring is getting here, the Missouri River is approaching near ideal conditions. Water flows are staying a consistent low flow, and because temperatures are still cooler, it's worth considering baetis and it's absolutely great...

By GUIDE-X on 5/13/2021 • Views (94)
The Clark Fork is starting to experience Runoff; it's typically one of the last rivers to form up for good fishing conditions. We're expecting better conditions in June with the tributaries open back up. We can still fish here i...

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