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Captain Steve Talmadge has seriously fished the San Francisco Bay waters since 1970, both commercial and sport fishing. He has a Coast Guard Masters License and is fully insured. He likes to guide small groups; no more than 6 anglers per trip. This allows for personal attention to all. With 3 children of his own, he is especially patient with children on the boat. Capt. Steve loves to fish! You will frequently find him fishing other waters on his vacations. Fishing with Capt. Steve is fun even on a slow day, like fishing with your buddy. He is open to all questions and likes helping people with their fishing skills. His aim is to make you smile and to watch your excitement! For examples of his success, go to the photo page and see some happy fishermen.


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By Seamus on 11/23/2021 3:17:59 PM • Views (21)
Hey Fishermen Flash 2 has been running all week and picking up rockfish and lingcod. Flash 2 is booked full until the weekend. If you would like to get into the action give me a call. Flash 1 is still getting into the sturgeon. It is looking like an...

By Seamus on 11/17/2021 3:46:00 PM • Views (13)
Hey sturgeon fishermen I just got of the phone with Captain Charles on Flash 1 and they have landed 5 sturgeon so far. And it was not even noon yet. They harvested 2 had released the rest. Two were oversize. In fact one was way oversized. Check out...

By Seamus on 11/16/2021 9:44:00 PM • Views (14)
Hey Fishermen Flash 1 got a couple big ones today. One almost made it. It was 61inch just one inch over the mark. The other one was near 7 feet. We are booked full up to Sunday. We have room for 2 on Sunday. Flash 2 is booked full all weekend but ha...

By Seamus on 10/16/2021 8:46:46 PM • Views (67)
Hey Fishermen While Flash 1 was having a banner day on the sturgeon Flash 2 was back on the sharks. Flash 2 has been in the action the last 4 days. Today I had a family of 4 on a half day shark trip. They had a blast and the weather was beautiful. A...

By Seamus on 10/16/2021 8:28:48 PM • Views (81)
Hey Fishermen Today was Flash 1’s first sturgeon trip of the season. The group had a banner day. They had limits by 8:30 am. They harvested 2 sturgeon that would supply enough meat for the group. Everyone had a great time. Call me if you want to get...

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