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Aspiring Fly Fishing
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Address14 Ragan Lane
Wanaka, , NZ
Phone03-443 5053
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About Aspiring Fly Fishing

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Aspiring Fly Fishing offers a variety of guided fly fishing packages, tailored to meet your goals, fly fishing abilities and fitness.

We will sight-fish, stalking up-stream, visually spotting each trout before deciding on our best approach and best suited technique to hook and land the trout.

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Latest News

By Seamus on 4/4/2024 5:46:11 PM • Views (26)
Low light days with glare become the norm and can make things tricky for spotting trout. Be mindful of where you stand in relation to the fish when casting as long shadows will now spook fish easier as the season is drawing to a close. New Zealand br...

By Seamus on 2/1/2024 6:16:30 PM • Views (20)
These wee terrestrials are an important food source for trout and are plentiful over the months of December through to February.

By Seamus on 10/23/2023 4:22:40 AM • Views (28)
With so many fly patterns available to the angler these days its all become a little confusing! There are literally 100s and 100s of different patterns in many different sizes weights and colours available to buy from tackle shops and online stores....

By Seamus on 12/9/2022 7:01:29 PM • Views (62)
This little piece of goodness is always in my fly-tying kit whether I’m tying flies at home on the kitchen table or on the road guiding for a week.

By Seamus on 10/28/2022 6:25:06 AM • Views (36)
Bringing your own fly-fishing gear into New Zealand is pretty easy on the whole. Please note that felt soled boots are not allowed here in New Zealand.

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