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We're going to have fun fishing for wild Rainbow Trout, elusive Brown Trout, native Cutthroats, and colorful Brook trout in the Truckee River. Whatever your skill level, I will show you the in's and out's of our local Truckee River waters, and selected waters around the state. You, choose the style of your fly fishing adventure. Whether you want to relax, learn and explore for a few hours, cast and cover water all day long, or enjoy a short session of focused instruction. I will work hard at insuring you walk away with an experience to remember.

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Latest News

By Seamus on 5/13/2024 1:54:31 PM • Views (5)
Every year is different. This has taught me to fish what I have in front of me not wait for what I want. Initially I used to wait because I listened to folks who fished years before me who said … Continue reading →

By Seamus on 5/9/2024 2:09:45 PM • Views (1)
We are enjoying the weather and reduced flows. The “sharks teeth” of early spring are smoothing out. I’m waiting for my sweet spot of 300cfs. Color is good. As seasonal creeks come down the main river is less tan because … Continue reading →

By Seamus on 4/28/2024 6:02:49 PM • Views (6)
I’m lucky to have had all kinds of clients over the years. It’s what helps me learn…..There are more than a few that don’t really want to learn to fish just catch’em. This type make me value highly clients who … Continue reading →

By Seamus on 4/21/2024 1:01:03 PM • Views (5)
This is our seasonal flush of snow-melt. A little more each day which creates rising sharks teeth on this graph. I check every morning and consider my spots to fish accordingly. The water is still in the banks but is … Continue reading →

By Seamus on 4/19/2024 6:33:44 PM • Views (10)
When I post it’s for a reason not just to be reporting. Change has come with rising flows. The perfect 300cfs has given way to near 1000cfs. Those who knew to fish pre-melt have had several weeks of fly joy. … Continue reading →

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