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By Frisco Rod & Gun on 2/27/2024 7:25:43 PM • Views (1)
The high was 63 while the low was 54 with light to moderate winds. Gusts up to 25mph today. Currently it’s 55 feels like 51 with SSW winds around 10mph. Tomorrow we’ll see similar temps (H: 64 L: 59) with stronger winds and a chance of rain. Winds w...

By Seamus on 2/26/2024 9:46:02 PM • Views (3)
Iconic southern fly fishing e-mag Southern Culture on the Fly has a photo essay on fishcamps in the Louisiana marshes from our own Steve Dally in the latest issue. SCOF edition #50 leads of with Marshitecture Steve’s study of the diminishing fishcamp...

By Seamus on 2/26/2024 9:17:37 PM • Views (2)
We had fun last day of fishing! We got to fish until just after lunch. We had steady action for wahoo and some tuna. We are now on our way in for Cabo to drop off those flying home. We will be there the day after tomorrow.

By Seamus on 2/26/2024 6:10:11 PM • Views (2)
We're knocking on Spawning Season's door so this week don't miss Knox Robinson's report from Lake Toho in which he offers some really valuable insight on understanding the spawn and how to best fish it... The post Weekly Forecast (2.27.24 – 3.4.24)...

By Seamus on 2/26/2024 1:04:00 PM • Views (2)
Our bait shop and access are now closed for the winter season. While the ice is currently usable in many locations the shallower water in the bays have weak ice due to warm weather and sunshine. Also on top of shallow reefs like parts of Center and P...

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