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Lake Waccamaw Fishing Reports

Check out the latest fishing reports in Lake Waccamaw to find out what's biting!

Latest Fishing Reports

By Seamus on 7/1/2024 7:58:17 PM • Views (16)
Whether you’re dreaming of battling the big sharks nearshore or cruising the inshore waters for tarpon Myrtle Beach has it all. This part of the state is South Carolina’s fishing paradise with waters packed full of all kinds of fish just waiting to be caught. Our deeper seas are home to marlin and tuna while […]

By Seamus on 6/5/2024 11:51:09 PM • Views (47)
If you’re looking to land a big fish June is a great time to hit the waters for peak Myrtle Beach tarpon fishing. These fish are no joke—they’re huge they put up a fierce fight and they can leap like nothing else in the ocean with muscular builds that fuel their famous high-flying jumps. It’s […]

By Seamus on 5/17/2024 6:15:38 PM • Views (51)
Myrtle Beach South Carolina isn’t just a hotspot for beachgoers and sunseekers; it’s also a prime location for fishermen particularly those on the hunt for mackerel. With the arrival of warmer waters both Spanish and King Mackerel are making their way into the area providing anglers with fantastic opportunities both inshore and nearshore. This arti...

By Seamus on 4/16/2024 12:40:04 AM • Views (38)
Myrtle Beach is a popular spot for both vacationers and anglers offering a diverse fishing experience that caters to various styles and preferences. From the serene inshore waters to the challenging nearshore adventures there’s something for every fisherman. The real gem however is charter fishing which allows you to tackle the waters with a bit […...

By Seamus on 3/18/2024 7:50:44 PM • Views (69)
Fishing off the coast of Myrtle Beach offers a world of adventure for anglers of all stripes. From the tranquil inshore waters teeming with a variety of fish to the thrilling nearshore depths home to the big game there’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman looking for your next big catch or […]

By Seamus on 2/16/2024 10:16:43 PM • Views (81)
Spring fishing in Myrtle Beach marks a significant shift for local fishermen as we move away from the colder quieter winter months into a period where the waters around us start to buzz with activity. This isn’t about painting a picture of an idyllic paradise or talking up a storm about the thrill of the […]

By Seamus on 1/17/2024 7:03:39 PM • Views (91)
Welcome to Myrtle Beach where the waters are as full of life as the town itself. Here fishing isn’t just about what you catch; it’s about the stories you bring back the quiet sunrises and the friendly nods from fellow anglers sharing the shoreline or the waterways. In these parts the waters change with the […]

By Seamus on 11/28/2023 1:12:35 AM • Views (68)
Top Reasons Why Kids Should Go Deep Sea Fishing Are you wondering why taking your kids on deep sea fishing adventures is such a great idea? Let’s explore ten fantastic reasons why kids and deep sea fishing make a fantastic combination: Outdoor Adventures Deep sea fishing gets kids out of the house and away from … Continue reading Top Reasons Why K...

By Seamus on 11/23/2023 1:33:45 AM • Views (72)
Skip Black Friday and Go Fishing From the moment visitors arrive at this fishing destination until the moment they depart they are in for an unforgettable experience. Aboard some of the finest vessels on the east coast guests will skim over the pristine blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean to reach incredible locations including the … Continue readin...

By Seamus on 11/21/2023 5:53:56 AM • Views (81)
All About Shark Fishing Shark fishing in a certain place has become very popular. Even though sharks have been around for a very long time many people are scared of them when they swim near the beach. But in this place sharks are a natural part of the ocean experience. For people who like fishing … Continue reading All About Shark Fishing The post...

By Seamus on 11/17/2023 3:31:55 AM • Views (84)
Myrtle Beach Fishing Trips in November As we embrace the spirit of thankfulness during the month of November it’s a time not only to appreciate life’s blessings but also to relish the joys of outdoor activities. For many Myrtle Beach fishing is a beloved pastime that perfectly complements the crisp autumn air and the changing … Continue reading My...

By Seamus on 11/15/2023 3:58:26 AM • Views (75)
Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Fishing Trip Looking to make this Thanksgiving extra memorable with your loved ones? Consider going on a fishing trip! It’s a unique experience that can create lasting memories. To secure your spot make your reservation early as availability is limited. Our fishing adventures are private ensuring you and your group ha...

By Seamus on 11/14/2023 12:59:08 PM • Views (100)
Myrtle Beach isn’t just a beach town; it’s a prime spot for shark fishing. Out here the ocean’s packed with a variety of sharks. You’ve got species like Blacktips Bull Sharks and a few others. It’s a place where anyone whether you’re an old hand at fishing or just getting your feet wet can have […]

By Seamus on 11/13/2023 4:27:34 AM • Views (67)
A Wonderful Christmas Gift: A Guided Fishing Trip Experiences are better than stuff you buy. Christmas is coming soon. What should you give to the people who love fishing? Consider giving them a guided fishing trip. Why Go On A Fishing Trip? Finding the perfect gift can be hard. It’s easy to make a mistake … Continue reading A Wonderful Christmas...

By Seamus on 11/9/2023 3:32:16 AM • Views (70)
A Guided Fishing Trip: A Wonderful Christmas Present Christmas is coming soon and you might be wondering what to give to the angler in your life. What about a guided fishing trip? Choosing the perfect gift can be tricky especially if your loved one is a serious angler. They probably have their favorite brands and … Continue reading A Guided Fishin...

By Seamus on 11/7/2023 7:25:59 AM • Views (79)
Charter Boat Fishing Safety Made Simple Before we head out on a charter boat fishing trip we want you to arrive 20 minutes early. This gives us time to load up and spend 15 minutes talking about safety. No matter how many times you’ve been fishing with us you’ll always hear the safety talk – … Continue reading Charter Boat Fishing Safety Made Simp...

By Seamus on 11/3/2023 2:24:02 AM • Views (78)
Exciting Fall Myrtle Beach Fishing Opportunities As summer turns into fall many fish get ready for winter by eating a lot. This is a great time to catch them. Here are five types of fish you can try to catch this fall when you go Myrtle Beach fishing. The leaves are changing colors the air … Continue reading Exciting Fall Myrtle Beach Fishing Oppo...

By Seamus on 11/1/2023 3:09:52 AM • Views (66)
Tips for Picking the Right Fishing Charter Trip Fishing charter trips can be a highlight of any angler’s vacation offering the chance to reel in exotic species and create lasting memories. However choosing the right fishing charter is crucial to ensure that your day on the water is a thrilling and fulfilling experience. Here we … Continue reading...

By Seamus on 10/30/2023 4:53:57 AM • Views (69)
Is it a good idea to have your own fishing boat?  Having a fishing boat is expensive and you might not realize it until you own one. However many people who enjoy boating and fishing wouldn’t think of not having their own boat even if they only use it once a week. But if we … Continue reading Is it a good idea to have your own fishing boat?  The p...

By Seamus on 10/27/2023 12:19:55 PM • Views (54)
Morning surface water temperatures are in the upper 60s inshore in Little River.  Water clarity is improving with a lack of rain.     It seems a little late in the year but Captain Buddy Love of Captain Smiley Fishing Charters (843-361-7445) reports that when they have been able to get off the beaches they have absolutely been wearing out … Contin...

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