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The Poons are filling in here in the Keys
Tarpon fishing is getting good.  Water is 85. Bones are around in good numbers and Permit too? Now is a great time to fish the Lower Keys and Key West.  Practice your casting because April is usually WINDY.

Meet Capt. Rick and Capt. Geoff Page at IFA Redfish Tournament
Saturday March 24 2018 (All day) Team Jagr is competing in the IFA Redfish Tournament this Saturday. Come meet Captain Rick and Geoff Page at the weigh in. Weigh in will be held at 3 pm at  Seminole Boat Ramp 198 Seminole Street   Clearwater FL 3375...

Boaters Exchange
Friday April 20 2018 (All day) to Saturday April 21 2018 (All day) Meet Capt. Rick Murphy and regional captains Geoff Page and Jim Ross of the Florida Insider Fishing Report to talk all about fishing! The event will be held at 2145 US Highway in Roc...

CCA Broward Banquet
Thursday May 3 2018 (All day) Our friends at Starbrite are sponsoring the CCA Broward Banquet! The event will be held at Hugh's Culinary season 4351 NE 12 Terrace. Tweet

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Saturday 4/14/18
Send all questions and pictures to In Summary: Fishing Report: To start the day with the air temperature 61 degrees is a real treat this morning. Now if the water would just warm up a few degrees….. The Hatteras … Continue reading...

Okeechobee Fishing Guides- Okeechobee Fishing Report 4/11/18
Okeechobee Fishing Report 4/11/18 Dustin Herrin Chris O’Brien and Brian Larscheid are here from all over the United States helping those effected by hurricane Irma. They took some time off to come fishing with Okeechobee Fishing Guides and Oh what a...

Fishing Report 13/4/18
Fishing Report Bluewater Tackle World Friday 13/4/18 As we ease off the back of summer another week has passed in which we still wait for salmon. But do not fear they will be here! Whispers of salmon behind the 3 mile have been making the rounds like...

Spring just won’t come
This has been a long and snowy winter that is for sure. With lots of snow in January and March and a long cold snap. But the feature that is the least fun is the spring or lack of it. We are nearly to the middle of April and temperatures are still b...

Kona Marlin Fishing
Kona marlin fishing is one of the best-known adventures in the game of fishing. The size power and rareness of the Marlin fish is the main reason which makes the fishing so special. Fishing for marlin gained importance in 1930s when a few sport fishe...

Lake Guntersville April 9th 2018
Lake Guntersville fishing has remained good even with all the COLD FRONTS in April.. Marched ended with a bang. Eric and I Took 4th In the Freedom Marine Tournament.. had 21.09lbs Just to think last year we was all wearing shorts and catching some ba...
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Lake Texoma Fishing Reports April 20, 2018 Lake Texoma Fishing Reports April 20, 2018
by Capt. Steve Barnes Lake Texoma Striper Guide Fishing has been pretty tough with the wind and below average temps b...

4/6/18 Slow-Slow
We had Dave Cheon and crew from Richmond today. Slow for the whole fleet we only managed 3 yellowfins.

4/12/18 Good Fishing
Today we had Michael Dwayne and Joyce-- the weather cooperated and so did the tuna. A great catch of yellowfins. Thanks...

4/1/18 Easter Yellowfins
Weather has been horrible blown out 6 days straight this week. Did make it out easter with my neighbor and good friend C...
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