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Address104 West Wayne Street
Maumee, OH, US
Phone(419) 893-3474
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Maumee Tackle is headquarters for the annual spring Maumee River Walleye Run. We are a complete Fishing Outfitter. We also offer a full Kayak showroom with sales, rentals and transportation for river trips. 

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By Seamus on 7/1/2022 9:08:16 PM • Views (60)
The river is very low..we are like 3-4 feet below average..maybe more. However that doesn’t mean that you cant catch some good fish. And do some kayaking. We have to make some adjustments on our down river trips but we still have some fun options. H...

By Seamus on 6/25/2022 4:42:05 PM • Views (55)
The river is running low and slow. when the river gets like this I like to head to some of the faster moving water with a little bit of rapids the water is a little bit cooler there and more oxygenated for the fish. Grab a bobber and drop a night cr...

By Seamus on 6/13/2022 8:58:59 AM • Views (77)
SHAD– tasty -stinky catfish bait-4.99 per bag. Gizzard shad attain lengths of 12 to 18 inches whereas threadfin shad seldom exceed 6inches.Shad travel in large constantly moving schools. They feed largely on microscopic plants and animals filter...

By Seamus on 6/12/2022 8:23:50 AM • Views (119)
Catfish bluegill and crappie are biting. The last week the bluegill have been on their beds. Panfish strongly favor sand or gravel bottom substrate for bedding so they can fan out a bed. A bed is simply a depression on the bottom for females to depo...

By Seamus on 6/11/2022 8:41:30 AM • Views (41)
A good pond for bass fishing should have fairly clear water and some aquatic vegetation and brush piles that provide cover for bass. The pond should also have more shallow water than deep water.  Good lures for catching pond bass in the summertime i...

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