Mille Lacs Lake Fishing

Top Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Spots

  1. Toms Spot
    10/29/2018 11:37:02 PM -

  2. 5 Mile Gravel
    10/29/2018 11:37:02 PM -

  3. 4 Mile Gravel
    10/29/2018 11:37:02 PM -

  4. Grass Island Reef
    10/29/2018 11:37:01 PM -

  5. ML-036
    10/29/2018 11:37:02 PM -

  6. ML-034
    10/29/2018 11:37:01 PM -

  7. Ledge
    10/29/2018 11:37:01 PM -

  8. Doe Island
    10/29/2018 11:37:01 PM -

  9. ML-033
    10/29/2018 11:37:01 PM -

  10. Gravel Flat
    10/29/2018 11:37:01 PM -

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Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Forecast

Target Species of Fish

Based on historical data for fishing Mille Lacs Lake, you should target one of the following species for this time of year:
  1. Largemouth Bass

  2. Largemouth Bass

    There is a 14.1% catch rate for Largemouth Bass, based on 64 Largemouth Bass counted.

  3. Bluegill

  4. Bluegill

    There is a 13.22% catch rate for Bluegill, based on 60 Bluegill counted.

  5. Walleye

  6. Walleye

    There is a 12.56% catch rate for Walleye, based on 57 Walleye counted.

  7. Yellow Perch

  8. Yellow Perch

    There is a 11.45% catch rate for Yellow Perch, based on 52 Yellow Perch counted.

  9. Black Crappie

  10. Black Crappie

    There is a 8.59% catch rate for Black Crappie, based on 39 Black Crappie counted.

  11. Pike

  12. Pike

    There is a 8.15% catch rate for Pike, based on 37 Pike counted.

  13. Rock Bass

  14. Rock Bass

    There is a 7.93% catch rate for Rock Bass, based on 36 Rock Bass counted.

  15. Pumpkinseed Sunfish

  16. Pumpkinseed Sunfish

    There is a 6.61% catch rate for Pumpkinseed Sunfish, based on 30 Pumpkinseed Sunfish counted.

  17. Smallmouth Bass

  18. Smallmouth Bass

    There is a 5.51% catch rate for Smallmouth Bass, based on 25 Smallmouth Bass counted.

  19. Green Sunfish

  20. Green Sunfish

    There is a 2.42% catch rate for Green Sunfish, based on 11 Green Sunfish counted.

Recommedations above based on 19 species of fish and 454 fish counted for September around Mille Lacs Lake.

To date, there are 25 species of fish and a total of 4232 fish counted for Mille Lacs Lake and within a 30 mile (48 km) radius since 12/31/1833 (189 years).

Last Update: 9/22/2022 7:21:57 PM

Please check local, state/province, and federal laws before fishing for any species found on this site. All data is based on historical data found for this area, and in some cases as far back as the year 1600.

View full Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Forecast to see all species and best lures and colors to use.

Latest Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Reports

  • July 23rd 2022
    7/23/2022 11:12:31 AM - This summer so for for Cindy and I has been a summer of changes. My daughter Andrea got married at our home on the Lake in June. A first for the Lyback family in the over 100

  • May 15th 2022
    5/19/2022 7:37:26 AM - The fishing opener was a pretty quiet one compared to most.  Very few anglers were out on the south end of the lake. From what reports I heard the majority went to the north

  • May 8th 2022
    5/8/2022 12:27:55 PM - Happy Mothers Day to the Mom’s out there!  The ice was “officially” declared out on May 2nd. But there was a large area of ice/slush on the SW corner of the lake until prior

  • May 1st 2022
    5/1/2022 9:02:16 AM - The ice definitely made it’s move this past week.  In some areas around the lake it really piled. Fortunately for most there was not major damage to homes as the ice was pret

  • 4/24/22
    4/24/2022 8:37:11 AM - This past week the weather took it’s toll on the ice. The warmer winds and rain took it down quite a bit. Midweek after a heavy rain it turned white meaning the rain went all

  • April 17th 2022
    4/17/2022 10:06:22 AM - Happy Easter Sunday!  This morning the temp up here was 19 degrees. The last few days it has been that way and the ice is really not doing much as far as melting at all. I’ve

  • April 10th 2022
    4/10/2022 2:53:27 PM - Yesterday was my last trip out on the ice for the 21-22 season. Richard and I went out on snowmobiles pulling sleds and ran thru the areas we go to one more time to pick up a

  • April 3rd 2022
    4/3/2022 8:35:41 AM - It looks like after this coming week things will start to warm some and melt out on the lake. I want to make a last swing thru the areas we go to and pick up what ever was hi

  • March 25th 2022
    3/25/2022 8:48:27 AM - The last few days we received about three inches of snow. Yesterday it got warm enough to where most of it had melted again except for on the ice. We want to get out there wi

  • March 20th 2022
    3/20/2022 8:22:59 AM - Today will be the last day we will have our access open for the season.  It’s starting to get soft on top in the afternoons and the access is starting to erode   Frost is jus

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Top Mille Lacs Lake Bait & Tackle Stores

  1. Jerry Brandt's Fish House Rental

  2. Garrison Sports Inc

  3. Lundeen's Tackle Castle

  4. Tutt's Bait & Tackle

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Top Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Charters & Guides

  1. Lyback’s Ice Fishing
    Located on the south shore of Mille Lacs Lake. We specialize in providing warm and comfortable ice fishing houses you can rent by the day or weekend.

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Top Mille Lacs Lake Marinas

  1. Terry's Boat Harbor
    At Terry’s Boat Harbor & Marina you drive up a few feet from the boats. Terry’s Boat Harbor also offers Winter Ice Fishing – Fish House Rentals on private locations of the mud flats. We move to where the fish are.

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Latest Fishing Spots

Mille Lacs Lake Minnesota US GPS Fishing Spots (230+)
Download over 230+ fishing spots in Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota, US. We have the best Mille Lacs Lake fishing spots. Tired of fishing
Toms Spot

5 Mile Gravel

4 Mile Gravel


Gravel Flat




Grass Island Reef

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