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Misty Morn
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Address13 Old Spye Road, Rt 35
South Amboy, NJ, US
Phone(732) 721-2892

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The Misty Morn is a family owned and operated business that has been in operation for 30 years. We specialize in party boat fishing along with large group fishing charters. The Misty Morn is one of the largest charter boats in the Raritan Bay, with enough room to accommodate up to 66 people. Being family operated makes us a great choice if you plan on taking your family out for a day or night on the water. We are annually inspected and meet all safety requirements put in place by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Latest News

By Seamus on 5/21/2023 10:55:02 PM • Views (13)
Well we spent the day in the back bay and did very well. The small crowd aboard was able to land 15 keepers and 30 shorts. Francisco Amaral won the pool with one of his two keepers tipping the scale at 5.8 lbs. We had another gentlemen put on a show...

By Seamus on 4/20/2023 9:01:13 AM • Views (1)
Not Sailing Sunday - 4/23 not enough interest.

By Seamus on 4/19/2023 12:46:23 PM • Views (9)
Took a small group out on the little boat and made quick work of a limit. Robbie Kevin Courtney and Matt had a blast. Samll boat is always available. Sunday we had the Jeff Ford party from Levittown PA aboard. We saw a few fish 1st thing in the morn...

By Seamus on 4/13/2023 2:49:34 PM • Views (3)
4/11 The Odonnel Clan from Toms river ended up having a good day of fishing. It looked as if we were going to have a diappointing trip but the bass decided to cooperate late in the day. They landed 11 keepers released an over and had plenty of misse...

By Seamus on 11/8/2022 4:37:39 PM • Views (70)
Sunday results- Pretty stupid at times. We will be sailing open Friday 11/11 Saturday 11/12 and 11/13 7AM. We will be limiting the trips to only 20 people. Please book online call or text to reserve to spot.

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