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Misty Morn
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Address13 Old Spye Road, Rt 35
South Amboy, NJ, US
Phone(732) 721-2892

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The Misty Morn is a family owned and operated business that has been in operation for 30 years. We specialize in party boat fishing along with large group fishing charters. The Misty Morn is one of the largest charter boats in the Raritan Bay, with enough room to accommodate up to 66 people. Being family operated makes us a great choice if you plan on taking your family out for a day or night on the water. We are annually inspected and meet all safety requirements put in place by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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By Seamus on 9/16/2021 5:55:01 AM • Views (141)
Wednesday Open Boat - Not a bad day fishing. Joe Spezz had a limit which included the 4.5 pound pool fish. Fluke Duo Cathy and Mike combined for another 5 keepers Cathy with the hot hand today come on Mike. We had a few with pairs today Ken Sausage...

By Seamus on 9/7/2021 11:23:01 PM • Views (122)
Best fishing we have seen in a few days - Fred Farris was high hook with 5 keepers ORL Ken was our second Limit Melanie and Cathy both had pairs while several other had a fish for dinner. We ended the day with 18 keepers and about 80 to 100 shorts....

By Seamus on 9/5/2021 10:46:29 PM • Views (116)
MISTY MORN MASTERS IS NOW $1160 8.4 LEADS THE POOL RESERVATIONS REQUIRED FOR ALL OPEN BOAT TRIPS - TEXT OR CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT Saturday Open Boat AM- zSailed out to the ocean only to fine very difficult conditions with the run off and the appr...

By Seamus on 9/2/2021 1:58:54 PM • Views (143)
Sunday nght Magic hours - very slow only saw a few throwbacks and the same could be said for Monday nights charter. Monday's day trip saw better action all around with short seabass and short fluke. We managed 7 keeper fluke and 8 keeper seabass. Mo...

By Seamus on 8/29/2021 8:22:29 PM • Views (96)
Today we made it out but were limited to the areas we could fish bc of the roll. We started in the back with the hopes of better conditions once the tide changed and the roll laid down we could move out. Well by the time the roll subsided it was to...

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