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Guntersville FIshing Charter Lake Guntersville fishing report for the week of February 2nd
Wow what a week. I guided everyday this last week and it is one of the best weeks I have ever had for catching fish over 4lbs. We landed around 40 fish over 4lbs in 7 days on lake Guntersville. Our primary pattern was targeting staging areas between the river channel and the spawning bays. It wasn't necccesarily easy but when you got in the right area at the right time it was unbelievable fishing for a short period of time. With the rain and cold weather these big fish will continue to stack up and the possibility for exceptional catches will continue. If you are interested in a guide trip call 256-744-5185 or visit 
Guntersville FIshing Charter January 23rd Lake Guntersville fishing report
Bridges,Bridges,Bridges!!! This last week at guntersville tva has been generating about 80,000 cubic feet per second of current and the fish have positioned around the many famous bridges. The baitfish seek refuge from the current, use the shade as shelter and feed on the algae that grows on the pilings. The bass then follow them to the Bridges and set up in current breaks waiting to ambush their unsuspecting prey. We have been using spoons,blade baits and swimbaits to target them this week. I like to use a countdown method varying depths until I catch a fish then I simply repeat that same count. We have been catching 15-30 bass per day and each day we have opportunities at some really big fish. If you would like to book a guide trip call 256-744-5185 or visit 
Guntersville FIshing Charter January 15th Lake Guntersville fishing report.
This week phenomenal fishing has continued at guntersville. The lake is full of grass and the tigerbass stocking program has yielded instant results. I believe we are on the front edge of some of the best bass fishing the United States has ever seen here in guntersville Alabama. This weeks guide trips we landed 15-20 fish per day and had several over 4 lbs each day. Right now the most consistent pattern is fishing points and ditches near the main river channel. Our best baits this week were half oz jigs and crankbaits. As the prespawn phase matures I expect the fishing to naturally improve each week and it is setting up to be an excellent spring on lake guntersville. To book a fully guided trip call 256-744-5185 or visit
Guntersville FIshing Charter Understanding eddies and current seams are critical at Guntersville
What is an eddy? It is an area inwhich the natural flow of current is disrupted by an object creating a back flow or swirling of water. This effect creates an optimal feeding zone for all species of bass. At guntersville this effect occurs around bridges,islands,boathouses and other natural hard structure. By targeting these areas with the proper cast you can often catch several bass in a short period of time and often the largest bass in the lake will feed in these areas. What is a current seam? This is a linear formed path of current that is slower than the surrounding current. Like an eddy it is caused by hard structure deflecting and changing the flow of current. This effect can often be found near dams and is especially attractive to smallmouth and spotted bass. This week we have had immense current flow on the tennesee river and these current breaks have yielded outstanding catches. Last Thursday my client and I landed around 30 fish and several were over 4lbs. If you are inter
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By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 5/17/2024 • Views (100)
Guntersville in May can be a lot of fun but it can also challenge your skill set. There are 3 completely different patterns emerging. Deep ledges are starting to fire when the current is rolling. Bream beds are a great way to get a lot of bites and...

By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 5/9/2024 • Views (330)
Guntersville has really turned on in the last few days with the much needed rain and current. I guided 4 days this week and the catch rates improved daily. There is always a shallow bite in a grass lake and that is evident at the moment but now the...

By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 4/28/2024 • Views (207)
Weiss is fishing really good at the moment. Both spots and largemouth are feeding agressively. The spotted bass can be found on gravel bars in 5 feet and a Carolina rig or 3/8 oz jig are getting the job done. Largemouth are up shallow in the water...

By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 4/27/2024 • Views (373)
Guntersville is a massive and dynamic fishery. Now is the time to hone your skills at every technique. There are fish in 1 foot and 30 feet as well as anywhere in between. You can catch them on a big crankbait or a frog or just about anything in yo...

By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 4/18/2024 • Views (516)
Water temps are in the 70s and everything in the lake is spawning. It's fun out there right now but it can also be challenging. I did 4 guide trips this week and we have caught them from 18 inches to 18 feet. We are catching about 25 a day and...

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