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By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:51:06 PM • Views (8)
We decided to take a gamble and fish about 30 miles from where we had our excellent trip last week and it could not have worked out better. It took us a few hours to find the tuna as we started inshore around the area known as the Sea Bass Rock Pile but this area [...]

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:51:06 PM • Views (12)
ANOTHER EXCELLENT TRIP TODAY FOR TUNA ON THE Hooked Up II and there is exciting news about the local offshore scene with the arrival of Bluefin tuna inshore along the 20 and 30 fathom lumps the last couple of days. In addition the canyons are producing great catches of Yellowfins some Big Eyes and Mahi-Mahi. [...]

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:51:06 PM • Views (13)
These pictures are from the last two days of offshore tuna fishing on the 55 Hooked Up II out of Cape May NJ On Thursday’s trip we put together a decent catch of quality size tuna in the Wilmington Canyon. We decided to run farther north today and it paid off big time as we [...]

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:51:05 PM • Views (17)
We slammed the Bluefins today on our first inshore tuna trip of the season! We fished a little known hill that Capt John used to tuna fish 15-20 years ago that almost always held a good number of Bluefins. Guess what the spot still holds Bluefins! Once we got to the hill it was almost [...]

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:46:06 PM • Views (14)
2020 Fishing season is here and we are excited to offer two fishing charter boats for you to choose from this season. We have a brand new 28′ Sea Vee CC equipped with a new Cummins 370 Diesel and have our trusty inshore/ nearshore McKee Craft CC. We look forward to fishing with many of […] The post 2020 Fishing Season is in Full Swing appeared fir...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:41:17 PM • Views (8)
While there is still a lot of dirty water yet to reach the lake we are seeing some pockets of clearer water on the east side of the lake. Not that it seems to matter as long as the salinity...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:41:17 PM • Views (7)
We messed around and apparently got on the water just a little too late Wednesday. We caught the tail end of an outgoing tide and for the first half hour it was redfish nirvana. We limited with ease before the...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:41:17 PM • Views (13)
The weather was much more favorable than the water clarity yesterday and I don't look for it to get much better this week. They finally started releasing water at Rayburn and combined with the release on the Sabine even the...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:41:16 PM • Views (9)
Wind or no wind we couldn't stand it any longer and made a short trip yesterday hoping to catch just enough redfish for supper. As it turned out we were hard pressed to do that and finally resorted to cut...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:41:15 PM • Views (8)
Prior to the wind witching around to the north we were catching some decent trout fishing only the major feed at night. The bite seemed to be the best at the very end of the major. We didn't do nearly...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:41:15 PM • Views (5)
I haven't seen the weather report yet but it got chilly quickly today. We were down to t-shirts and waders yesterday so cooler weather and a north wind should have been expected. In spite of the great conditions the bite...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:41:15 PM • Views (6)
Working on trim unit or I would be on the water today. I need to keep a couple of reds for visitors that have never eaten court boullion but they have been pretty easy to catch. We took advantage of...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:41:14 PM • Views (7)
We squeezed in a couple of trips following the TPWD meeting in Pt.Arthur last week and caught all the redfish we wanted to catch. The weather was foggy and wet but we ran south anyway to check out a trout...

By Captain Dave Perkins on 1/15/2021 5:36:58 PM • Views (13)
Restaurants: Breakfast: -Made to Order Tavernier They have a fantastic menu and food. They’re pet friendly on the water boat accessible and BYOB. Bring a bottle of champagne. They’ll put it in an ice bucket and bring out fresh-squeezed oj and glasses. –Harriet’s Key Largo Open over 30 years. A little place with lots of charm. … Continue reading "C...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:36:45 PM • Views (27)
Fishing Fort Lauderdale before Isaias storm heads for Fort Lauderdale   Today we set out fishing with Moe and his father big Moe from South Florida. We were hopping that the storm Isaias might cause the barometric pressure would be dropping and could get the fish biting.   Once again we started out trolling and yep once again the bonitos and black...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:36:40 PM • Views (15)
Bonito mania deep sea fishing Fort Lauderdale   WOW what a blast deep sea fishing today with none stop action. We had a shared charter today with Broderick and his daughter Gabrielle from Detroit Michigan along with Aaron and his friend Kevin both from Iowa   We started out trolling and with less than a minute of having the baits in the water we w...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:36:36 PM • Views (19)
A great day Deep Sea Fishing Fort Lauderdale   Our day started out with Rob and his wife Heather that had a couple of their best friends in town from Athens Georgia Josh and Maryland. We started out tying up to the mooring buoys set out in 20 feet of water off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. We throw our chum bag over and it was a matter of minutes...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:36:33 PM • Views (9)
Trolling Fort Lauderdale   As we all got our eyes on both Tropical storms Marco and Laura heading in the South Florida direction we were hopping to get in a couple more fishing trips before we had to start tying our boats up and battening down the hatches. As it turned out today the seas were real calm and the sun was shining.   We started out thi...

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:36:29 PM • Views (8)
Tiger Sharks off Fort Lauderdale   This afternoon we went out fishing with Steve and his girl Melissa from Miami Florida. As we set out Melissa said how she would love to catch a shark. I guess they had been watching shark week and had an itch to fight a shark? The weather was perfect Florida weather with a light chop and a hint of south current....

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 5:36:25 PM • Views (11)
Snapper Grouper Fishing Fort Lauderdale   For the last couple of weeks the current has slowed down the moon was right and the bottom fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale had been great. We have been setting up just up stream from some wrecks and coming up with some YUMMMMY catches. There’s been a hand full of nice groupers (Black Groupers and...

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Most Popular This Week

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 10:31:06 PM • Views (329)
Summer fishing continues to be above average.  We saw great fishing really pick up at Memorial Day. The great thing about Lake  Taneycomo is you can bring your family and fish however you like to fish the most. Bait fishing with PowerBait or Gulp or Night Crawlers.  Lure fishing with Jigs  Spoons Crankbaits Trout magnets […]

By Seamus on 1/14/2021 12:41:09 PM • Views (79)
BIG Yellowfin Tuna off the coast of Quepos Costa Rica!!  Today we released six of fifteen Sailfish and boated 3 Mahi Mahi plus a beautiful 140lb Yellowfin Tuna The post 140lb Yellowfin Tuna 24th Nov 2020 appeared first on Quepos Fishing Charters with Big Eye 2 Sportfishing.

By Seamus on 1/15/2021 7:51:04 AM • Views (70)
My goodness probably the coldest I've been on the water in sometime; but we made it happen. It's been tough to make it out lately between the weather and my treatments I've been doing. Today though was definitely doable just the cold to contend with and we did well. I had the boys on board and we stayed busy offshore with grunts snapper grouper an...

By Seamus on 1/14/2021 12:41:19 PM • Views (61)
Another beautiful day fishing off the coast of Quepos.  We caught eight nice Yellowfin Tuna a Mahi Mahi and 4 sharks. 4 tivurones 1 mahi mahi 8 atunes The post Big Eye II Fishing Report Quepos Costa Rica 2020 appeared first on Quepos Fishing Charters with Big Eye 2 Sportfishing.

By Seamus on 1/14/2021 12:41:13 PM • Views (65)
Today we were blessed to find a nice school of Yellowfin Tuna and caught five we also boated a few really nice Wahoo.  Another great day. The post Great Tuna Fishing for Tuna out of Marina Pez Vela Nov 22 2020 appeared first on Quepos Fishing Charters with Big Eye 2 Sportfishing.

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