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Delaware River Report / Conditions October 8 2019
Yesterday’s rain was just what we needed.  Just an all day soaking that never came down too heavy.  There is some color in the West Branch but it is fishable and should clear up even more by the afternoon as the runoff subsides.  The release from Can...

Delaware River Report / Conditions October 9 2019
The release from Cannonsville has been in creased to 670 cfs.  The release from Pepacton looks like it increased to 290 cfs (ish).  The runoff is dropping back so the increases are likely to meet the flow targets downstream.  We don’t have any rain i...

Tuesday 10/8/19
In Summary: Send all questions and pictures to Surf Fishing Report: We have some much needed rain this morning. Surf fishing improved some yesterday with the Cape reporting some Drum and Bluefish with a 41 inch big Drum. Pompano …...

Everglades Canal Fishing Charters for South Florida Bass
Everglades Canal Fishing Charters You’re flying into South Florida whether on the west or east coast. Finally you get to enjoy the tank top weather and flip flops. Vacation is here and your resort is a short distance from the airport that you fly in...

Photo of the Day.... Striper Release
A good size schoolie is about to be released. Schoolies dominate the fishing scene right now in RI.  It's just about all catch and release fishing with very few keepers around.

Migration Lights Up
Here is one of the small keepers that I landed on a bucktail jig fished off a float. Large peanut bunker in the 4 to 5 inch range were washing up onto the beach. It took just a couple of cold nights and a stiff north wind that quickly triggered the...

Fat Cow Jig Strips
If it looks like pork rind and moves like pork rind does it have to be pork rind?  Meet Fat Cow. I began using these plastic jig strips namely Fat Cow jig strips when my Uncle Josh supply dried up. I love how these plastic strips work and the fish l...

Montauk Blitz
Fished with Mike in Montauk. The Albie bite was tough but we still caught a bunch on the fly. We had blitzing bass that bordered on epic for a few hours as well.

Montauk Fishing
Fished with Ken Kathie Todd and Sheila in Montauk. We had tons of albies on the fly as well as on spinning rods. Fishing was excellent. So were the brie watercrest and apricot compote croissant sandwiches. There is a first for everything!

Two Fly Friday – 10% of Sales Today go to the McKenzie River Trust
Stop by and check out some great deals on sunglasses Simms and Patagonia Bags closeout rods and much more. Today we will donate 10% of our sales to the McKenzie River Trust as we kick off Two Fly Weekend.

Jay’s Albacore Cast Fly Tying Video 2019
In this video albacore guru and fly fisher Jay Nicholas ties an effective and easy Albacore Cast Fly. The albacore cast fly is designed to be light-weight to cast easy but can also be fished trolling. Match the bait fish … Continue reading →
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Delaware River Report / Conditions October 11 2019
The release from Cannonsville has been dropped to 467 cfs.  We’re not sure how long the current release will last.  Ther...

( Master Muskegon River guide associate and friend: Jon Fortuna one of the fishy-est dudes I k...

Great week in the books with the amazing anglers from Orvis U.K. Scotland- and loads of great rain!
An epic week catching massive King Salmon on the Muskegon with some nice browns and steelhead from other rivers:P.M./Wh...

October 15 fishing report
We’ve had big changes here on Lake Taneycomo the last few days.  We’ve gone from a constant flow of about 2 000 cubic f...
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