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Carbon fiber or graphite and fiberglass are the most used material for fishing rods with bamboo being also a choice but much less available because of the constraints of manufacturing it on a commercial scale. Since bamboo fishing rods are handcrafted and require specialized skills of experienced rod makers, it takes a long time to manufacture an...

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Get the top 3 essential tools for live bait fishing Lake Tawakoni from 25 year veteran Guide David Hanson.  Find out if you have the proper bait tank, cast nets, and graphs to find shad on Lake Tawakoni.

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Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Andrew Taylor shares his tips and tricks Live Bait Fishing Striper!  Find out what you will need to become a better live bait angler for Striper on lake Tawakoni from the pro guide Andrew Taylor!  Follow Live Bait for more information!

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If you want to be a better lake Texoma Striper Angler you need to understand where, why, and how you can find shad!  Our latest blog discusses how to follow the threadfin shad on Lake Texoma and increase your Striper catch rate.  For more information please follow Threadfin Shad.

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Want to know what Lake Texoma Fishing Guide John Blasingame uses for slab spoons and how he fishes them?  What color works on Lake texoma Striper and why!  Are you fishing over Striper or fish threw them?  What is the best weight of slab spoon for Lake Texoma?  Follow Lake Texoma Slab Spoons for more information!   ht...

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Most anglers come to Lake Texoma and fish live bait for Striper.  We see the same mistakes over and over again.  If you like to fish live bait this is a good read.  Keep your live bait presentation looking natural.  Too heavy line and egg sinkers kill your presentation and could keep you from catching a trophy Striper.  F...

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If you are planning a family vacation to Lake Texoma to Striper fish, you better make sure everyone is happy.  Lake Texoma has lots to offer people who don't like fishing.  Like the beach?  Like Luxury Resorts?  Like fancy dining and swimming pools?  Do you like Las Vegas style Casinos?  Lake Texoma has it all and mo...

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Lake Tawakoni Blue Catfish Guide James Evans breaks down his favorite rigs to put trophies in the net!  The top 4 Catfish Rigs on lake Tawakoni are; Slip Sinker Rig Santee Rig 3 Way Rig Carolina Rig James Evans gives you all the terminal tackle information you need to make a Catfish Trip successful on Lake Tawakoni.  Follow Ca...

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Lake Tawakoni Blue Catfish Guide Tony Pennebaker breaks down the spawning season and how to catch fish!  The spawn can make for tough Blue Catfishing on Lake Tawakoni, but Guide Tony Pennebaker's tips will help!  For more information follow Blue Catfish Spawning Season.

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Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide shares his tips on Blade Baits and Tawakoni Striper.  Learn how to fish this 5-inch 2oz Blade Bait and put big Striper in the net!  Guide Mickey Casey shares his modification secrets too!  Follow Balde Baits and Tawakoni Striper for more information!

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